Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of September 22, 2020

Aries: Hush now Sugar, railing against the vicissitudes of life will not make anything better. Yes I understand that Mars, your Ruler has gone Retrograde, but his is not alone in his moonwalk. I don’t know why folks feel the need to post Astrological information on my FFarcebook page. I have been doing charts pretty much all of my life, and while I do my homework, I have no desire to get panicked every time a Planet goes Retrograde. This year in particular, every Planet that can will go Retrograde will do just that. At this moment Uranus is Retrograde in Taurus, Saturn, the Ruler of Capricorn going Retro in Capricorn, Pluto, also in Capricorn is Retrograde, and Mars of course leads the way,

(In a backwards kind of way actually.) Sure the Sagittarius Moon will trine you, and that can take your energy from powerful to antsy. Nobody wants to see you being antsy, so

that’s to be avoided. Mars is more than happy to be plopped down on your couch, and he has every plan to stay there until next year. You have become accustomed to his pushy ways for many months, and you are not about to be forced into anything. In fact, now that he has gone Retrograde, that should allow you to slow down just a wee bit. Of course, this will make you quite introspective, and that too can find you thinking before you feel the need to take any action. A veritable plethora of opportunities will circle back and find you, and since you have had time to consider them, you will know instantaneously which ones are keepers. With the Sun at Zero teeny tiny degrees of Libra and Mercury at 24 degrees, that lovely energy will oppose you both coming and going. The Sun ( who can never go Retrograde as well as the Moon,) will test you on an ego based level, That’s not bad either, since the Libra energy will soften your approach in every situation. The presence of Mercury will have you listening more before you express your opinions. Those too will be tailored to make them palatable to others.

Indeed this is a cycle that calls for you to be a kinder, softer version of yourself, and everyone will take note. It’s all good!

Taurus: This week finds you operating just like a Ring Master who is running a 3 Ring Circus. One ring is dedicated to the Past, the next one is about the Present moment, and the 3rd is all about the future. You will see a problem in the Present and you will follow it back into the Past. No doubt, there was a small detail that was missed, and that needs to be addressed before you can proceed any further. Fortunately, now that it feels like Uranus has been here forever, you are channeling the powers of creative change, better known as chaos. Granted, it’s a form of barely controlled chaos, and that is what makes you so crafty. Certainly, you will take a close inventory of whatever

is going on in the Present, to see if it is worth perpetuating into the Future. In most of the cases you will discover that all you need to do is to make some minor adjustments and do some more waitful watching. To the uninitiated it will appear that you are not doing much at all, but that is far from the truth. This is how you can keep track of all of those moving parts and not have to bring everything to a complete halt. Retrograde Saturn has you setting doable goals, better than the ones that you had previously but, still not the challenge from hell kind of goals. Retrograde Pluto will keep you from getting involved in any sort of interoffice politics. You could care less who said what about whom, other then what your Boss has to say. Retrograde Mars is also a non-issue for you because, you work according to your own common sense based schedule, and you are not about to be rushed or pushed into making decisions. The beginning of the week may be a tad hectic, but in just a few days, the Moon will enter Capricorn, and all Earth babies will have many reasons to celebrate. Of course, they will do that on their own time, since business hours are only to be used to business. Yes, Uranus is upon us, and you my dear will lead the way during his peripatetic journey.

Gemini: Granted, you will find yourself cocooned in your Lunar Low as your work

week unfolds. That’s not a big deal for you, since you understand how to enjoy the solitude that it requires. It’s probably for the best that you inform others that you

