Your Celestial Forecast for May 26, 2020

May 18, 2020

Aries: Didja ever have a noisy neighbor, as in really noisy? This guy can’t speak, because he prefers to yell. We have a noisy neighbor like that and he is about 4 years old. His cacophony of screams has inspired us to call him, “The Screamer.” I have watched this drama unfold for a few years now and it just gets better, in a bad way. Subsequent to his daily fits, the other children in the neighborhood have also taken to screaming. It sounds like a crowd caught on the top of a roller coaster. In a sense they are spreading their version of joy, but in many unsettling ways. Heaven forbid that one of them, especially Screamer #1 gets hurt, nobody will ever know it. Mum has tuned out altogether, and spends her days, getting faced drinking some sort of adult beverage from her sippy cup. There’s a faded decal on her cup from some gym, which obviously is no longer any part of her life. She has 3 kids in diapers, yes even the Screamer. Me thinks that they will train her before she trains them. With Mars nipping at your heels and Uranus in Taurus leading the way, you too are attempting to herd cats, or maybe chickens, yeah chickens, since they listen every bit as well as cats do. If you do manage to get your chickens together, you will also need a comfy chicken coop. I mean really you can’t allow them to nest in your garage. So first you will build a chicken coop, I saw one on Amazon that ran $1,200, for that it should feed the chickens and fry your eggs, over easy, as well. Granted, while you are building, you are keeping an eye on the chickens. “Why,” you ask. To make sure that they don’t cross the road. Plus you must remember to work with the coop door first. You need to create a system that is fluid and effective. After all, you don’t want frenzied chickens to rush you when you are putting the others in their nice little home. By the time that they chickens are well roosted, and you need food, you’ll head into the kitchen. Look at that, all you have on hand are eggs. After so much quality time spent in the company of poultry, you can’t bring yourself to eat eggs. That when PB & J becomes the catch of the day. This is where you show the Universe just how flexible you are. Go you!



Taurus: Thinking back to the previous week, you are still in the mood to nest and

nosh and nurture yourself. Those Moon Uranus days took a lot out of you, not that

you are going to tell anyone. It seemed as though everyone needed something from you, and even the folks who attempted help only you slowed you down. Let’s hear it for mood swings, vivid ones that take your breath away. Okay, fine you did learn a lot

about yourself and your committed relationships. Most of the individuals who found themselves in need of your assistance had little or no idea that you were running

on empty. Heck, this is supposed to be your Happy time, your fluffy Lunar High, however said aspect was also conjunct Uranus, the Planet of wacky. Granted, it is a certain kind of genius, but most of the time it has to be spontaneous genius. It’s the automatic response that you feel when someone cuts you off in traffic. You remember traffic don’t you? It consists of many many cars moving in various directions, paying attention to the traffic lights, and racing off as soon as the light nears being Green. You will obey all traffic laws, so you’ll be in the right lane with your seat belt clicked, observing the speed limit. That’s prudent of you, since this cycle call for a certain level of maturity. It’s much more obvious now, when so many people are doing stupid things. Instead of working together. Either they are regressing or never truly grew up, the end result is the same. A mess, and eventually a series of messy messes. These folks are doing exactly as they choose, regardless of the potential damage to others. Then again, when you think back upon it, in that sea of needy faces, there was one face that showed you only compassion. Sure, she/he had issues and needed your help, but seeing how used up your were, simply decided to let it go. That’s the person to whom you need to reach out. Anyone who can put his/her stuff aside and offer you a healing space. Be gentle with yourself, it’s okay.



Gemini: Lordy, lordy wouldja look at that Gemini stellium, it is one helluva stellium.

You can see the Sun at 5 degrees, Venus at 18 degrees Retrograde, and Mercury at 27 degrees, now that’s a powerful line up. Initially I must wish you a very Happy Birthday.

