Your Celestial Forecast for June 30, 2020

June 22, 2020

Aries:  Just when you felt as though you were gaining a rhythm and flow to your days someone blasted his way into your home. Initially, the sky got kinda dark and you thought that it was just a freaky storm front. Just as quickly, your front door burst open and silhouetted in the door frame was a fierce looking little fella. Your knick knacks fell off of the mantle, the dust blew off of your bowling trophies and the curtains blew crazily in the gale. It was a hot wind, which is due to the fact that this guy is Mars, and he is full of hot air, among other things. You genuinely can’t ignore him because he is your Ruler, and he is so happy to be at home with you. He is like that kid just coming home from college, so he has 6 months’ worth of dirty laundry and it’s stuck in a lump in his luggage. Eventually, you will chip away at it, but, first you have to run out and get a supply of Red Bull and snack foods. Sure, you have some popcorn on hand, but that won’t buy you a lot of time. The best way to proceed is to hand him the TV remote, and prepare to ignore sports events that are broadcast in foreign languages. In time, you will pick up a few words, but that is not the point. The real point is that now is the time for you to become a responder, not an initiator. It’s wise not to make any caved in stone plans, since that has the ability to frustrate you. The real essence of dealing with this unadulterated Mars, is to never let him see you sweat, unless you are working out. That’s about to become a part of your daily regimen. Granted, he will drive along next to you eating donuts while you jog along. You’ll probably need some new running shoes as well, but hey Amazon has everything. Sure, you may get a blister or 2, but that’s just a badge of courage now that Mars is large and in charge. The next 6 weeks are likely to be a blur for you, but all in all a healthy one. You can’t possible sneak a Twinkie, since he knows everything that’s on hand. Projects that fall by the wayside may never return to your attention. However, even better ones will take their places. Of course, all of this will be quite spontaneous, but are sure to test your determination. Look at that, Mars has pizzas being delivered, and I hope you have enough to tip the delivery guy. You get no pizza, but he did order you a salad. He can be cute like that when he wants to. I have a dear friend who has a tiny scottie named Myrtie, and she is focused upon chasing birds.

As we sat in her back yard watching it all unfold, it became apparent that Myrtie could jump about 6 inches up…and the birds were mocking her. My friend looked at me and

said, “ I know, just don’t tell her.” You never really know what you can accomplish, until you try it. That will make Mars very happy, and maybe, just maybe you will get a slice of pizza. Mmmmmmm, pizza.



Taurus: This week unfolds with lovely Lunar Virgo, and that will make you look nothing less than brilliant. Okay, we do have 5 out of 8 Planets going Retrograde, so somewhere, something is about to go pear shaped. Of course, most folks will blame cute little zippy Mercury, but he is not alone in this backwards conga line. Uranus is also Retrograde in your Sun Sign, and that’s why you can be so adaptable when plans go awry. He is a Planet that wants you to explore your options, and when you so, he will show you how to break free from limited thinking. Since he is also opposing the Scorpio Moon, your systems will be retuned, even as they are in progress. You know far better than to take your mood swings seriously. If anything, you will watch them go by, like a bad film that is being fast forwarded. Now that we have Sling, and Netflix, and Acorn among others, my film watching choices have expanded. If you check out my watch list, you will see that some films I have only watch for less than 5 minutes. Some will chase me away just because their theme song is so bad. That’s your emotional temperature for the first half of the week, so you will embrace the good ones, and dump the ugly ones. Later when you have ample time, you can examine what took you to the downward spiral. That’s a good study for later, for now you are simply too busy. The presence of Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, will most likely have you schooling your Boss, not in an obvious way, but meaningful anyway. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn,  will have you very aware of other folk’s motivation, especially when they are oblivious to it. That means that when they make left hand turns, you will be right there waiting for them. You can even looked surprised. The presence of Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn, has you understanding the need for a strong spiritual base. When things get funky, you will find an endless well of understanding that will bring you not just understanding, but peace. That’s your saving grace, since Uranus will continue to feed chaos in your life for years. Make no mistake, you will take an integral place in this cycle of revolutionary changes. As human beings, we need to evolve, hence this present revolution evolution. You are more than willing to follow your instinct, and that is what assures your success.