have an important project that you are working, they don’t need to know that your Wellness is said project. However, this is the time to address both your diet and your health regimen. As you know, we Gemini types are ambiverts, that is a magickal combination of an introvert and an extrovert. For every hour that Air Signs spend with others, we need an hour to sort it all out. Life lessons need to be processed or they might just get ugly in order to get your attention. It often tends to make others nervous when we get quiet. That’s because, they only want to cute funny us, the folks who are the life of the party. Courtesy of the Bug, there aren’t many parties ( unless it’s my idiot the Douche who has all night parties every weekend while his wife is at work.)Some day he will have to grow up and maybe even get a job. Yu have never lost contact with the folks who are close to your heart. Plus you can reach out when you genuinely feel the need, and never have to dance like a trained money. Real people will smile when they hear your voice and they will in return make your heart smile. You won’t lack for any warm and squishy moments, and when you do you will share your funny insights with the people who people your life. Your conversations may be brief but, meaningful at the

same time. The Libra Planets are trining you from one end of the Sign to the other. That has to put your focus on relationships and just how well you are maintaining them.

This is where it would be a fun surprise to send flowers to someone just for the heck of it. Yeah, you are more than ready to reach out to others and feel that warmth that only comes from genuine caring.

Cancer: This week offers you a cycle of starting over, granted you are one of the most

resilient folks, and that will carry you through whatever you meet. First you will look at what resources you have on hand, and how well you are using them. You will even find new and exciting ways to use said resources. That reminds you of the many options you have for both creative and business projects. Mars in Aries may be squaring you, it he is after all backing up figuratively, so the pressure has eased up a tad. By the time that he Directs you will have so many projects in motion, that it will have no influence on the final outcome. He is hanging around chez Aries until next year, so we will all become inured to his antsy ways. You can take what once might have been a stress cycle and change it into a success cycle. You have such a great sense of ambition, as well as, drive and that will take you to many wonderful places. Another source of amazing inspiration is the also long term transit of Neptune in Pisces. He speaks to you humanistic needs, and shows you that spirituality has to fit into every situation or condition of your life or it’s a false and hollow thing. You have always had to work towards the greater good, and that is even more amped up then before. The Capricorn stellium has you determined to make permanent changes, and positive contributions to all of humankind. Many of your great works will be done completely anonymously, and you really prefer it that way. Just knowing that you have enhanced the lives of others, makes you own life that much better and meaningful. So the probing question for you is, “What am I living in service of?” Unless you know in your viscera that yours are simple and honest motivations, you may end up having some mighty meaty conversations with yourself. What a perfect time for you to be alive, and thriving as well.

Leo: I always sleep with the windows open, it’s a thing I do. Of course that means

that I often awaken with a cat butt in my face. Cats do love windows ya know. Plus just the other day, we had a cycle where the weather shape shifted from 80 degree days to 50 something degree nights. I woke up to the sound of the furnace humming along. Since I have the thermostat waaaay down, we must have needed it. For me it’s really about fresh air, and that is your single most important need this week. This is a time when you need to hop in the car and lower the windows and crank up the radio and go nowhere special. Now that is really special. You will find that you also need a lot of

personal space, so if anyone crowds you, they will find themselves alone. It’s a bit like trying to cling to a hand full of air, and that’s not appreciable. Those who understand that it is necessary to have breathing space in all of your relationships, will back away and wait for you to call them back. Now that is precious indeed. You need to back out of every situation in your life, in order to see what is really going on. This is a healthy perspective that takes you pretty much out of the picture. Once you are not taking everything on a personal level, you can find the truth. It’s that truth that will always keep you on the right path. This is where you can take a step away, and see the entire picture of your life. Mars is working well for you, and he has slowed you down just enough to be certain that your priorities are clear and firm. Once you are done with this crucial personal inventory, you will not look over your shoulder again. Bravo!