That may be as close to a celebration as you will get this year. It’s not like your Solar Return is not a cause celebre’. It’s more about the fact that you are strictly business

this year, and Neptune is bringing you whatever forum you need with which to find

your spotlight. The New Moon in Gemini is still very much cocooning you in a cloud of creativity, and connections. This is a once in a lifetime aspect, unless you live another 110 years and by then you may be thinking retirement. So the time to make your moves is on the way. You need a job that is as spiritual and uplifting as it is productive. Whatever, wherever you are doing what you are doing, it has to be fulfilling. Recently I fired a client, and yes I understand that sounds odd. Well the whole thing was odd. I have

been doing my level best to help this woman, but she feeds on Drama, lots and lots of bubbling over the top Drama. It’s not like I took the easy way out, but after 20+ years,

I must admit that she is in the same place. She too has that needy child thing going on, although in your 50’s it is a bit much. In truth, I fired her last year, but either she forgot, or she thought I did. I any case, I did the old, “it’s not you it’s me,” thing. And it is I simply can not reconcile taking up any more time or money when nothing will be improved.

That’s what I had planned to say, until she began to wail and talk over me. Then I became my Mother, and gave her the full Berenice. I informed her that this wasn’t happening because she always talks over me, and I can’t see shouting at each other. She still didn’t get it. I offered her 2 other local astrologers, she declined, saying that she’d, “wait for me,” I told her that waiting won’t change the situation, and that I couldn’t help her any further. Hopefully she can call one of the astrologers to whom I had recommended her. That’s on her. There are so many people with whom I need to catch up. Me thinks that 20 years was a test of my patience, and that lesson is done. Nobody can help her until she makes an effort to help herself, n’est-ce pas?



Cancer: You will glide into this week cocooned by your lovely Lunar High. That explains the fresh baked muffins that you had for breakfast. You are well aware of the healing properties of muffins freshly baked and hot from the oven. It’s heaven to awaken to the fragrance of succulent blueberries, and impossible to sleep through. This week finds you beautifying your environment both at home and at work. Even though you are looking down the barrels of a Capricorn stellium kind aspect, your center stays centered. That’s the best way to proceed during a potential stress cycle. Honestly, there is more than one way to channel stress. The old You would have held onto it with such attachment, that your mind and body would always make a fist. At the same time, you weren’t eating correctly, and barely sleeping, so in general you felt caca, ( from the original Greek.) Anyhoo, that was ages ago before Saturn became your House Mom and Drill Sergeant. He opened your eyes to your actual personal responsibilities and showed you how to livingly return the ones that weren’t yours. Once you got rid of the heavy baggage, there was no doubt in your mind that you would never go back there again. There’s this funny thing about life lessons, they tend to recycle with new folks but the same old theme. It’s like hearing music from another room, and while you recognize it, you can’t remember all of the words. There is a familiar resonance, and that gets your attention immediately. That’s due to the Capricorn lessons via Pluto and Jupiter, with Saturn in Aquarius leading the way. Which explains why you can take a look back at situations or folks who played a part in your emotional upheaval. They may have been pivotal players, but ultimately the script was written by you. Now, it is all a non-issue because Saturn has you thinking instead of surrendering to ancient feelings. Sure, it may feel weird, when you think about someone or something that used to be so Integral to your life, and realize that you haven’t missed a moment of it. Others may try to play the manipulation game with you, but to no avail. You have done nothing wrong, other than to flip the script. Now this production is yours all yours. How nice to be empowered, eh?



Leo: You are looking at all of your investments. They can run from emotional investment to the investment of your precious time. If this bug has taught us one thing, and it is teaching us many, it’s that time wasted is a black hole of sorts. It’s like me firing a client of mine last week. I really couldn’t make any sense of giving her my time, when she truly wasn’t going to listen to me. I gave it an earnest try for decades, and not that life is a pass or fail situation, but I had to let it go. That’s where you are in a very Zen way. The folks or ideas, or philosophies that used to be so comfy, no longer fit you. The powerful and cute Gemini convergence has given you wise and humourous ways to assess your life. It’s good that you are able to look back and laugh at all of the silly choices that you made in the past. The Past is right where it belongs, behind you, and while you can glimpse into it, you have no need to stay there. Saturn in Aquarius is trining the Gemini stellium, and that gives a depth and breadth to your understanding of all things. One of the areas that will require your attention will be the equity on relationships. With the right perspective, you can see how things occurred in a pattern. Saturn makes patterns, and doesn’t prefer changing them. You however will channel the energy of this insightful cycle to find a place of peace and back away from negative folks. I don’t know that anyone ever wakes up in the morning and thinks, “this would be a great time to be a Psychic Vampire. I will spread my gloom and doom and suck the joy out of life. However, it still happens. The trick in dealing with them is not dealing with them. You can send them loving thoughts and pink fluffy clouds of unconditional love, but it ends there. Of course, they will always find willing hosts, but for certain it won’t be You. Staying in your Zen zone may seem like and endless job, until you actually get there. Once you have that cocoon of sacred space, everything in life changes, and you do as well. Saturn is going to be your Drill Sergeant for the next 3 years, and oh the amazing things that you will do. This is a new kind of empowerment, because it is silent by nature. There are so many places that you won’t ever go to again, and that leaves you time for better pastimes. ( Your Lunar High arrives in just a day, so why not dig out your very best

jammies? )Bonne Voyage!



