Your Celestial Forecast for September 15, 2020

Aries: Everyone is focused on the fact that Mars has gone Retrograde. That’s not

the whole story, Astrologically speaking. It works like a pizza with one topping, but this week’s configuration is much more tasty than that. Right next to feisty little Mars is

Uranus in Taurus, and he is also very much Retrograde. That means sudden changes can be expected, like oblivious drivers making right hand turns from the left hand lane.

That calls for a lot of caution on your part. Following Mars in Aries, is Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune Rules Pisces, so it’s easy for you to get lost in the fog. Behind Neptune there

is a very powerful stellium and 2 of it’s members are also Retrograde. By the way they all square you, so there’s an essence of building upon old experiences to it. There is just no missing Saturn at any time, especially now that he is Retrograde ( and yes he Rules

Capricorn.) His job is dedicated to making certain that you are using all of your skills

well. If he catches you making any half fast efforts, you will get schooled firmly. His standards may seem to be brutally harsh, but that’s because he knows every bit as well as you do, just what your true talents are. Next to him is Pluto, well known as the Cosmic Roto Rooter, because he simply adores taking a backhoe to your psyche. Ancient life lessons that you had tucked away and hoped to forget will meet you face to face. His

is a place of knee jerk reactions, and when they occur, you have to stop and pay close attention to them. Nobody wants to be held hostage to the past, so if that means taking a closer inventory of past experiences, so be it. That’s the only way to best those dark beasties, and process the lessons that lurk behind the curtain. Once exposed to the Light, even he darkest of lessons will make perfect sense, and that creates perfect peace. There’s no better reason than that to return to the old visions. Oh yeah,

Retrograde Mars, who is also you Ruler, will actually slow you down just enough to genuinely live in the moment. That’s the only way to actually enjoy every moment of every day, and you prefer that. So playing the blame game with Mars, is to ignore all of this other cohorts. They work as a team to help you to go within and move the furniture on a cerebral level. Now that makes for one tasty pizza, complete with double cheese.

It may take a few Tums for you to digest it all, but it is one fine feast.

Taurus: Back to the overpowering Earth trine, with 6 out of 10 Planets in solid and stable Earth, with the possible exception of Uranus in Taurus. He’s a wacky guy

who thrives upon chaos and unexpected occurrences. There was a time, not so very long ago, when you really disliked any kind of change. Then the door burst open and Uranus moved into your life and now nothing is the same. Hush now, that’s a good thing.

He managed to rock you out of your complacency and show you talents that you had no idea that you had. When things fell apart, you ran for the duct tape and super glue, and fixed it. When relationships did the same, you went back to their beginnings in order to see what went pear shaped. If you took them apart and there was still room for growth, those people are still in your life. If it was wrong from the inception, you happily

let them go, and moved on with your life. It has been proven in double blind studies, (Is there any other kid?)that you can forgive anything other than being lied to. That’s

the end of it all for you. However, you have discovered that some folks can’t help themselves because they are also lying to themselves. That’s the definition of a real

lose/lose situation and knowing that you can’t help them, you have to walk away.

As the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn trine you, it is quite obvious

That many of these lessons have followed you on little karmic kitty cat feet from past

lifetimes. That’s what makes it so very important that you take them to a place of completion. There is a great grace in identifying your sticky stuff, lest you carry it into your personal relationships. Granted, your friend/spouse/POSLQ/whatever has

his/her own sticky stuff. It takes much time an effort to sort it out. Once that is done, you can readily see what’s left of your relationship. Sometimes folks will enter your

life to reinforce the need for those karmic lessons, by mirroring them to you. It’s noble, but messy, and you hate messes. For the sake of clarity and understanding you must

pursue this line of examination. The answers are right there within you, so it is well worth

digging deeply, to observe and accept, but never to judge. Amen.

Gemini: Now that we are in an advanced state of the Bug and the necessary staycation, what is it that you miss the most? For some people, it’s about eating out. We seldom do, unless there’s a blackout and all of our food goes blinky. For some it’s about clubbing,

a thing that I never do, unless I am there to drum. For the most part, bars are just lonely places, filled with lonely people. Back in my dating days, which thankfully are done, I spent some time with yet another musician. He had this attitude that we had to go out every weekend or we might miss something. I found it all too desperate, and we parted ways. Most of us are now discovering that all of the things that we thought were necessary are no longer missed. As for me, I miss my family, but not enough to chance putting them into harm’s way. And I miss lip gloss, I tried to use it, but it made my mask

all gooey. I miss my drumming circles, but we drum together from a respectful distance.