Virgo: It’s fortunate that you don’t get stress when you are met by worst case scenarios, because you may find that happening this week. With Retrograde Uranus in Taurus on one side of you, and the Capricorn stellium of Retrograde Saturn, Pluto and Direct Jupiter, you truly are in the middle of the mess. Due to the fact that you can never abide a mess of any sort, you will clean it all up expeditiously. Your Boss and your Bosses Boss always know that they can count on you regardless of what is happening. They are represented by the Capricorn stellium. Uranus in Taurus is showing you in no uncertain terms which folks are doing their jobs well and which ones should perhaps seek a job in the fast food industry. If their biggest decisions were whether to supersize a combo meal or not, maybe that’s simple enough to keep them happy. At the same time, you will invent how to blend some jobs and to tweak your systems. Granted, you are always doing something along that level, and that’s why the management of your company prefer to leave you alone. You aren’t really alone since you have reams of

lists and that perpetual Inner critic chattering away in your mind. Anyone who observes you when you are busily working away, it will look as though you don’t have a care in the world. Nothing could be closer from the truth, since you always care about doing your best, being your best and inspiring the same in co-workers. Yes, you are inspirational because you always walk your talk. You would love to see the same behavior in others, but you that for some, you may have set the bar too high. Your Bosses appreciate you because they know that you are the individual who keeps all of the gears lubricated and cranking away. Every office, whether it is at your children’s school, or Dentist office, there has to be a Dragon Lady. Gender regardless, this is the person who maintains a

professional standard, and schedules everything with a keen eye to details. Should this person need to take some time off, not even a crew can carry the same workload. Maybe that is for the best, since others can’t even imagine what it takes to keep everything together when Virgo types make it look so effortless. It’s the effort that makes it so wonderful, and you have no half measures in anything that you do, n’est-ce pas?

Libra: Right after last week’s New Moon, she entered your Sun Sign, and all of that

New Moon energy came along for the ride. Now here you see proof positive that you

will never fall back into your old People Pleasing ways. There was a time, before the Capricorn stellium moved in to square you, when you found that if you had important decisions to make, you found yourself taking forever to get there. Initially, you would have run an endless list in your mind of all of the other people, and how your choices would impact upon them. As you can recall, that never quite worked for you. Granted, it kept everyone else happy, but you were often cocooned in silent desperation. The clinical term for that aberrant behavior pattern is “cranial rectal inversion.” That was

due to the fact that your head was crammed in that place where the Sun never shines. That not only made it difficult to sit, but any thought patterns were useless. Now that you have the solidity and wisdom of all things Capricorn reaching out to you, but you also have the practical applications of your insights. Putting others 1st is a lovely thing when the pizza is down to the last slice, but when it comes to your personal wellness, it’s downright foolish. Saturn in Capricorn never suffers fools, not do you, so you

will stay in the common sense column. While your decisions may seem a tad cut and dried, they are based upon what is right for everyone. That’s what was missing back

in your peace at any price days. That never gave you any inner peace, rather it found

you feeling like the mud mat by the door that everyone used and pretty much ignored.

Now you have no problem asking the hard questions, and demanding genuinely truthful answers from others. Most of the times you will be able to know the truth before they say a word. You will watch their body language, and then take careful mental notes for future reference. You are digging deeply to find the whole truth, that real truth and nothing but the truth. Now that you completely comprehend what you deserve, it’s not likely that you will settle for less. In the words of Nietzsche….” When you seek happiness believe. When you seek the truth, inquire.”

Scorpio: Due to the fact that this week and the previous weekend you spent cocooned

in your Lunar High. In fact, you are still very much a walker between the worlds, as you drift from the here and now to just about anywhere else. Of course, you will live up to your daily responsibilities but, that will occur on auto pilot. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make your morning coffee and drop a bagel into the toaster. However, even when you sit down to eat your meal, a part of you is out the window riding a thermal with that Cardinals. Certainly, you will do you best to stay on track but it won’t take a lot for you to beam up. It’s a lot like driving to work ( you do remember those days doncha?) and taking the same streets and expressways. On some level you are doing you best to plan for the day ahead, and you are even traveling in the fast lane, with all of the other supposedly motivated folks. There’s pleasant music playing on the radio and life is for the most part all cool and groovy. Of course, you have observed all traffic laws, and paid close attention to the other drivers. That’s when you discover that somehow, something is wrong. That makes you turn down the radio, for heck knows what reason. Then you wait for the next sign, only to discover that you have no idea where you are.