Virgo: As the Open End of the Earth trine, you will spend a lot of time this week busily moving information along. As much as I dislike those emails that include everyone in the neighborhood, now is the time to inform everyone equally. Some folks will read them, and some won’t. That should be easy enough to figure out. You understand that this

is a point of power, as many folks have beamed up into a staycation mode, you have remained on the job. You may be working on a small table in the Guest Room, but your work has not come to a standstill. This has been a wealth of time during which you could go back through all of your systems and tweak them gradually. It’s a bit of a 3 step program.  Initially, you examined every aspect of every task. Then you found many creative ways to blend them together, and save time, money, and effort. The smallest tweaks are already in place, hence your need for the massive email. Once the doors officially open up, your new improved ideas will already be implemented. The 2nd phase will already be determined by who read the email, and who didn’t bother. Some folks are acting as if they never plan to go back to work, and they probably won’t even when they go back to the job. That’s a blessing really, since nobody should cling to a job if their hearts are not in it. Okay, there are some situations that can change that but only as a temporary measure. We have all had awful jobs while going to College. They were actually an integral part of the process of growing up, and it did help us discover what we don’t want to be when we grow up. That’s just it, some people may age but they never genuinely manage to grow up. For the Peter Pans and Wendys of this world it may not be pretty. Sure, there is always time to change their ways, but that is not your job.

It is for the best that they scale back their expectations, and find something that works for them. Career planning is a free float situation. Most of the really powerful and successful folks whom I know, are educated for some other field. It was just an opening for them to evaluate their skills, and their desires. Sure, they are happy workaholics, but that what it takes in this year of the Earth Sign. You are leading the way, but silently as much as possible, so we respectfully thank you.



Libra: Look at that, you are officially the Open End of the Air trine. The presence of the Gemini stellium ( and the last whispers of the New Moon in Gemini,) have brought you a new level of incentive. You have always been a self-starter in a quiet and gentle way. The week unfolds with Lunar Cancer and of course the disseminating phase of the New Moon. You have been waiting long enough for others to get things accomplished.

That’s a done deal. If life has proven that some people can’t be trusted to follow through on plans, you will go around them. For the most part, they won’t even notice.

If and when they do get back to you, just thank them for their efforts and walk away.

This is where a turning point becomes a tipping point. You will hear a cracking sound

like a huge branch falling from the top of a weathered tree. That’s your last connection

to slackers. When they attempt to reattach, they will be holding a hand full of air. That’s the beauty of being a real Air Sign, since you have just drift away and not need to make a huge issue of it. If there were any way that you could help these folks, that time has passed due to all of the efforts that you expended in the Past. This was a very valid lesson for everyone, and there’s always hope for those recalcitrant people. They may get a clue, but that’s for another time, place and Mentor. This is a form of tough love, since you are giving others the room to be themselves. Someday, they will walk past a mirror, and take a real good look. If they can’t recognize themselves, maybe that will shock them into action. We can only hope and wish them well when that moment of clarity arrives. It is available to everyone equally, but some folks really have to hit bottom before they actually look up. For your part everything is really looking up for you. By understanding that folks make choices and that some of those choices are pretty much brain dead, you can stop thinking yourself into a headache. Yours are wise and well thought out, and your progress is moving along by baby steps. That’s an Earth thing and you will have great foundations upon which to build your future successes.