Gemini: It may well feel as though it’s still your Birthday. That’s courtesy of the presence of gorgeous Venus in your Sun Sign. She does demand that you find many creative ways with which to celebrate your life on a daily basis. While she usually transits a Sign for 4 weeks and leaves behind her influence for 6 weeks or so, that’s not this time. She will transit Gemini until 8/8 and cocoon you until September. That of course, calls for upgrades for both you and your life. As Mercury dances back to 10 degrees this week, you will also feel his presence. I had my bank account hacked recently, and that brings the total to 8 times in a year and a half. When I called the back, I was informed that I could get a replacement at a branch. Yeah…no, I spent the better part of a day driving from branch to branch, only to drive home without a new ATM card. That meant that Plan B was to wait until they mailed a new one to me. The 1st person I spoke to said it would take 3 to 5 business days. When that didn’t happen, I called again and was told it would take 5 to 7 business days. That offered me more waiting, and yet another call, only to be informed that it would be 7 to 10 business days. At this point I plan to walk across the street, and open an account at the Credit Union, who will give me an ATM card on the same day. ( And I will Never buy anything off of Ffarecbook again, because that’s where my account got hacked.) Thinking about it, my bank should hire hackers, they are the only folks skilled enough to plug all of the leaks. There’s always more than one way to get from here to there, and I love exploring anyway. The really great news about Mercury being Retrograde, is that you will be talking to folks whom you have been missing. It is a natural time to get caught. Also you can clean up a lot of your paperwork.

Of course, I had just purchased new checks for my messed up bank account. My goal is to make some popcorn and have a fun evening of shredding all but one book of those checks. I know better than to schmeiss them all. This is a time of clearing up mucked up communications, and organizing your personal life. You share a Rulership with your cousin Lunar Virgo, so you will enter this week not only motivated, but with the perfect mind set to stay ahead of. potential problems. Heck, you can watch the steam right by you, and head for the next person who isn’t as well prepared as you are. It’s that Girl Scout motto, “Be prepared,” and sugar you really are.



Cancer: Okay allow me to preface this, you are not always a gossip, that is a territory that belongs to Gemini and Scorpio. However, now that Mercury is going backwards

( not really, but he looks as if he is,) you are getting the back stories to the short stories that you have heard in the Past. It never hurts to get a larger picture of what occurred.

Granted, whatever you hear will be coloured by the perspective of the person telling you said story. I was teaching a class about how to read auras. All you need is a willing participant, and a nice empty wall, preferably a white one. Sure, enough I was showing my students how to gently blur their vision, and to look around the person, not necessarily right at him. I asked my handsome volunteer some questions about what he enjoyed and what he didn’t care for all that much. When he spoke of folks and things that he loved, he glowed pink, the colour of unconditional love. When he spoke of his inspirational teachers and people, he glowed a brilliant yellow. As we went on and on, I had the class make notes as to what they could see. I didn’t want them to be affected by what others were perceiving. It worked very well for everyone with the exception of one woman in the front. Pink for her was red, yellow for her was orange, and blue became a murky purple. After class, she asked to speak to me, and of course I found a private place for us. It became quite apparent that she was going through an awful break up. She just couldn’t get mad enough to get the anger out of her mind/heart/self, and that’s why she was resonating to the lowest level of Mars. I hope she found peace, but she did offer me a crystal clear understanding that we need to be balanced before we take that close a look at others. That’s what you will unearth when you hear 4 or 5 versions of the same life incident. It does make you wonder of all of those people were at the same place in time. They may have been in the same physical space, but their mindsets were vastly different. You can respect that, and at the same time, you will remain uninvolved. Folks can only see the truth once they find a way to operate from their own personal truths. You may nudge others along the way, but ultimately the choices are theirs all theirs. Now that is really brilliant, n’est pas? This is a cycle where you will listen to others, but trust what you know to be true.



Leo: Fortunately, you got to enter this week upon the wings of fun Gemini Planets.

That cocoons you enough that even Lunar Scorpio, can’t take the glow out of your life.

You have created such a Zen zone, that when life gets too crazy you can pull up your comfort zone like a blanket that’s wrapped around your shoulders. With Saturn opposing you for what may feel like forever, you have become crafted at enjoying the simple joys of life. Granted, it does make you sad when you come across a malcontent, an individual who is simple determined to be miserable. While it has been said that misery loves company, that company will not be you. They can take their black clouds of negativity and dump them elsewhere. There was a time, not that long ago, when you would have done everything in your power to help them heal. How did that work for you? Well it didn’t and that’s why you won’t ever go there again. With the wisdom that you have gained, you understand that whether is a conscious or a sub conscious choice, those perpetually nasty people are indeed Psychic Vampires. First they will suck all of the joy out of the room, then your life and eventually You. That’s not something for which you want to volunteer. You are so firm in your Light, that darkness will run away. Your life is a good place, because your happiness is not conditional upon anyone or anything outside of yourself. You know how to manifest things, and you would never abuse that ability. Your choice is that too much is too much, when what you want is just enough. Let that sink in, marinate in it even, and you’ll discover there’s always enough of everything. You have just enough time, and energy and resources to keep yourself happy and fulfilled. That is what I call a perfect balance point. However you look at it, you are at a verdant point of Summer, since the best of it is still ahead of you. Just