I settle for Skyping and Face Timing the kids and my friends, so we can share funny stories and bad hair days. So there’s that. Of course, there’s FFarcebook, the place

of the new format from hell, where I post funny and spiritual things. So, other than having parties (unlike my neighbor the Douche, with his never ending clusters) my life

is pretty much the same. The lawn gets cut, and I wave at the window as Levi does a perfect job. UPS dumps my packages just wherever they want to, regardless of the fact that we have signs everywhere asking them where to leave them. At this point, my daughter has called Amazon logistics about 50 times since the 1st of the year. Life goes on, Bug or no Bug. My client base has been quiet, so I have been doing freebie Reports for the folks who need me the most. I have even bartered with my Goddess/Sister Suzanne Humphries. I do charts, reports and a session in trade for really cool clothes from Sloppy Joes. That’s about as close as I will get to Key West for a while, but hers is such a sunny radiance, that I can feel the sand between my toes and hear the waves on the beach. Even when I take my daily Medicine Walks in the sand in my Zen garden, I can hear the sea gulls, and feel myself travel to the white beach. All in all, it’s a good trade, just like the Medicine Wheel suggests. I may be apart from my friends and beloveds, but we are closer than ever. We make conscious efforts to stay in touch. My youngest daughter who despises all things FFarcebook, has created a page for herself, so she can keep up with the school system, while home schooling my perfect Granddaughter. Now we get to chat every day, so it’s a joy for me. So the question to pose is, what kinds of good trades are you making? Make a list and surprise yourself why doncha?

Cancer: Thanks to Amazon Pantry, your cupboards are still fully stocked. Okay, it wasn’t always delivered in 2 days. The TP that I bought for my brother Spirit and his clan took from March to June to get here. ( No doubt on a very slow boat from China.) That’s when I told him think single socks, they are not just for sock puppets any more.

You have had more than enough time to find new recipes and try new foods, and whomever is there is really enjoying it. This cycle of staying at home has been very easy for you because home is pretty much the only place that you want to be. After the Bug moves on, more companies than before will be offering work at home positions. You are meant for that. It’s good to nest, nosh and enjoy your sacred space. It’s what heals

you, and that has to continue. Journaling your thoughts and dreams would be quite excellent for you now. It’s always beneficial to step back just a bit and see how your

life experiences have influenced you. With Neptune in a continual trine to you, there

can be no doubt that you are perfecting whatever you do into a craft. That could easily be translated into a place of self-employment, and your ability to create your own

schedule. When you are ready to look for funding, just go on line and find a genius

who is named Matthew Lesko. He is such a brilliant person that he keeps up with any and all government funding. He can tell you about funding and freebies for every area of your life. Sure, you may have to wade through reams of paperwork but it is more than

worth the effort. I dear friend of mine who is an artist did a whole line of jewelry that

was designed to look like bugs. Yeah, she was the kid who loved bugs and she still does.

Thanks to the insight that she got from Mr. Lesko, she now has a job at the Smithsonian

cataloguing and preserving bugs. You could say that she is in bug heaven. Of course, she is still making jewelry, and this Summer she created a collection that was all about Dragon flies, a very good medicine, and you should live by it. The Dragonfly is always found near Water, just like you need to be. That’s why you have Koi ponds and fountains close by. They are delicate and beautiful, just like a perfect Summer day.

When Summer is gone they are as well, since they die with the 1st frost. There you have it, you must promise yourself that you will live completely for every beautiful. Plus when it gets inclement, you will find the beauty in that as well. Matthew Lesko, remember that


Leo: This week is ushered in by your Lunar and it is an exceptional one, since Venus

is also in Leo. It is her presence that truly makes this cycle a special one for you. Her dedication is for you to live the good life. There may have been a time when that meant you needed to amass stuff, but that was only when you were insecure. Now that you have a rock solid sense of self-worth, stuff has become only so much clutter. In all

Honesty, living the good life has everything to do with genuinely enjoying whatever

you have. As we have discussed before, there is a plague upon our neighborhood

that is attempting to take away all of the charm and individuality it ever had. Greedy developers, who are so low that they read the obituaries and prey on lonely widows.

They swoop in and offer them a pittance. Sure, it sounds like a lot as compared to

what they paid for it way back when. They are given a very short amount to time, during which their kids usually put them in some care facility or other, and generally forget them. The charming little houses are reduced to rubble in a day and then the construction phase begins. Directly across from me sits a sweet little charming blue house and an ugly bigfoot that looks like more of an oil change place than a home,

(that’s Chez Douche.) The difference is shocking. The big foot gets minimal attention, and it looks it. The Douche cuts the lawn when his wife demands it, and even then he

refuses to clean up after his very productive dog. The small blue house is adored.

