Your Celestial Forecast for the week of July 7, 2020

June 29, 2020

Aries: Mars has barely begun to camp out in your Guest Room and already you can

feel the changes in you. Initially, you have learned to sleep through the racket of sports events played on high volume. The roar of the crowd has become your lullaby. Sure,

Mars is probably sound asleep in your favourite chair, but if you turn it off he will wake up. He will glower at you and say, “Hey, I was watching that.” You don’t even need ear plugs because you are tough like that. His is a cycle of Boot Camp, so you can expect to be getting up earlier. Just set up your coffee maker before you go to bed and it all becomes quite simple. While you may not realize it immediately, but one of his goals for you is that you simplify every aspect of your life. There are things that will fall by the wayside, things that you used to do every day, and once you have deleted them, they won’t even be missed. Perhaps they were things that you were doing for others, or things that truly seemed essential. Once those things are gone, and your time is better spent, you won’t even miss them. Of course, with Mars at 5 degrees of Aries and lovely Venus at 10 degrees of Gemini, you are running hot and cold. Indeed you will accomplish more than you usually would, but it will be done in fits and starts. When Mars, who just so happens to be your Ruler is in charge, you will be a constant body in motion. However, like Fire, he flares and then dwindles. That’s when the 2 of you will catch a powernap. Venus wants you to be gentle with yourself and for some of us that is a challenge in itself. She is magnetic and gorgeous and with her charms she will win you over. The couch will call you in and your cup of tea will get cold while it sits on the coffee table. That’s okay, because once you are up and busy again, you can use it for some nice iced tea. There’s another great side effect, in that time expands and contracts, so there’s always enough time in which to take care of yourself. Your wellness regimen is taking on new forms, and once you have perfected the system, they will stick and stay.

This is a cycle of revolutionary changes, and you will lean into them. Just remember to find your water bottle and your good running shoes, you will genuinely need them my dear.



Taurus: Have you ever noticed how little tiny projects tend to inspire more of the same? Plus some of those projects will take on weight as you proceed. This cycle of self -isolation has served as a great time to get caught up on little piddly chores. The very fact that you are ready for them has an incentive of its own. Recently I was gifted with 3 non-stop weeks of projects. I had 13 flowerbeds to get in order and a house appraisal at the same time. I attempted to buy a raised flowerbed for the front of the house, but they were all too pricey. So in true Earth fashion, I repurposed a plant stand by sanding it down and painting it white. Rather than spending $200 or more, I spent $30 on cans

of rustoleum and added some sweat equity. It’s perfect for the spot. That’s how things are lining up for you right now. Sure, you can’t get near Home Depot or Lowes, but you know that Amazon has everything, and it can be delivered in 2 days. ( Which is about how long the lines are here.) Even your quick fixes will offer a sense of permanence.

The real area of your personal budget has to do with relationships. With lovely Venus making a long term stay in Gemini, many folks are examining their close relationships. If anyone is making you work too hard at being in a relationship with them, take a step back, then take 2 aspirins and think about it. You are extremely devoted to the folks in your life. If they can’t/won’t offer you the same singular dedication, maybe it’s best to get out of Dodge. For any relationship to truly work there has to be some sort of equity. Suffering in silence in hopes that the other person will get a clue works for no one. Sure, the dominant individual may think that he/she is in a great place, but eventually it will all crumble down. First the foundation goes, because it wasn’t truth based, then the doors can’t open, and both parties must exit via a window before the weight if it crushes them. Why not just make a respectful space, and pack at your leisure? Uranus in Taurus has you moving on, in every area of your life. You used to settle for less than you deserved and those days are coming to an end. You are finding yourself, and that requires a lot of personal freedom. You may have felt lost, but you will find your way back to being a healthy and empowered person. Uranus will be here for quite some time, so you can ease into your best decisions.



