Your Celestial Forecast for August 4, 2020

July 29, 2020

Aries: With the Sun forming a lovely trine to Mars in Aries, this will be an out and about week. Simply by being a body in motion, you will be one happy camper. It’s time for you to open up the sunroof or the windows in your car and internalize the energy of the bright new day. With a nice chilled beverage in your cup holder, and some feisty music playing through your sound system, you will realize that this is indeed the good life.

Your destination is not of much importance to you, it’s all the miles along the way and the sense of personal freedom that you get that genuinely matters. You might even hit the drive thru for an ice cream. Certainly, you still have the Capricorn convergence of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn trining you, but that has become a constant. That’s why your free time, even if it is measured in minutes, is so healing for you. It’s one of those tune out, in order to tune in systems, sans the mind boggling drugs. This is what it means to be high on life. Sure, you have some heavy duty projects lined up, but your biggest and best ones are 2 to 3 years away. That explains why not even Mars plopped on your couch can force you into rushing into anything. He will change your workout routines and your health agenda, but that is for the best. These are permanent changes and every one of them makes you a better person. You are both healthier and happier when you are moving about. There’s something about your motivation that just keeps rolling along, regardless of the pot holes or speed bumps along the journey. That’s Saturn for ya, and he is visiting you 3 times over. It’s like getting pulled over by a Police car, and 3 cops step out of the cruiser, each holding is gun. Yeah these Capricorn guys are deadly serious, so once your goals have been set, there’s no slacking on their watch. However, you are a disciplined citizen, so your seat belt is clicked and you don’t speed any more. Come to find out, they wanted to commend you for being such a safe driver, when there are so many crazy folks out there. If you are crazy, it’s crazy like a fox because for everything that you are doing there will be more than one reason. That my dear, is a Win/Win!



Taurus: Of course, you are both aligned and in step with the Capricorn stellium. You

are still quite comfortable with your goals, but they may have different ideas. Granted, Uranus in your Sun Sign is here to teach you, Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn how to

keep a project in motion, and adjust it at the same time. Think of the I Love Lucy episode where she got a job at the chocolate factory, and couldn’t package them

fast enough so she tried to eat them. That didn’t work, because she didn’t really think

it through. You will never have those kinds of issues, because you work like a Chess Master, many many moves ahead of the rest of folks. Where you used to be planted once you made your mind up, but Uranus has made you more mentally malleable.

You will never lose sight of your most important goals, but. If you find a quicker method of getting them done, you certainly will do so. Jupiter is present in Capricorn to act as your spiritual tuning fork. You have always been ethical in your business dealings, so he will just reinforce that for you. By staying at that level of consciousness, you will draw to you equally honest individuals. Pluto will assist you in looking past the obvious answers and really getting to the heart of the mystery. That can keep you from falling into that trap again. Then heading the line-up is Saturn the Boss of us all, and he is the task master who will keep your goals well aligned, and you determination firm. That’s why your biggest and bestest projects are 2 to 3 years away. You can gently progress in your many areas of expertise and watch them grow as you go!



Gemini: What can I say, you are still under the spell of gracious and beautiful Venus,

and she is enhancing every area of your life. It’s what she does, from making things prettier, to making your investments more valuable. She pretty much does it all. In truth she is goosing up your level of expectations, and by believing in them the situations and conditions of your life are guaranteed to get better. You may have been cute before, but now you are truly magnetic. Even in a cycle of social distancing, folks are inexorably drawn to you. With the Aquarius Moon trining you, this is a cycle where you will learn a lot about the basis and history of your personal relationships. The Moon represents your Past Life Time, so this is a time where you will look at your most intense personal relationships, and follow your feelings and memories back to the beginning. Only those long shadows can explain why you can have an immediate connection with others. This kind of Karmic chemistry can’t be imagined. It starts out by looking in another person’s eyes, and there you are heart to heart again. It’s as my teacher told me, “ This is what we call there you are again for the first time.” It is a bit like falling on love with love, but on an overall level. You and your Karmic friend are instinctively good for each other. You will also appreciate each other’s time a lot more. After all, you did wait to find each other for quite a while. These are obviously timeless connections, and most of the time, you won’t need words in order to be understood. Think about it, this is a person who can read all of the naughty thoughts in the word balloons that hang above your head, and still adore you. Sure, of these folks not all of them will be your beloveds, and that’s good to know as well. If you should meet someone, most likely through work, and you immediately dislike him/her, trust that. It’s lovely to pick up on these old connections, especially since you can see what’s healthy for you, and what isn’t. Everything old is new again, especially your love life. Bravo!



Cancer: Imagine if you will that you walk into a job interview, and you are seated in front of a panel of 3 folks. On one end is a friendly looking fella, who turns out to be some kind of company boss, working between the employees and the HR Department. Next to him is a little guy, who ask some odd questions of you, he’s the corporate shrink.