At that point the only common sense option is for you to get off the expressway and double back. Courtesy of the fact that you are already running late, you decide to stop off for a huge coffee and an assortment of donuts and muffins for your co-workers. The thing is, that your 1st inclination was to keep on going if only to see where the road took you. For certain you will make that journey one day, since other places are calling out to you. In the interim, you will settle for wandering around in your mind. It’s best to stick to as many solitary pursuits as possible this week. There are days when you need people in your life, but for now, you primarily need them to stay out of your face. Just stay busy until you feel the need for company. Those lucky few of us will be waiting upon your call. For now, you need this healing respite, and maybe 1 of those fresh donuts. Got any chocolate?

Sagittarius: This week unfolds upon the silver silken wings of your Lunar High. This one is truly exceptional because on one side of you there is lovely Venus in Leo, and on the other us the transit of Retrograde Mars in Aries. That is one fine Fire trine. Okay, it may do some funky things to your personal energy level, as well as, your ability to focus. It simply makes sense that with lovey and cool Venus making a trine to you and to red hot Mars, that you too will run hot and cold. Actually a lot has been said about Mars going Retrograde, and most of it wrong. I have I idea why people feel the need to school me about Astrology. As a 3rd generation Astrologer, I have watched many life cycles unfold.

As we have discussed probably too many times, this is an exceptional year during which every Planet that can go Retrograde will do so, some more than once. Fortunately the Sun and the Moon can’t go Retrograde, so there’s that. The other 8 Planets will take their turns doing a creative doh-si-doh, and offering us all some unusual life lessons.

At that point the only common sense option is for you to get off the expressway and double back. Courtesy of the fact that you are already running late, you decide to stop off for a huge coffee and an assortment of donuts and muffins for your co-workers.The thing is, that your 1st inclination was to keep on going if only to see where the road took you. For certain you will make that journey one day, since other places are calling out to you. In the interim, you will settle for wandering around in your mind. It’s best to stick to as many solitary pursuits as possible this week. There are days when you need people in your life, but for now, you primarily need them to stay out of your face. Just stay busy until you feel the need for company. Those lucky few of us will be waiting upon your call. For now, you need this healing respite, and maybe 1 of those fresh donuts. Got any chocolate? Nothing good is ever accomplished by overreacting. That’s why this is a cycle where we are all meant to observe, listen, think about it and then carefully decide what to do. In nearly every situation now is the time to be a responder, not an initiator. Venus is here to remind you that everything will keep until you have all of the necessary information. The Libra Planets will make you more aware of how life and your goals are not meant to be carved in stone. When you have that singular attention, it’s every likely that you will miss out on some genuinely wonderful opportunities and options. There are always options as to how you should proceed, and this is a perfect time in which to examine them all. This particular Moon Lodge will find you circling back to projects, ideas and ever personal relationships that fizzled out in the Past. If you should find that there is still some potential in them, just put out a few feelers. Venus has cranked up your personal magnetism, and that makes you a powerful magnet for success. This is where you grab a spatula and add a layer of acceptance to everything that used to vex you. Only perfect peace can follow that. In essence, that is indeed your birthright. Once you have that, you will never doubt your decisions again, as in never ever.

Capricorn: This week finds you as focused upon your goals as a tornado chaser.

I used to do that before it got trendy. I’d be strapped to the cross bars of an open Jeep, shouting directions to the driver and doing my best to take videos. It was not only one fine adrenalin rush, but one heckuva lot of fun. Watching Mother Nature pick up house and tress like feathers in the wind, was not only humbling, but awesome. Then as I said, it got trendy, and I waddled away. You understand that, since trends are only flowed by mindless individuals, and who needs more sheeple with whom to contend? Your clothes are well tailored, classic and every bit as buttoned down as you are.

Even your vehicles will be chosen by practical functions, and a timeless since of quality.