find a nice shade tree and soak up every beautiful day, and when you get those flirty Summer storms, you can take a nice walk in the rain. You are one with all that is, and that means that you will love every moment to its fullness. What else is Summer for?



Virgo: Even though you have finally attained the corner office with the glass walls, that in itself is not enough of a comfort zone for you this week. You have a lot on your plate and even more on your mind, so you need yo close the blinds. With both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in trine to the Scorpio Moon, you need to maintain your single minded focus. Certainly, t things will go pear shaped, that’s what Retro Irk does best,

 so you will be cleaning up messes and healing strained communications. Or should I say miscommunications? Since part of the message is received, just not all of it. That’s why you are so wise and document just everything. After every important meeting or conversation, you will follow up with an email or some form of missive, that highlights the important details. It’s better to repeat yourself than to miss some very necessary detail.

You are the Poster Child for detail work, so everything will be covered leaving nothing to anyone else’s imagination. There is a valid place for everything, imagination included, but that is for another time, when new formative plans are needed. From now until 7/17, it’s best to stay away from making any new plans. Sure, you will always be thinking about where to go from here, but putting those ideas into action will wait for Direct Mercury.

Ya know he gets a lot of bad press, but as we have previously discussed, there are 5 Planet going Retrograde, so he’s far from being alone.( By the way, just for the sake of my Inner Grammar Nazi, planets cannot be “In,” Retrograde, they are Retrograde, that’s like being in pregnancy, not just pregnant.) Anyhoo, most of the fine messes that yo end up fixing will be situations that you knew were questionable. Your Boss and his Boss will be very appreciative of the fact that you don’t say, “I toldja so,” but you will see it in their eyes. While others might be stressed, you were pretty much born for this, just as long as you can keep others out of your face. When you do walk out of your office, it will be with pyramids of paperwork in your arms. You will had it off down the line and retreat to your mind palace. You may have many plates spinning on broomsticks, but that’s just another day in paradise for you.



Libra: Fortunately, you entered this work week surrounded in the cocoon of your Lunar High. Even though the Moon will glide into Scorpio, you will cling to the sacred space that you so deserve. Of course, in a cycle where systems are likely to fall apart and folks may take it all personally, you will steer clear of it all. There may have been a time when you would have jumped right into the mess and gave it your best as you attempted to tell folks what others were saying. Then along came Saturn, and. He double locked your doors and had sucha talk with you. Interpersonal misunderstandings often spring from one little word that was misinterpreted. For some unknown reason folks can gridlock on a word and manage not to hear the rest of the conversation. From that point on, it all becomes so much white noise and any change at meaningful conversation is a done deal. That’s why you getting in the middle will only slow down the process and give you a massive headache. By stepping out of the business, which is none of yours, you offer others the chance to work it out. When others get caught up in the web of Moon Uranus craziness, you will be at home, listening to soft music and reading a good book. You won’t even wobble, because you know that it’s imperative for you to maintain your emotional equilibrium, that’s the midpoint that your gentle soul deserves. Others piddly issues will hold no influence over you. You may feel for them, but because you understand that you can’t learn for them you can stay happily uninvolved. When you can make a positive contribution, event then it will be offered subtly. Then you will walk away, and take with you no expectations for others. Everyone is exactly where they are meant to be, and you really can’t argue with that. If anything you are ever so light on your feet and that will serve you well now that Mars has entered Aries. That creates one sturdy opposition to you. Remembering the easy exit doors that are always available in times of opposition. Those door are represented by the Signs that square the Signs that are in said opposition. Well, I this case, both of those Signs are quite busy, since they are Cancer and Capricorn. If you choose to take the Capricorn door, you will be met by some genuinely heavy hitters. First you will see Jupiter in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn at zero degrees of Aquarius, and he is going Retrograde. That means that one way or another you will be met with Capricorn lessons. Okay, they may be challenging, but they are also life changing. If you are ready for that big a shift, take that Capricorn door. If you select the Cancer door, you will meet the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and that configuration will bring your life lessons closer to home. If you feel the need for sacred space, and a cozy comfort zone, that’s the door for you. Sure, you may have to school the people who people your life, but you will do so lovingly. This would be a perfect time for you to review the family script, edit it, rewrite it and forgive the Past. The Past is where it needs to be, and you are headed into one lovely future.