The lawn is manicured the flowerbeds are loved and show it, and the owners are working on it every day. They have the good life. The Douche thinks that he does but he has settled for quantity not quality. That’s exactly where you are. You have no care for the things that you don’t have because you are too busy enjoying what you actually have.

Plus, you get to walk around in your jammies and robe, and nest happily. Ah, that’s even more than good, it’s epic!

Virgo: Your Lunar High is on the way, and you can feel it cocoon you. By Tuesday evening, you will have a special dinner, complete with dessert. ( My Druid teacher

always said, “Life is uncertain, so eat dessert 1st.” You may not have treats 1st, but after

a balanced diet and roughage, you will dive right in to something yummy. By the time that the Moon drifts into Virgo, at 2:37PM ET, you will see 6 out of 10 Planets in Earth Signs.

Also this will be the New Moon in Virgo, so you get to do fun stuff. Some of it may be

projects that are offered to you, and some will be your own personal creations. In time

they will all be your babies, and you will nurture them all equally. You will always be resourceful as well as, successful, regardless of what items you have on hand. It’s true that you despise waste of any kind, so you can always do a lot with a little. You can even make small batches of spaghetti or chili, and that is close to humanly impossible. In

many instances you will discover new uses for old resources, and that is time, energy

and money saving as well. It doesn’t take a genius to toss away money, in fact it is a kind of selfish stupidity that makes your brain hurt. For instance, back to the awful Bigfoot houses in our neighborhood. The Douche well that’s obvious, he cares about nothing but himself, hence the never ending parties in a time of social distancing. The home

next to his is equally ugly and we call it the fertile valley. That’s where the perpetually drunken Mommy has 3 children, all in diapers. ( Which might make anyone drink.) As soon as they moved in, they hired a fancy landscaping company, who created a boring flowerbed of nasty shrubs. ( Can it be a flowerbed if it has no flowers?) They also

had a pricey in ground sprinkler system installed, and the lawn replaced. They never

water their lawn, and it has a green edge, while the rest is all brown and dead. I

can’t imagine how much money they spent, but they did manage to make an ugly house look even uglier. Choices, eh? In a cycle where we are all meant to get back to basics, some folks just won’t have a clue. You however, have always known how to live well on the cheap. Now if only common sense were not such an uncommon commodity. Hm.

Libra: The New Moon will bless you this week since you Lunar High will arrive at

2:56PM on the 17th. Bob’s yer uncle, you get to glide upon the silver silken wings of your

Lunar High. This is a once a month cycle and you will enjoy every lovely moment of it. As an aside, your Psychic Gizzard is pinging all of the time. This is where you know what you know, even when you don’t know how you know it. Trust and believe that your very 1st impression is always correct. When others try to spin stories for you, hopefully they will be imaginative and creative. Other than that there isn’t much substance to it all. Just like my Goddess Judge Judy, you will let them lie, and confuse themselves and when they run down, you only need to give them the “Mom,” look. We all know that look, the one that says, “Just who do you think you are talking to? That’s a pile of garbage, now get the heck out of my face.” Although it may be more stern that just heck. They will waddle away, firm in the knowledge that you have every right to never trust them again. As a genuine bonus, you will probably never see that person again, and if you do, you will nod and keep on walking. Granted, Mars is still in Aries, but he plans to hang around until the ball drops on 2021. You have become accustomed to his antsy ways, so by now you have made him just a mosquito in the night, no more, no less. That’s the secret to clinging to the delicate balance that helps you to maintain your Zen state of mind. You know that every few situations or individuals are worth getting upset over. Unless yo step into a steaming pile of your own creation, there is no need to address it. If said mess is truly yours you will graciously clean it up. With light hearted, and yet truth seeking Mercury transiting Libra, you will have all the right words with which to express yourself. You will be kind but succinct, and then it can all be forgotten. You will also know which of your friends and beloved needs you before they even do. I have friends and clients who say that I seem to call them just about 10 minutes before they know that they need my help. This is the same 1st alert system that you now have. It’s all due to the fact that your intuition is so crystal clear, that you don’t need to dig any further. By trusting that you are certain to end up in all of the right places at all of the right times.

