Dream Watchers Guide

April 22, 2019

1. Build yourself a dream kit. Place a pen/pencil and paper or a tape recorder close to your bed. A small light might come in handy as well.


2. Ease into your sleep state. Take a relaxing bath, listen to calming music, or have a glass of warm milk before retiring. Gently release the busyness and lists of the day.


3. Meditate, slow down, and listen to the inner rhythms of yourself, once each day, 

Stretch like a cat, pretend you are lying on a deck chair on a Cruise Ship. Be in your moment. Truly relax. Breathe out stress, breathe in peace. It’s a good addiction !


4. Affirm that you will indeed recall your dreams. As you drift off to sleep, impress upon your subconscious mind that dream recall is integral to your Wellness, and that your waking Self will remember your dreams. Let it happen.


5. Avoid drugs and alcohol, especially sleeping pills, since they rob you of your REM sleep, the stage of sleep during which you dream. No REM, no dreams, no real rest.


6. If no information is apparent upon awakening, examine your mood. How do you feel during those fresh moments of the day ? Your feelings can give you a real sense

of your dream journeys and where they have taken you.


7. Do not leap out of bed and expect to recall your dreams later in the day. When you first awaken, lie still and see what you can remember. Reflect on any fragment that is there. No detail is too small. Sometimes something as simple as a colour, or a fragrance can trigger the memory of a whole dream.


8. Look deeply within the dream drama and see if there is any predominant theme, colour or sense. Often different dreams tell the same story from different perspectives.


9. Check for repetitive symbols, and enter them in your Dream Dictionary. Your inner symbolism is as unique as your imagination. Use the most positive symbols for your empowerment imagery. Doodle them, meditate upon them, own them


10. Date each entry in your dream journal for future reference. Your dream experiences

mirror your waking world.Only by comparing the two, can you find a time frame between the inner world of dreams and the cumulative effects of the outer world.


11. Review your dream information and interpretations from time to time. Given enough dreams you will easily see the ebb and flow of your life lessons. There are no mistakes in life, just experiences that you have yet to comprehend. Once you integrate the lesson, there’s is no need to repeat it. How simple is that ?

12. Create your own system for dream interpretation. Consider the big 3, Freud, Jung and Gestalt, and design your own comfortable system of interpretation. Here’s a quick



Here is a dream scene:


            It is a warm summer afternoon, a gentle breeze is blowing and you are sitting

on a porch swing with a big fluffy cat on your lap. The sun warms your shoulders and the cat stretches and purrs as it leans into you. Time feels endless.


For Freud’s system, first you must choose a central symbol, for instance, the cat. Then you follow a series of words that you associate with that symbol, i.e.


            Cat = Contentment  Contentment= Inner Peace  Inner Peace=Equilibrium and so on.


For Jung’s system, you select the central symbol and return to it with each association..


            Cat=Pet   Cat=Independence  Cat=Relaxation  Cat=Comfort  Cat=Luxury


For Gestalt’s system, you choose the main symbol and then become that symbol by telling its’ story.


            I am a big fluffy cat napping on someone’s lap on a breezy summer day. My ears are being rubbed and I am purring. As the sun shifts in the sky, I roll over and fill my belly with sunshine. I am secure in the awareness that I am loved. Life is good.


13. Remember that dream recall is a discipline. It takes time to develop for some. If

it doesn’t happen right away, don’t get upset. Learning to communicate with your subconscious requires patience and peace of mind. Given time and effort you will recall volumes of information from the dream worlds. Through a deeper awareness of your dream journeys and your personal empowerment symbols, you will uncover the secrets of your becoming. Herein lies all Wellness.


                                    Sweet Dreams !



( If you should ever have a dream that is just too weird to figure out. Please feel free to call me. I’ll do my best to help your vision clear. Dreams are just too important for you to ignore them ! Rev. L. Newman abaglady01@comcast.net 248-588-5386 )





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