At the other end of the massive table, is a big guy, who is wearing a suit that cost more than your car. He looks stern, but he doesn’t have a lot to say. He is a listener, and he waits hear what everyone else has to say, before he makes his summation. The guy

who works in between the HR Department and personnel simply wants to be certain

that you don’t have a criminal background, and that regardless of what happens, you won’t sue the company. That’s typical. The shrink will ask you questions that lead to more questions and when he is satisfied that his work is done he will leave you with your many quandaries. These are bone deep questions so you have no choice but to attend to them. There will always be folks and situations that get on your last good nerve, that is a given. It’s how you choose to react or rather not react to it that determines your healing. Pluto’s job is to dig things up and your job is to resolve them. Then there’s Saturn, the guy who knows you better than you do. He knows your skill set, and when you are not working up to your genuine potential. In that case, your personal responsibilities will take on weight, which will land either on your shoulders ( which is about control issues,) or on your lower back which is a lack of emotional support.) In any case, you can take pleasure in the fact that your interview went well. That’s what this was about, a deep and abiding conversation with your Inner Selves. You understand that in the Medicine Wheel, you have 5 selves, the emotional self, the physical self, your mental self, your spiritual self and your volitional self. With Saturn leading the way it is your volitional self who will triumph. It is your volitional self to listen to all of the others and offer empowerment through action. Think of volition as the essence of will power. What you believe in becomes your truth, and you find it ever so easy to lean into this cycle of personal transformation. Kudos kiddo!



Leo: You must remember to ease into the week, courtesy of the fact that it begins upon the wings of your Lunar Low. Yes, Lunar Aquarius makes for good boundaries for you, since you are having fine company while staying alone. That is a great thing, since you can never have a healthy personal relationship, if you can’t go it alone. Whenever someone says to me, “He completes me,” I have to wonder what spare parts he has

that she needed. Is there anything worse than folks staying together out of the fear

of being alone. It’s actually alone, but in close proximity to yet another individual who

is also alone. That’s just too sad to consider. Okay, with cell phones and Facetime, you can seek company when you want it, but that will be later on in the week. If it’s possible

stick to old projects, things that you can work on alone. The sheer flux of your busy energy will keep folks away. How we loves that. Slackers will flee, and coworkers will stay away from you. All in all it’s perfect. You are still in the grasp of the Venus Mars, hot and cold cha cha. As they aspect each other, they may not even know how the day will flow.

Mars will wake you up with a hot mug of ambition, and your feet will hit the floor immediately. Then you will follow your nose to the kitchen where Venus is just pulling fresh blue berry muffins out of the oven. She also made a nice omelet with bacon, and fresh squeezed OJ. Life is beautiful. You will take your breakfast out to the patio and eat at a leisurely pace, as you enjoy the awakening world. Time flies by, and you feel so warm and cozy, and maybe a short nap is called for. This is one of those times when you truly want for nothing, even if you don’t quite know what you want. That’s also due to the vacillating energy as well. It’s not unusual if you make yourself a nice feast and

then didn’t want any of it. Sure, you will find that elusive it eventually but, in the meantime the family dog will get some snacks. Heck, the dog can enjoy it, even if you don’t so thatsa Win/Win.



Virgo: You are still the honorary Open End of the Earth trine, and you are simply fine with it. You actually set everything up during the previous weekend when you had the lovely Lunar Capricorn. Fortunately for you, the presence of Uranus in Taurus in a long term trine to you, and he taught you to leave a lot of wiggle room in your agenda and your projects. Stuff happens regardless of how well prepared for it, that’s when your spontaneous genius kicks in. It works on an automatic pilot gear, and you are truly

perpetually in a forward gear. You may look back for point of reference, but you have zero desire to go back. Old systems will be tweaked and projects will transform while still in motion. That’s Uranian energy being channeled well. There may have been a moment back before he moved in when you abhorred change. Then he made certain that chaos was to be your daily meal, and now you can see past it all. That also explains why you can do an easy reemersion into whatever the next phase of the bug will be. You have always been able to see ahead of it, while we all wait upon the will of the Lord. This is where you are so connected to Divine Light as a genuine balancing agent for your life. It is in the act of maintaining that delicate balance of faith that you can stay far away from harm’s way. The Capricorn stellium has already told you what their expectations of you would be. As a true Virgo baby, you always exceed others expectations of you. I am forever saying that my Boss is a heartless B word. She doesn’t care if I need a Moon Lodge, every deadline will be met. Most likely the job will be done early and you will hang onto it just long enough to proof read every detail. It’s your detail work that makes for miracles. Plus, you can expect to be out and about this week. Why fax something that is important when you can hand deliver it? And it gives you time for fresh air. Roll down the windows, and crank up the radio and feel a real sense of personal freedom. By the way, my awful, demanding, and sometimes critical Boss, is Me. So there’s that.