Gemini: Of course, this is an ultimate Moon Saturn week, because it unfolds with Lunar Aquarius, and of course, Venus in Gemini. Now Venus is also making an aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, so the decisions that you make this week will be well thought out. You probably won’t enact any of your brilliant plans until next week when Mercury is done with his irksome days. (By 7/17 you will be out of this shadow.) For all of your light hearted and flirty ways, you are deadly serious about your future. Now there will be folks who can only relate to you when you are all bouncy and bubbly. That’s okay too,

since they will simply see you less often. You can be the life of the party but that has to be genuine, and not just performance art. Then there are people who are there to help you in many wordless ways. These are the folks who can support you just by being there. You may not share a lot of your choices with them, but still they will observe you

and align themselves to be accommodating for you. For the most part you want to have meaningful conversations so that you can see ever side of an issue. That helps you to make truly informed decisions. You will probably not speak directly about what you are thinking about, but even in veiled terms, you will get a lot of information. You are blessed to have friends from every walk of life, and each one of them is precious to you. Your social circle is small but tightly woven. These are great individuals who understand that you are a real ambivert. There are times when you need to be in crowds and times when you need to be alone with your thoughts. That’s why it’s wonderful that your real friends know how to hug you but not press you. Lunar Aquarius has you people watching for the 1st half of the week. Keeping a distance is not an issue because you always do just that. You have seen folks overreacting lately, and that makes you take a step back as well. It’s easy, since you will just get too busy to even see the drama. Yours is path of peace, and only those who understand that will get any of your time.



Cancer: Courtesy of the fact that you entered the work week with your Lunar Low,

you know that it’s time to keep your head down and stay busy. There are many great factors in staying busy. Of course, it makes the slacker types run away, so there’s that.

Plus, it keeps you away from inter office or family politics. Now is not the time to take sides, when so many folks are confused. During this last gasp of Retro Irk, there are many things that can be cleared up or fixed. That is provided the other person is listening. Some people are so determined to see things from a limited perspective,

that any other mindset makes them confused and angry. There’s a pattern to it, and once you sense and feel it, the only thing to do is to disengage. Their little worlds will continue to spin without you, and you can avoid getting used up for no real reason.

Perhaps these recalcitrant people will get tired of their pointless lives and seek the voice of reason. That’s what self-help books are meant for. You used to have a funky boundary that made you think that it was noble to help others, and it is in a sense.

The problem is that people need to heal themselves. You can lead them to the path

and offer them many great concepts, but it has to end there. When you consider it, just keeping yourself in tune with your spiritual needs and lessons is pretty much a full

time job. That means that saving others from themselves is permanently out of the picture. Like a sage once told me,” Learning for others is like putting a Band Aid on a waterfall. If it works it’s only temporary. It really is about Water, and as Mars does his transit of Aries, he squares Mercury and the Sun in Cancer. Add in the Capricorn gang, and you can see that some people are hanging onto bottled emotions until they blow their corks. When it does blow, it will take out passersby, and You like a crane dropping a grand piano on someone. Your best plan is to keep to yourself and say a prayer for the folks who can’t see the truth for what it is. As for the folks who are stuck in the uglies, it’s a lot like being young and stupid, sans the young part.



Leo: You too get to play in the light of the ultimate Moon Saturn aspects. This one is a bit of a double dip, because Saturn used to Rule Aquarius, and he’s at 29 degrees of Capricorn albeit Retrograde. That means that he is conjunct the Aquarius Moon, which is your Lunar Low. This is certainly not a new aspect for you since you have one every month. This one is just a tad more special because you have all of your priorities very well aligned. Every project that you have has an orderly system to it, as well as many backups. No detail can escape you. The presence of Mars in Aries has you streamlining everything, in order to have a tad more time for yourself. You will tolerate no rush jobs during this transit, and folks will know better than to push you. It’s only when folks are forced to rush into things that it all falls apart. You will do everything by the numbers since that has been proven to work for you. It’s very near to being an Earth Baby (hint Saturn,) because everything that you do has a rhythm to it. That’s exactly how you will keep everything humming along regardless of what Planets choose to go Retro. In fact, you will thrive because you are more than ready for whatever finds you. Others might react to this Mars action as if it were a stress cycle, but not you. With the great Capricorn stellium at your back, you are crystal clear about your responsibilities. You will fulfill them succinctly and professionally and then turn it all off once you are done. Once again this cycle of social distancing is working well for you. If you feel like reaching out to friends and beloveds you can, but for the most part you are blooming in the quietude. Let’s not forget about Venus in Gemini in aspect to feisty Mars. She is the Goddess who will keep you cool, calm and comfortable when life gets hectic. It’s a bit like sitting by the window on a sunny afternoon, there’s a light breeze stirring the curtains, and we know that Fire needs Air. As you gaze at the traffic below, you can see some very unhappy folks, they are fussing and fuming and honking their horns (because you know that’s how you break up traffic jams.) You will feel for them, but you won’t associate yourself with that antsy energy. That’s when you will turn up your music just a tad and drown out all of that negativity. Add in some comfort food and you will have a perfect Moon Lodge. Start with Mac and cheese, and make up the rest of the menu as you go along. (Psssst add more cheese, why doncha?)