Scorpio: You too are doing some sleuthing this week. Well before your Lunar High arrives at 2:33 PM on 9/19, you will be sorting through the mixed messages that others are sending your way. In most of the cases the entrepreneurs of manure will be blithely unaware that you know what’s going on. You will simply file all the meaty data away for future reference. When they attempt to lie to you again, you will feel yourself draw away from them and their falsehoods. There’s no point in debating, since they will probably just spin more tales. The sad thing is that when some folks are just that delusional,

they actually believe their lies. Any and all chances at open and honest communication are futile. Amazingly you will discover that it’s doesn’t even bother you, that they betrayed you so. It’s a great form of aggravation compensation, when you realize that

they are simply not worth your time. I once had a drum “partner,” who stole my drum and then had the stones to ransom it back to me. Since I never wanted to see him again I

suggested that I leave the money at the home of a mutual friend, and he could return

the drum there. It felt like a clean break, I was good with it. Years later he showed up at

MotherPeace Drum and acted as is nothing had happened. He walked up to where I

was unloading my 50 lb drums and said, “Hello there.” I said nothing, since I had said everything that I needed to when I sent him my missive in order to get my drum back.

A quiet fell over the land, like the quiet that descends just before the monsters come

out of the woods. He was so rattled that he ran into the church leaving his son alone

in the parking lot. I walked the little boy in and he sat in the back of the Church, while

his obviously married Dad, did his best to pick you women. Yeah, that’s what to do in Church. There genuinely are no words when someone has been that horrid. It’s simply time to be done, as in poke me with a fork because I am truly done. For years I had avoided going to events where he might be there, and yet he sought me out. I guess it had to happen, and after the fact I felt good that I didn’t engage him at all. The circle is sacred to me, as are my drums, and he is just clueless. I say we leave him like that. In truth, his awful behavior shows the rest of us what not to be. I love it when the garbage

takes itself to the curb, n’est-ce pas?

Sagittarius: As the Open End of the Fire Trine, you can more than hold your place.

Granted, your personal energy level isn’t, but you have learned to ride that like a

variety of waves on the ocean. One great factor in keeping you centered is that of the presence of Mercury in Libra. If you have been a Boy or Girl Scout, a camper, or just a lover of S’mores, you understand that Fire needs Air or it fizzles out. Mercury gives

you a delicate balance, which is the métier of Libra. Your actions and even your close personal communications will take on a sense of grace and consideration for others. You understand all too well what it’s like to make lists and then be weighed down by the sheer expectations that you have for yourself. That’s what happens when Mars makes the plan and Venus eases in. She wants you to have beauty, comfort zones and power naps. That explains why you have been adding touches to your home space. Once your nest is that cozy, it’s hard to go anywhere else. Courtesy of this staycation, you have become quite a home body. Who knew? Gone are your days of being a Party Animal, it’s too much like being in College and fighting the whole adulting thing. Of course, you will have a social life after the Bug, but you are in no big hurry for that. You have stayed in contact with the folks who are truly important and your life. You have also taken an inventory of all of the folks who have yet to reach out to you. It’s obvious that they aren’t missing you much, so you can make peace with the possibility that they have other priorities in their lives. It’s all good, since you only want real connections with others, not relationships that make you work too hard to maintain them. Now when you might like to hear from them you pretty much get crickets. That’s for the best. I find that given enough time and the right circumstances, people will show you just who and what they actually are. If they haven’t felt the need to inquire about you in all of these months, just leave it alone. Back when I was going through the divorce from hell, although most of them are, it took my life to a whole new level of ugly. My communications with my friends were brief and for the most part trivial. I didn’t want to talk about the mess, that would only make them worry. In effect, even though it came from a place of love, it would make the situation worse, as it that were possible. I would tell them that I was fine, and that things were in progress. That was enough about me, and then I would ask about them. Because the process took about 3 years from git to go, I saved the gory details until it was a fait complete. Knowing me nobody pressed the issue, for which I was appreciative. When I finally shared the short version of my nightmare, they were glad to have more details, but even when I left them in the dark, they were there for me. You can’t lose a real friend, you can be really grumpy, and maybe even forget your birthday, but because their love for you is truly unconditional, you stay connected. When you send them flowers and apologize for being a grumpy bear, they will tell you that it’s okay, and it genuinely is. Now that is precious.

Capricorn: As Mars in Aries backs up closer to the Capricorn stellium, you may meet

some resistance from others. Of course, these will be individuals who really don’t know you, or just how much they are pushing their luck. Some of them you will swat away like flies trying to get to your picnic lunch. While others may get a slightly harsher form of treatment. It will be determined by the degree of disrespect that is sent in your direction.

Even as small children every true Capricorn will tolerate no disrespect, when folks talk down to them, it does ruffle their feathers. I have a friend who had Capricorn twins,

fine little boys, and I loved watching them play. When they were busily colouring, it

was like watching 2 chess masters. Their level of concentration and seriousness was

so adorable. Granted, I never called them adorable, since they were indeed 2 little old men. I always spoke to them as if they were adults, and because of it, we had some great conversations. When they entered school, they only did well when they had teachers

who also spoke to them as mature people. Anyone who treated them like children

got nowhere with them. That’s how deeply your self-respect is planted in your viscera.