Libra: As the Aquarius Moon trines you, the 1st half of the week is meant for creative People Watching. Even through a window, or if they are speaking some foreign language you will understand what’s going on. Without a word, using only body language you can read everything that is going on. While you may not thinking that any part of what you are viewing has to do with you. In time, you will see it as a mirror. When that occurrence enters into your personal life, you will see it, feel it, and know exactly how to best handle it. There truly is nothing new under the Sun, so the more that you just observe and accept the wide variety of human behaviors. What genuinely upsets some folks, are basically considered non-issues for others. Now there is a mind boggling study. By making copious mental notes, you can refer to them at any point in time. Certainly, some of the stuff that you will observe is kinda funky. As in leaves you smacking your forehead levels of funkalation. Life doesn’t necessarily need to make sense, at least not in the sense of one brief lifetime. This is a magickal cycle of awareness where you can follow the lessons, even the odd ones, back to the Karmic link. The Drama Queens who go off on everyone else, are obviously carrying some old emotional baggage. It’s never worth what it takes out of a person. Sadly, some folks will prefer to stay stuck, in an endless loop of self-inflicted pain. Now there’s something that is far beyond your pay grade. Truthfully, the truly miserable individuals who are stuck in their mental and emotional muck serve as very good teachers for the rest of us. They show us in a tactile form, what not to do and what not to be. Itsa there but for the grace of God thing. On your worst days you would never take your discontent out on another person. That’s why you gridlock on it when a master performance unfolds. The good news is that you aren’t buying it not for a minute. Think about it, because energy follows consciousness, eventually the miserable folks will have only each other for company. Now that is funnier than the worst Tella Novella.



Scorpio: You know that creepy feeling that you get when the 3 biggest hairs on the

back of your neck stand up, and you are sure that you are being stalked. I had a stalker once, for about 14 years, she was creepy, but I had to give her respect for her dogged determination. Every class or workshop that I facilitated, she showed up. Even when the events were not really publicized, she was there front and center. Even closed meetings were open to her, I know not how but every time I went anywhere, she was waiting for me.

She followed me from here to Atlanta, and left a gift for me on my bed in the locked room. Okay, you are not going the get all paranoid, nor will you get a stalker, but yes you are being looked at. You are such a resolute person that not even the Bug has been able to side track you. Others are looking at you with real genuine appreciation and they want to know how you stay so cool. Sadly, you don’t have just one system of proceeding in funky times. These are not all bad times, since they offer us so many opportunities for personal development. We have been offered unprecedented days that offer more self-awareness than you have ever had in your life. That’s why you are actively addressing all of the deeper mysteries of life. These days have taken us back to square one. Whatever we had or did before no longer has the same sense of importance. 1st life had to change and then we as humanity must follow suit. Granted, you never aspired to become a role model, but you are so you may as well make the best of it. Sure, others don’t need to know that on occasion, you scream into the bath towels when company goes home. During the Dinner, you would be the host/hostess with the moistest. Because this is a precious cycle of self-awareness, it isn’t really meant to be shared with anyone else. Truthfully, you don’t have the words yet to explain some of this to yourself, so your work continues. After all, everyone one of us is a work in progress.



Sagittarius: The Venus Mars combination still has you in its gentle and/or rugged cocoon. They are as different as a loving Mother guiding you into beautiful situations, and then Mars will poke you out of your complacency. Somewhere in this long term transit, you will find a perfect blend of motivation and relaxation. Mars is determined

to keep you on your feet and moving. That’s why your workout equipment is now in front of the flat screen. Venus demands a certain amount of play and joy in your life,

so she will make your workout more like a dance. Granted, it’s pretty much based upon a hot latin beat. That’s the kind of rhythm that gets you up and going, firm in the knowledge that in time, you will grab a power nap. Remember how badly you fought nap time when you were a child? Now that it’s part of your daily regimen, you are making up

for spare time. Mars may try to make you feel as though there is no sch thing as spare time. Venus will stop him in his tracks with food and fresh made lemonade, and you both get to take a break. Of course, because this is Mars in Aries, once again long term,

( as in September,) you must refuse to be an Initiator, but rather a responder. It may seem counter intuitive, but this is where you get to reset the buttons on your behavior patterns. Wherever the Capricorn stellium is transiting in your chart, your psyche, your beliefs and your goals will shape shift. That’s why you just have to stay back and see

what finds you. I always find that there is an aspect of God at work, when something

I was thinking about seeks me. Granted, there is a level of manifestation in all of this and that is courtesy of lovely Venus. She wants to reward you for all of your sincere efforts.