Scorpio: This week finds you in such a creative curve, that you won’t have a lot of time

for much else. It is as though your Muse was waiting in the kitchen and handed you your morning coffee. The next thing you knew you had paint on your glasses and it was time to get to bed. No doubt, every day you will rinse and repeat and then it will be the weekend. The 4 Planet Water trine of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and of course Lunar Scorpio, has you feeling so much on every level that you need to find many forms of catharsis. Granted, all of your emotions are important, and with Uranus in Taurus opposing you, the mood swings that you will have are quite amazing. The good news is that you can stand far enough away from them, to know which ones are good for you, and which ones only need to be examined. Once you have looked those beasties in their dead eyes, you can see what inspired them, and how you can delete them. If you try to ignore them, they will only get bigger and badder, so it’s time to take that look and melt them with your determination. The Water trine will amplify all of your feelings, and that is exactly what will empower you to create better reactions, and to delete the old reactions. Your value system will be tested all this week and you will find that there’s an awful lot that you no longer need. It may be responsibilities, items or even same relationships, but you are done with them, even if they don’t seem to be done with you. Indeed, your lessons will lessen once you have used this insightful cycle. Of course, you won’t be particularly chatty during this week, and those few of us who really know you will certainly not press the issue. For everyone else, you are working on a very special project, that’s true, because the project is your wellness.( Yes I understand that it’s nobody else’s business.) The best support that you will get is the wordless type, and maybe an occasional hug. Your Lunar High is a natural time when others really want to do nice things for you, and for this one, the nicest thing that they can do for you, is to leave you alone.



Sagittarius; With Mars in. his nascent transit of Aries, he is making a powerful trine to you. That means that you may awaken quite motivated. There’s so many things that you want to do, it’s actually tiresome just to make a list of them. You really really want to go for a run, but that means that you’d have to find your shoes and probably put them on.

If you find clean socks, that would be nice. Then you’d have to fill your water bottle, after all, 20% fluid loss is 40% performance loss, according to my trainer. Then you’d have to dig up your Fit Bit, which is probably stuck in the bottom of the couch, since

you have pretty much been living there. It is mind boggling what you can find under the couch cushions, in every couch in America there is $2.38 in change, and a dog collar, (even if you never had a dog.) Now on the other side of your motivation is Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and all things marvelous, she is transiting Gemini and that makes for an opposition. For reasons known only to her, even in opposition, she works for you, not against you. She will bring you gifts, amazing freebies and simply wonderful people into your life. Hers is a special spotlight that cocoons you, and makes you even more appealing than usual. She is also staying in Gemini for an extended period of time. As a rule, she stays for a month or so, and with the well-known 10 degree orb, her influence lasts for 6 weeks. Well this year, she likes it at Chez Gemini, and that means that she will remain there until 8/8 and have a lovely influence upon you until September. Sure, she prefers flirting to long term relationships, but sometimes the flirting is every bit as much as enjoyable as the actual honeymoon. That’s why you are certain to improve yourself and your overall wellness, but not to the point that it involves shin splints and blisters. There’s no need to run when you can walk fast. And No just raising your butt off of the couch does not equate to lifting weights. You will move into your workouts gently and then build up to more vigorous exercise. Just think, you can make your way to the Juice Bar on foot and have a nice fruit smoothie, then burn it off on your way back home. Your home is getting prettied up as well, and it serves as a tangible reminder that you do deserve to have “the good life.”



Capricorn: Granted, Saturn is officially transiting Aquarius, but that is only a temporary situation. He is at zero teeny tiny degrees, and he is going Retrograde. In essence he is still very much a part of the Capricorn stellium. He is still the Ruler there, so his essence has infused both Jupiter and Pluto. As a power packed combination platter, they demand that we all move in different directions for the future. It doesn’t take a genius to know that things can’t ever go back to “normal,” because normal was an abject failure.