Virgo: It is so fortuitous that your peripheral vision is so acute, because that will serve you well this week. It works a bit as if you are a school bus driver with a bus full of rowdy kids. The exception here is that you have no need for a rear view mirror, in its place you have your Psychic Gizzard. Through the usual din, you will feel, sense and know the real problems as they arise. That’s when you will grab your phone and covertly call the person in the deep end of the problem and offer some short sweet advice. You don’t need to walk out of your office and get in the midst of the mess, and you can then continue with your own tasks. It’s not like you don’t have enough to do on your own, so hey, you can offer some quick fixes. You are one of those fine folks who never really quit working due to the bug. Business couldn’t grind to a halt, and at the same time you have managed to reorganized systems and simplify them in others absences. They will probably not even notice, and that works for you as well. As the Open End of the Earth trine, you act as a conduit for the other Earth Babies. The Capricorn stellium which is made of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, is grateful to be able to count on you, and not have to check on things. Uranus in Taurus is here for a long time, in order to help you make these revolutionary changes. They may even be small adjustments, but in every case the overall influence is profound. The real transformational business is at work deep within you, as you find new ways to be creative, as well as, productive. You are good with doing your best work behind the scenes. It’s not like you need a lot of acclaim for your good work. You are the epitome of perfection, and so is anything that you create. That’s why your Boss, and your Bosses Boss seldom question you. Of course, Mercury has been difficult for the last 3 weeks and change, but he couldn’t hit you with anything that you have yet to see. It’s certainly not your 1st Retrograde Rodeo, nor will it be your last. Plus

You have Venus in your corner, she is taking an extended stay in Gemini, so now is the time for you to be networking. It’s always good to “know a guy who knows a guy.” That also applies to your future plans, since in time you will be running your own business.

You aren’t there yet, but you are well on your way. Go ahead, and close the blinds to your office, you’ll feel it when things go pear shaped. It’s what you do…yep.



Libra: It is so wonderful that you have such a malleable mind, because that will serve

you well this week. After all, you are the Open End of the Air trine, along with Venus

in Gemini, and of course Lunar Aquarius. You were born to be an interpreter, and this week you will do it for yourself. Your conversations will be zany and entertaining, but also quite informative. Granted, you will have to decipher most of it, but that’s easy enough for you to do. You will listen, you will edit and you will read between the lines.

Sometimes, especially now it’s more about what folks refuse to discuss than what

they actually talk about, and just as much it’s about how they say it. Add in your clear understanding of body language and you get the rest of the story. Of course,

this is all intended for use in your personal data base, so there will be no sharing it

with anyone else. During this Retro Irk cycle where so many folks are focused upon misunderstanding each other, it’s best for you to stay uninvolved. The blessing is that you have dear friends and beloveds who can talk with you or simply sit in silence and enjoy the sunset. There is a calming effect in Nature and her orderly seasons. In fact recently Venus, the Planet of love, self-love and all things beautiful, as well as your Ruler changed her schedule. After being a Night star, she went on a brief hiatus, and returned as a morning star. That means that she can accompany you in the first moments when night surrenders to day. You deserve that quite and peaceful energy when others are going off the rails. It’s disgusting to know that some folks will say genuinely awful things to others, only because they want to dominate the conversation. They will conveniently forget it right after saying it. You and I and other sensitive individuals will never forget. We can forgive it, but it’s always there as a boundary that makes you certain that it will never happen again. Even Mars can’t get on your last good nerve, as he opposes you from his home sweet home in Aries. You will just take the easy access doors that square the opposition. They are Cancer and Capricorn respectively. If you take the Cancer door, you will take yourself out for a nice dinner, and even have dessert. If you take the Capricorn door, you will respectfully exercise your authority. That’s the correct use of power, and you know exactly how and when to use it. It’s all about balance, and you are the Poster Child for a life lived in balance.



Scorpio: This Open End thing continues and now you take that place in the Water trine.