Your visualization may be a tad more foggy then it used to be, but still it works. When you come to the realization that you want some situation or condition in your life, you will think about it in veiled (Neptune in Pisces,) terms. Go to how you will feel when those events arise. Bring all of your senses into it, feel it, smell it, and wear it like a fluffy cocoon. Then sit back while Venus feeds you cupcakes and she many wondrous things court you. Just lovely!



Capricorn: Your sleep patterns are changing, and that finds you going to bed earlier and getting up early as well. That means that you are the person who unlocks the door and officially opens up for business. There is a perfect peace in sitting down at your desk while the work place is still in slumber. Plus you get to see who gets in early and who tends to dawdle on the way. Dawdle is one great word, it means to linger, and loiter, both conditions that fit nobody’s job description. Granted, you may well be sitting in your darkened office, so that you can see the interaction of your staff members. Some of them will whine and fuss as others makes the coffee and set out muffins and fruit. Those coffee makers are the core of your staff, you know that you can count on them, even when you aren’t around. They will respond the same way that you do during a crisis, because you think the same way. You can easily hand them the keys to your kingdom and walk away at peace. So in essence you are getting up with the birds, maybe even before them. Back when we were doing a morning drive shift at CBS Radio, we were on the air by 6AM. That meant in the studio by 5:30 and up at 4AM. That’s when I discovered that even the birds were still sleeping. I would make my morning coffee and grab a Red Bull and head out before the Sun had risen. I was a bit jealous about getting up before the birds so I made a lot of noise loading the car. They, of course ignored me. My announcer and I would always be the 1st folks in the door, waving good bye to the overnight crew. It felt good to start out the day in a peaceful manner. That’s exactly what you are discovering, as you cling to the quiet hours of the day, and use them to energize yourself. This brief respite will keep you centered in an ever changing world.

Sure, some of the changes come by surprise, but you are ready for anything. Yes my dear, you’ve got this!



Aquarius: You are enjoying ever golden moment of this Venus transit, as she glide though Gemini, and trines your Lunar High. In her wake you are being a tad nicer to yourself, which isn’t always your 1st thought. Now that you are deep in her creative cocoon, you are finding many ways to add beauty to every situation that you are participating in. This is one of those cycles where you will move your pretty things around, so folks can see and enjoy them. You can line them up like so many vignettes, they are pops of colour to add warmth to your home and office. Heck there’s colour in your cheeks as well, because you are living completely in the Now. That’s one of the big fat lessons of this transformational cycle. There’s no need to worry about a tomorrow that has yet to arrive. Nor is there any sense that yesterday is truly gone. Old miscommunications will fall by the wayside as you discover that it needs to be forgotten and released to the aethers. Clinging to harsh and most likely thoughtless words that someone hurled at you just keeps your gizzard in a twist. Life can be twisted enough without you adding more foolishness to it. Now is such a precious gift that you would never waste it. Some individuals will seek the truth while others will cling to what they thought was said. Never the twain shall meet. You are honest to a fault, and those with hidden agendas will resent that. That’s why you won’t engage in that sad business. Others may choose to pick up that banner, but you are done with it. The division of life into Past, Present, and Future is a man-made construct. Past and future are mental abstractions. The Past can only be remembered in the Now. The future when it arrives is the Now. So the only thing that is real, so the only thing that truly matters is the Now. By living completely in the Now, your Future unfolds naturally and beautifully. That’s epic!



Pisces: In just a day or so , your Lunar High will arrive, and you are more than ready for it. Granted, it is a cycle where folks want to do nice things for you, but the nicest thing that they can do is to leave you alone. In a sense there is no such thing as being alone, our Spirit teachers are always near, our teachers in Nature are right outside the window, and the voices in your head are always chattering away. You deserve to spend quality time with the Minions in your mind. Some of them even have valid ideas, so there’s that.

Truthfully, this cycle is ideal for you to listen to those voices and calm them down.

That helps you to stay calm, and that is of necessity. Courtesy of the trine between Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces,  that transit is enhancing your awareness. Things that may have escaped you in the past will  now become self-evident. I was trying to help a friend who was under the weather recently. I dropped everything and took him a get well kit, that’s where I went wrong. He was sad, sick and grumpy and it was all my fault. I didn’t fight back, because that was not wise, so I sat there as he told me the

many things that are wrong with me. I ticked them off the list as he ranted, and knew in my heart that he was mad at the situation. Certainly, he had no right to get so nasty with me especially when I was trying to help him. Well, that lesson was learned, and I won’t go there again. I’m not sure who he is actually mad at, but it shouldn’t be me, I was doing my best to be a friend. My motivation hasn’t changed, I just won’t tolerate his massive disrespect. Hopefully he will use the items that I bought for him, but that’s not my business any more. This is not the 1st time that he has blamed his issues on me, but it

dayam skippy is the last time. When people or situations become toxic, the only thing

that you can do is to moooove on. As Nancy Sinatra says in her song, “Are you ready boots? Start walking.



A la semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral




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