Fall Fell Short

November 17, 2019

What of the leaves that land on silently top of the snow? Are they a symbol of dreams that await the right season, or the goals that no longer serve us?

Did they stay too late at the party? Or did I?

Or perhaps they are a reminder that Nature is always present, but ever changing.

This was the end product of Old Man Winter showing up far too soon..

When lovely Autumn was not yet done with her work.


For a while, albeit briefly there were colours to be seen, in a season that offered many shades of grey.

Do they serve as a remembrance of the vibrant shades that life can take on?

Or it is an ever so meaningful vision that you never know that your life can go

from blooming to fading away in a moment.


That’s how fall feel this year. You could feel something percolating in the wind, a powerful storm of some sort. The critters noticed it first, since they so much a part

of it all.The squirrels packed for a long trip and the birds emptied the feeder 3 times in one day. The winds were cold and angry, the kind of angry that says “it time to change things immediately if not sooner.”


The fact that the snain was coming down in crystalline form may have added some impetus to my chores. The crispy leaves came up to my knees, so the only answer was to

pile them up on a tarp and schlepp them to the curb…many many times. Lunar Aries was ready for a bar fight, a nasty one, and with her aspect to Mars neither of them was anywhere ready to surrender. I’d work until my back said, “Sit down fool,” and then this fool would sit and look at all of the mess in needed to clean up. The leaves were still clinging to the trees, so as soon as I made a clean path it filled up again, rather like jello.

Fueled by double espressos and Red Bull I worked for 2 long and nasty days. It was the

kind of work that finds you undressing at the washer. Crusty bits of nature were all over my person, and I had breathed in even more. Truly, my Michigan sap was running, all together not a pretty picture. Even the cats had cabin fever by then, so I offered them many piles of catnip, and hoped for the best. This too shall pass.


Once the patio was cleaned up and all of the many pots of mums were at the curb, I proceeded to clean the garage. This year I bought a cute little greenhouse, and it was time to store it. I could see myself floating away like the Flying Nun, when the wind caught the greenhouse. If you have ever seen Laurel and Hardy move a piano, you

have a general idea of how my daughter and I looked twisting and turning to get that greenhouse over the fence, over the car and into the garage. So much for my she shed.


By the time that we were done I made a sumptuous dinner that I was far too tired to eat.

Then again left overs are always good to have. Hours after the storm hit, we got a notice that there was a Winter watch warning, although it should have been a Winter storm watch during the Fall. Whatever, we had no plans to go anywhere for a while.


Today I knocked a foot of white crud out of the bird feeders, and looked at the yard.

It was sparkling in a cold and frozen way, and the landscape was dusted with colourful leaves. There are still leaves on the trees, but that’s their choice to make. In time the gale force winds will blow them away. Everything happens in it’s own good time. I say we let it.


It occurred to me that it was completely appropriate that it was Veteran’s Day. The cold stark landscape equivalent to the cold end of young lives. As long as there have been human beings, we have had wars. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. Maybe it’s the equivalent to the coldness that can exist in human hearts. We each have to carry our warmth within us during these frozen days, that we may share it with others. It gives us hope and promise. Each speckled colour that dots the landscape holds the promise of better seasons. In this we can find much peace.


Chief Joseph said, “ There is the peace that exists between human beings. There

is the peace that exists between nations. There is the peace that dwells in your heart/soul/self. Without that inner peace, the other 2 cannot endure.”


What of the leaves that fall silently upon the snow?

Memories of seasons past and the promise of more to come….






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