That brings most of your business right back home. Wherever, whenever you hold a place of authority and responsibility, you will do a new inventory. For a person who

isn’t all that fond of illness, hospitals and all things that have cooties, you do spend a

lot of time taking care of sick folks. This is a cycle where you will call in respite workers. In essence, you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. If you should get sick, everything will fall down like so many dominoes. After that it’s pretty much game over. This is about your value system being tested, and you must consider what everything will ultimately cost you. All of your resources are valuable. So you

must consider them all. There are your time, your energy, your emotional investments, and last but not least your money. If you can look at projects and relationships as investments, you must ask yourself if you are getting anywhere close to what you

are giving. If you can honestly say, “No,” it’s time to rearrange things. You may get a

little push back, but that means that others have no idea how much you do for them.

Nor do they appreciate it. Some people can’t while others won’t but in any case you have to make these adjustments. As Neptune trines you from his home in Pisces, he has your sensitivity level up there with bat radar. Situations that you thought you could ignore are haunting you, and you must rid yourself of them. With the Sun and funky little Mercury trining you from Cancer, you deserve to have a home that is peaceful, secure and comfortable. It’s where you go to tune out the hustle and noise of a wacky world

You deserve to get home and kick off your shoes and just relax. You can then get yourself a nice cool beverage, and check out Netflix. For at least 30 minutes nobody can ask you to do anything, unless the house is on fire and then you’ll take your drink outside once you have called for help. That’s just it, who or what can you count upon for help? Everything else needs to be reassessed, and then addressed. Easy peasy.



Sagittarius: With Mats trining you from his perch at 5 degrees of Aries, you are ready to get back in action. Of course, you will do so at healthy standards. The gym has yet to open, but the street is fine and you can jog you way to the park. The only problem is that while your shoes fit, your pants have shrunk in the closet. How does that happen?

Maybe, it due to a lack of attention, or just the fact that you had a bag of Cheesy Poofs for lunch. It occurred to a dear friend of mine as well as, his whole Football team from High School. They used to gather together every Thanksgiving, until about 5 years later when everyone’s jersey has shrunken. It just wasn’t attractive with their shirts not covering their bellies. Maybe the good life was not so good when it came to their diets.

When you factor in the Freshman 15, they had gained more than a few stone. So there you are mournfully looking at your running shorts and wondering if Amazon has your new size, whatever that is. Instead, it time to get back to all of your workout equipment and get back into those clothes. This is a cycle where you are meant to be working on yourself. You did drag the treadmill right in front of the flat screen TV, it’s still there under your bathrobe and assorted laundry. By the time that the gym reopens, you will be in fine shape. Just consider this a personal Boot Camp, and drop and give me 20.

You can order your groceries on line, and that means that the junk food won’t call out

to you. As for the junk food that you have on hand, the birds and squirrels will be

very appreciative. Think about it, their thighs can use it more than yours. You will also discover that Mars is a pretty good trainer but he can be harsh at times. Don’t ask him any questions unless you are prepared to hear the truth. He will push you off the couch and plop down there himself as he blows his whistle and tells you to work harder. Come to think of it, you can save some junk food for him, he prefers salty and spicy ones. All you need is your good shoes and a pair of sweat pants and of course, your water bottle. Hydrate my dear, and work off those excess pounds why doncha?



Capricorn: While many people are blaming the woes of the world on poor little Retro Mercury, the rest of the Retrograde Planets are having one heckuva party. Sure, he can muck with transportation and communications, his is the veil of every day events. In the case of Retrograde Neptune, many artists as seeking better mediums for their artistic expression. He is also making delusional folks even more delusional, or as a therapist friend of mine says, “Capital D-lusional.” There’s no getting through to these people, so any interaction will be pointless. They are stuck in a sticky mess of emotions, and there’s no way that you can reach them through that icky layer of lunacy. Retrograde Saturn is here to offer everyone, just one last chance to get things right. He is at the last degree of Capricorn, so he is happily leading Pluto and Jupiter along. His is a pure dedication to the acceptance of responsibility, and all he wants is to see that people are making an effort. For all of the bad press that he has received, he’s not a bad guy, he’s more like a motherly Drill Sargeant. In fact, Jupiter can bring more havoc into your life since he is all about excess in everything. It may be debts, or personal promises, but in any way that folks have overextended themselves, this is where the bill comes due. In between the Planet of challenges, and the Planet of “too much is never enough,” there’s Pluto, the Cosmic Roto Rooter, and his work is truly subliminal. You can be having a great time, with wonderful people and Pluto will trigger. Somebody hands you a plate of food, and says something that your Mother used to say, and your bittersweet memories erupt. That’s when the party is truly over, since you need to be alone with those thoughts and feelings. Just for flavor, you can toss in the presence of Retrograde Uranus, and chaos reigns supreme. He doesn’t just ask you to make changes, he forces you to make the best of them. He is a like it or lump it kinda guy. That explains why many folks are so distant right now. They have old business to which they need to attend, and they are crippled to function until they get their much needed clarity. Then there’s you, one of the folks who has never lost a day’s work due to the bug. Even during your recent Lunar High, you didn’t take to your bathrobe. You may be working in your Guest Room, but you have dressed for work every day, and clocked in as usual. Come September, you will have already implemented some amazing adjustments to your business, along with necessary changes in personnel. Even the square between you and Mars in Aries is a non- issue for you, it has simply put a little more pep in your step. Others are sure to stay out of your way, and that is a very good thing.