Hence, your resistance when someone goes out of his/her way to speak rudely to

you. Most of what you have to express will be done with a look, but you will add in some

well-chosen words. If you get a genuine apology from the offender, you can get right back to business as usual. However, if you get a “kiss your sister,” apology things

will never be the same. With Uranus trining you, it’s obvious that you can only share

your business with folks whom you can trust. Hot headed folks who speak without thinking have no place in your life. In essence arrogance is sure sign of insecurity, and since you are not their shrink, this is not your job. Folks who are full of themselves or some other noxious substance will get theirs in time. You don’t need to wait for the Karma Bus, it’s enough to know that it will l show up at a perfect time. You have far too much dignity for this kind of foolishness, and so very much to do. Save yourself for

the big stuff, this is not the big stuff, not even close.

Aquarius: This week finds your Lunar Low being accompanied by Venus, and she has the ability to make anything lovely. It is her idea to cocoon you in such an impermeable comfort zone that the supposedly real world cannot enter in. This is genuine sacred space, and while you can’t share it with others, it does translate into many good works.

Honestly, this week will find you functioning like your cousin Gemini. Every Gemini type has an amazing personal network. When they tell you that they, “know a guy,” you can take that to the bank. Okay it’s a phone bank, and a might valuable one. After all your Lunar Low is meant to be a time when you do nice things for others. This is all about balance since you Lunar High will automatically reward you for your selfless acts.

You will easily introduce people who have needs with people who can perfectly fulfill those needs and “Voila,” your work here is done. It almost seems to easy but it’s then

end product of many years of networking. Just like a Gemini, you will act as a conduit

for important information, and then get right back to your own business. Once again you will use the secret doors that are always available in times of oppositions. With Lunar Leo in said opposition, your easy exit doors would be through the Signs that square the opposition. In this instance the egress doors would be either Taurus or

Scorpio. This is where you find the best paths to reinvent your life and your goals.

If you choose to take the Taurus door, you will take your most difficult projects or relationships, and take them back to basics. My daughter did that for 3 years. She bought an ancient farm house with some nice acreage, and spent those years rebuilding the structure from the studs out. I did take a herculean effort, but Taurus type lessons always come with much hard work. The house was wrecked but it did have good bones, and now she has a brand new house, complete with her dream kitchen. The same energy applies to personal relationships, since some of them require a lot of attention now.

If you take the Scorpio door, you will flatten the house and start all over again. With much reflection and insight, you can see if it’s time to burn the bridge and take a boat across the river. These really are the best of times for you, as you navigate that huge journey of 18 inches between your head and your heart. It’s time to ask yourself the Granny German question, “ Do I need this like a fish needs a bicycle?” The answer

is right there, and only you can make this decision. It’s the one that balances everything out.

Pisces: This week finds you redefining your understanding of home and family. A lot

of what you feel has been influenced by your past relationships. As you reexamine

what it means to go home, you will find that it is not about bricks and mortar. It is more

about a feeling of acceptance and security in an environment where you are loved unconditionally. There’s really nothing quite as wonderful as walking in the door,

kicking off your shoes and scanning the refrigerator. Oh yeah, there’s some cold

pizza, this will be epic. It’s about waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee and blueberry muffins, and taking your time over breakfast. It’s about acceptance and understanding that simply allows you to be you. If you don’t have that connection with your genetic family, just look a tad further. The Great Creator Spirit loves you so much that you

have been given a sacred family. These are the individuals who love you as if you had always been together, (and in a Karmic way you have.) I always say that I am an orphan with the world’s biggest family. My list of brothers and sisters and mentors are so brilliant that I give thanks every day to have them in my life. (Somewhere out there I do have a few cousins, but we were never a close knit family, so they wrote me off years ago. That’s actually honorable in a very cut and dried fashion. At least we aren’t gathering together on holidays and pretending to be one big happy family.) I have found my place in the family of humankind, in the sacred hoop and in the healing powers of drumming. The members of the clan of MotherPeace Drum would firewalk for me and I would do the same for them. We shore each other up and support each other in a loving and non-invasive way. They understand that every drum circle is a sacred gathering, and we willingly send that healing energy out to the Universe. We have held over 1,000 drum circles in our 20 years, and even now in staycation mode we drum together every week. ( Please join us every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10PM ET in a Mesa link up with healers all over the world, and be a part of his beacon of Light.) Yeah, it’s about Light, and the Light of your happy heart will always lead you safely home. Amen.

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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