While you have never been the type of individual who speaks off handedly, but as a special bonus, you have an opposition from Retrograde Mercury and the Sun. in Cancer. That softens your conversations ever more. Granted, you are choosing your words wisely, due the tricks courtesy of retro Irk. Even less than pleasant news will be gratefully accepted when you offer them kindly. Obviously, this is a cycle where power needs to change hands, and move folks around. That’s why regardless of the changes and choices, you will present it all as a golden opportunity. It is actually, since we all get to go back to basics, and rediscover how our skills fit the needs of the day. You are working on this cycle from both ends. Initially, you will take a long look at the final product. Then you will walk it backwards, and carefully examine every step along the way. When you get back to the beginning, you can take your list of talented folks, and see where they will be best fit for the job. Yu may well find that some of the steps are underserved, and that may even call for more people. That’s all good, since breaking it down is the only way to build it up. Of course, you will also discover some redundant bits, and those can be carefully edited out. One might think that the chaotic energy of Uranus in Taurus, as he trines you has you rather unsettled, but that is certainly not the case. Instead he has you making new and revolutionary adjustments, that will secure o better future for everyone who is involved. He will be a long term buddy to you, so there will be a lot of tweaking to every project that you have. Supposed mountains become molehills, and you will smooth out speed bumps before your troops can get there. This is where your gifts of leadership and your understanding of other folk’s potential will be nothing less than brilliant. Yes, it is so good to me You.



Aquarius: You too are enjoying the extended stay of lovely Venus in Gemini. She is trining you and that makes you feel how great it is to be connected to others. With Skype and Face time, there really are many options to stay I touch with others.

Sure, you will go from chatty to musing but your schedule can handle it all. Your hermit self will let you know when it’s time to sit in the quietude and watch the curtains flutter in the gentle breeze. It’s all one and the same since when you are talking to others you will take in volumes of information. However, you truly can’t sort it out until you are alone with your thoughts. Plus you have that bonus of knowing that regardless of how long it has been since you and your friends have spoken, you can always begin in the middle of that last sentence of your previous conversation. Neither time, nor geography can separate you from others, when you are connected from heart to heart. You will laugh and chat about everything but the Bug. Sure, the Bug is still out there, but you are not about to allow it to define your life. You are your beloveds can make plans for after the Bug, without exactly setting any dates. For MotherPeace Drum and myself, we are planning a major blow out drum circle. To make it even better, it will be hosted at my Mentor Muruga’s house. He is the heart and soul of drumming with over 50 years of making music, and he celebrates life on a daily basis. He is all about joy, and that’s what happens when you drum every day. Granted, not everyone has a drum, but I have been known to drum on the kitchen counter while I make dinner, and certainly I have played some great rhythms on the steering wheel of my Jeep. It’s all about having such a beautiful heartsong, that every duty and every task is done with love. That’s why even dreary tasks can be so much fun. Yours if free and clear and ready to be shared with anyone who crosses your path. This is how you will keep the kindness in humankind.



Pisces: Well here we go again, deep into the Water trine. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on one side of you, Lunar Scorpio on the other, and Neptune your Ruler in Pisces, your sensitivity level is up there with bat radar. That translates into you needing a lot of quality time alone. Okay, you won’t be alone because the voices in your head will have a lot to say to you. Should you find that your musing send your mood into a downward spiral, you need to do some cut, copy and paste. In a cycle where the news can range from ugly to truly WTF?, you need to get rid of the darkness. Sure, there are awful things that some folks will do and it’s plastered all over the place. It can assail your inner peace from Radio, TV, or even FFarcebook. For every awful sick puppy, there are thousands of good people, doing good things, and not just for the camera. These folks range from the “Essential,” workers to pick up your garbage every week, to the hospital Executives who are doing their best to get folks tested and keep them safe. You really need to keep your consciousness on that level. Regardless of what you do, it has to fit well into the greater good. That’s just how you are hard wired. Take a look at the things that you have created since the Bug began. You must admit that it has a new depth of perception, that’s because you do. We frail humans sometimes take life situations for granted, until I cycle like those one comes along. There are unprecedented days, and you are using them wisely. You understand more than most folks that we must gently reenter 2020, with fresh eyes and loving hearts. Add to that the fact that Mars has left your Guest Room and. He is happily at home in Aries, so your stress level has eased back down. Sure, he has some projects that you began with him, that don’t need to be rushed any more. You have more than enough time to think, putter and create some genuinely meaningful creations. Time is truly on your side. ) Oh yeah, and the best part of all is that you get to powernap, that’s where are great creativity comes from, n’est-ce pas?



A la semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral




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