Aquarius: As we have previously discussed, every Aquarian is both a people lover and a hermit. This is the week of the hermit, and your Lunar High will support that. Social distancing has never been a problem for you, since you need a lot of alone time. In fact, for every hour that you spend peopling, you need 2 hours alone. That’s the only way that you can process everything that you have seen and heard. The only fly in your soup is the fact that folks want to do nice things for you, that’s what the Lunar High inspires. Sadly, all that you want from others is for them to stay out of your face. Maybe it’s time to let the world dump into your Voice Mail and tell Ffarcebook that you are out of town. Newly Direct Venus has you examining your closest relationships only to realize that you have outgrown them. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, it simply means that you both need new input, and new adventures. Who knows? You may cross paths at some time in the future and the excellent thing is that you’ll have something new to talk about. Because everyone whom you meet is your spiritual teacher, if your friend should reject you, that means that he/she has nothing to teach you. That’s when you become the teacher, and handle it all perfectly. I have a beloved Mentor who taught me that every time I leave a person, I should act as if I will never see him/her again. You never really know what tomorrow may bring, so be grateful for the times that you share with others. Mars in Aries demands that we all live completely in the Now. Tomorrow has yet to shape itself. Yesterday is just a blurry memory, important but not a place where you can live. By living in the present moment, you won’t miss all of the small miracles that find you along the way. This is where you are empowered, and while your decisions will influence your Future, you don’t want to miss out on the Now. Eckhardt Tolle says, “The division of life into Past, Present and Future and man made and illusory. Past and future are thought forms, mental abstractions. The Past can only be remembered in the Now. What you remember is an event that took place in the Now, remembered in the Now. The future when it arrives is Now. The only thing that is real is the Now.” You are comfortable in the here and Now, and that is exactly what you need. Just be here Now.



Pisces: Your Lunar High will arrive late in the week, but you are there already. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces, you are finding a new depth of beauty, spirituality and creativity, and everyday situations. It’s about the joy that you feel when you hear children at play. It’s the warmth that you feel when others smile at you with their eyes ( not even a mask can hide that.) It is found in the orderly cycles of nature, as some of the flowers of the field dry back and go to seed, as others just begin to bloom. I have planted my flowerbeds with just such cycles in mind. The gorgeous Poppies are drying back and the Black Eyed Susan are just beginning to unfold their cheery flowers. That gives me a sense of continuity and flow with all things bright and beautiful. Just a few days ago I was sitting her next to my windows on the world, ignoring the TV and seeing it whenever someone walked by the window. We have a really lovely neighborhood, so there are always bodies in motion. Moms are pushing babies in strollers, and children are racing by on their bikes and toys. I went back to work on my charts, as usual, that takes me about 2 days a week, and on my periphery, I saw someone walking by. It was a Senior Citizen leaning on her walker with her health care provider by her side. While life appears to be in lockdown, these folks are doing their best on a daily basis to keep moving. The elderly woman made it to the corner and turned around and it warmed my heart to see her soaking up the sunshine and being caressed by gentle winds. It was all so basic and simple that it was indeed magnificent.

It’s just that organic living, free of hassles and troubles that makes life such a wonderful journey. As you internalize this beauty, it not only energizes you, but it centers you at the same time. Crystallize these amazing moments and they will cocoon you for the rest of the week. Sure, once your Luna High arrives on Wednesday at 11:13 AM EDT, you will find it ever so easy to add your unique and artistic flair to everything that you touch.

This is how you can take the beauty and the glories of average days, and share them with others. Oh look, a jogger, that makes me want another Red Bull…ha



A la semaine prochaine

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral




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