Scorpio: You are ready to step out of your Batcave, but you will probably not go any further than your backyard. That’s enough of a journey for you. Okay, you may fill the bird feeder, and take the trash cans to the curb, but then back inside you will go. You are so living your head right now, and it finds you counting your blessings. Even in these unprecedented times, there are things that you can count on. As you take the bins to the curb, you have already accepted that big trucks will whisk it away for you. Granted, they will knock the wheels off of your pricey cans, and they may lose the lids, but the trash will disappear. ( My son in law taught me to leave the lids off, so I don’t have to Look for them up and down the block like a lost puppy.) You are taking just such proactive measures, and that is why you are backing away from making too many plans. There are some folks who have been reaching out to you. These are the rare individuals who will be there for you in an unspoken dedication. The wordless understanding that you share is a powerful Karmic gift. It’s a really timeless connection, and you can always pick up on a sentence from a previous conversation, regardless of how long ago it was. You probably won’t speak much about work, just every day issues, and that is truly refreshing for you. The seemingly endless opposition from Uranus in Taurus has you ready for not just changes, revolutionary changes. That’s where you can plug in the individuals who hold such blind faith in you. There are areas of your industry that are not well served, and you have all of the answers, that can be easily implemented when things are back in action. Folks in upper management will be more than ready to take your ideas and make them real, and you will have the perfect support crew. The fun part is that they don’t have to actually work at your company in order to offer you their support. You have people in your life who hold you up and don’t ask for anything in return. Certainly, you will do your best, but that is not necessary. These are folks who understand that not many individuals get into your inner circle. When this bug is over, you can hold a get together at your home, but the virtual stuff is equally as golden as the face to face stuff….Group hug!



Sagittarius: With the Gemini stellium opposing you and Saturn in Aquarius trining you

everything old is new again. Since you have been really leaning into this insightful time,

you can see that some on your old ways of doing things aren’t all that bad. As you sorted through you old toys and your old memories, you made a promise to yourself that you would get back to that place where you feel that sense of joy. For as much as you can be the life of the party, it needs to be genuine. In the Past you went out of your way to be just that, and it got old quickly. Sadder still, some of those folks had no idea that you were making an effort when you actually preferred to be at home with your cat. So now that you are happily ensconced at home with the kitty, and you aren’t really missing the party life. From here on, the parties will be yours, and you get to pick the menu and enjoy the special people who people your life. You have chatted with them occasionally, and every time it energized you. That’s where you want to go. You did manage to pack away some of your sports equipment, but only after you cherry picked them over. In a non-judgmental way you have done the exact same thing with your many relationships. The primary ones are intact, and they will never be out of your life. It’s like your toys, you can see how you traveled through differing phases. There’s the racquetball stuff that never got out of the bag. Or your Karate shoes that are held together with duct tape ( mine are shabby, but I’m not at the duct tape level yet.)

Not to mention many lifetime memberships to gyms, only to get your attention when you dig through the junk drawer. After all, you have enough workout equipment to fill a

Small gym, and by now you have dragged your favourites in front of the flat screen.

Your friends, the real ones are every bit as connected to you as they ever were. Venus loves you, she really does, and the Sun and Mercury think that you are cute as well.

That is a potent combination that puts the fun into everything that you do. Life may

not be a party every day, but you will celebrate it for certain!



Capricorn: The Capricorn stellium of sorts has you getting ready to surprise others.

Granted, you were born to carry the weight of the world, but only until your Saturn return. That’s when you learned that life was not meant to be arduous, it’s only about living up to you responsibilities. That’s why you changed so much around 28 to 30 years of age. Along with that came the realization that you can’t be a huge success by working alone. Initially you built a powerful support crew, and then after you took a good deep breath and delegated authority to others. It’s been a while since you were 30 so this cycle brings you a refresher course. Perhaps you picked up a few tasks, just to get them done. Habit took over and you just kept fulfilling those chores. It’s not like folks are going to question you, so one bit at a time you picked up many bits. Now is the time to regift those bits to the original owners. If they are foolish enough to resist, you will find someone else who is happy to do them. That’s Pluto and Jupiter conjunct for you, they demand a shift in power, or as we say on Answers, “Shift happens.” How nice that you can use this energy to your betterment as well as, the greater good. While others are determined to get everything opened up, you are in no hurry. You are still lining up many moving parts, and you never completely turned off the lights. Sure you may have worked with a skeleton crew, possibly by Skype, but you haven’t missed a minute. What you have experienced in the quietude is equal to decades in college. Plus you are working as many hours as usual, but you have spread them out. You are taking time off in the afternoon, and just living. Granted, you will still think about business, since that’s

how you are wired. However, you will do so from a lawn chair beneath a shade tree.

In the evenings, you will build a bon fire, and chuck in all of the ideas that no longer work. This cycle is a bit of an extended Medicine Walk for you, as you find your place

in the sacred hoop. Even your fire pit is round, since everything that is sacred is round.

It’s that never ending circle in which we are all connected. This is where you meet a new spirit animal. (If you see a squirrel sitting in a tree top, eating a double cheese pizza,

you can’t have him, he’s mine.)The influence of the Gemini stellium, trining Saturn and Neptune has messages returning. Folks who spoke without thinking will find their words comeback to haunt them. You knew it then, you know it now and the subsequent reactions were just waiting for the right time. You will feel sorry for the fools, but not enough to get involved. You cannot save anyone from his/her self, you tried it all before

and that sure didn’t work. You are all about work and what works and what’s too much work. That’s what keeps you centered. How cool is that?



Aquarius: There’s no missing the fact that Saturn has marched into your life and has set up housekeeping in your home. As a rule, you like having company, but your company doesn’t usually arrive with their own set of rules. Saturn wrote the rule book so you may as well embrace them. Mars who just recently left Chez Aquarius, was there just to hype up your reflexes, and he did a fine job. Every time that he tested you, he reported back to Saturn. Now Saturn has a vested interest because once upon a time he was your Ruler. For reasons known only to him, he never really gave up that title. Sure, he lets Uranus do all of the heavy lifting, but even then he is aware of your challenges. It is quite fortunate that you don’t shrink from challenges, because he will lovingly feed them to you for the next 3 years and change. This is change of a different kind, since it is you who will be doing the changes. In time, you will see the wisdom in his ways, and you will generate changes on your own. Saturn doesn’t mean to keep you earthbound, regardless of the Earth Planets, he simply wants you to stay grounded. Your thoughts can take you to many realms, but you need to be able to facilitate your new realizations right here on terra firma. Of course, the mundane world is the least of us but it is the 1st sphere of enlightenment. You were born to be a great humanitarian, and that’s why this cycle is ever so exciting for you. There are so many areas of life that could use your attention, and it will always be so obvious that you may wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. Because….that’s why. You need every step along the way in order to process your personal unfoldment. Saturn sets patterns, and you get to select which ones are fit for you. Some of them you will love and some you will just discard. He is good with it either way. He just wants you to examine everything 1st, and then make your decisions.

This is a landmark cycle for you, and when you will look back on 2020 many years in the future you will have more to remember than the toilet paper frenzy. You are a bit like the kids who are graduating this year. You will find your own ways to celebrate, and most of them will be private. You can enjoy a fine meal, even if you eat it all alone. A party of one can still be an awesome party.



Pisces: Did you know that you can live a whole lifetime and all of a sudden get food allergies. That’s the kind of fun surprises that you can expect as Mars applies to Neptune in Pisces and trines Lunar Cancer. It’s that one sesame seed to many and your body rebels. Or it could be that medication that was never an issue for you before has a different effect upon you. In fact, the cumulative effects of the day need to be takin into consideration. You are now Pisces 2.0 and your sensitivity is soaring. Granted, there will never be a time again when Neptune is cocooning you as he is now, (unless you live another 110 years, and why would you want to?) There is a gloss and a glow to all of life, and for it is truly palpable. The recent New Mon gave yo a kick in the motivation and what follows is a genuine creative curve. You may be learning a new language, or finding new mediums for your gifts. The fun is found in the journey, and you are sure to pull a few all-nighters. That’s what happens when you are in this fluffy cloud of inspiration and aspiration. The end product will be brilliant, but not as important as the great feelings that you will experience when you are being crafty. This spiritual cycle respectfully requests that you disconnect in order to reconnect. It’s amazing really, that when you get back from your journey, you will have sorted out situations that you didn’t realize that you were thinking about. The answers are always found when your mind is at peace. Other worlds are calling out to you and any and all resistance is useless and futile. You have always hovered near the face of Mother Earth, and she is also reaching out to you now. That’s why Medicine Walks are mandatory. Any piece if ground will be, better yet it could be a barefoot dance. Just find a tree and take a seat and let that sacred tree show you how all of life is interconnected. It’s comforting really to take your place in this dance of life. The Gemini stellium is squaring you in a good way. There are many ways to express your feelings, and this cycle will help you to discover all of the right words. Then someone will call you out of the blue and great communications will unfold. Stay foggy m friend.



A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral




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