In other words, you are a Jeep. I am doing a happy dance, because in only 2 payments, that’s right 2, my beautiful Jeep will be paid off. It is amazing how many dealers and

Credit Unions are eager to sell me a new Jeep. I adamantly refuse to buy a new Jeep, because mine is prettier, and sooo close to being mine all mine. The one thing that the Chrysler Corporation needs to learn is that while we Jeep owners are loyal, we also hate it when they make radical changes to the design. There is a generation of Jeepies out there that look distinctly like bug eyed monsters. The headlights are funnly little angular things, and they look generally confused. Kinda like me sitting in a calculus class. It’s not a good fit. I can wait, the Bug has cars getting cheaper by the day, and eventually they will make a Jeep that doesn’t make me want to call the bug exterminator. Plus there’s that bonus of not having a car payment, and that is more than attractive to me. It’s just these long term investments that you are examining right now. It fits everywhere, regardless of whether it’s business goals, personal projects or relationships. You are in this for the long haul, and very few temporary situations are palatable for you. That my dear is as it should be. On Tuesday 9/29 Saturn, who is indeed the Boss of you will go Direct in Capricorn. Now is the time to clear things away, and get ready for some really meaty business.

Aquarius: This week takes you deeply into your favourite thing, thin tank time. In the midst of supposedly idle chit chat, you will pose some seemingly simple questions.

Yeah…No. There is nothing simple about your inquiries, since they not only give you insight and answers, but they will indicate to you how others are thinking. When you mention something that holds a lot of importance for you, and someone else finds it trivial, they will get a seat at the back of the cafeteria, right by the bus trays. Not everyone can fit into your inner circle, and that is just as well. With feisty little Mars in a continual opposition to you, now is not the time for you to have to work to hard at anything. That includes maintaining your relationships. There is a fine line between compromising and actually being compromised. You are done tap dancing on that line.

This is not a judgmental attitude on your part, it’s based upon common sense and fairness. Those rare individuals who only accept you when you are being what they want you to be will never really get the chance to know you. Pity that, but it is their choice.

Life is always a choice centered journey, and now that you can see the potholes and speed bumps, it simply makes sense to go around them. I have a picture that is archived on my Ffarcebook page that shows a car stuck in a pothole, and I mean really stuck.

Just a few miles away from us is a busy intersection that gets a lot of heavy duty traffic.

For those in the area, it is just North of the corner of 13 Mile and Mound Road, and very industrial neighborhood. So one fine Winter day, a driver who couldn’t have been paying much attention, drive his car into a pothole, such a pothole. In this photo, all that you can see is a chasm in the pavement and the handle to a little black Jeep sticking above ground. Yes, I do believe that we have the worst roads anywhere. I have driven on dirt roads in the badlands and not had my teeth jarred as much as a drive around town. You are assiduously avoiding pot holes, pit falls and others pity parties. That should smooth out the roads for you. Others will be blithely unaware of the depth of your seemingly simple conversations, but you will resonate with the truths that they share with you.

How wonderful for you!

Pisces: You are the last stop along the highway before next week’s Full Moon, and you are preparing yourself for it. Granted, you already know what is likely to fall apart or demand some of your time and attention. Please note that I said “some,” not all, after all you have your own business to address. For the most part, you will accept the inevitability of it all. Whenever a person, place or thing has resisted your best efforts, it is time to hit the road. That’s why you will pull off the road in order to gas up one more time, and stay on the top half of the tank until you truly need it. In South Dakota, there is one amazing place which is called Wall, South Dakota. It began as a quick stop and

now it is blocks and blocks of stores, most of which are owned by the same family,

and they are true pioneers. They have built a place called Wall Drugs, which has great burgers and funky decorating. It sits in the Badlands, perched between Sioux Falls and Rapid City, a perfect stopping point for gas and supplies. So back in the day, a wise woman decided to create a special marketing item. She offered free ice water. I have made that drive many times and I can tell you that I would happily pay $10 for a glass of ice water, so free is even better. Nobody gets only a glass of water, since they stop for gas, and get food and supplies and genuine Made in China trinkets. The woman is a genius, that’s for certain, and a whole city has grown around her bright idea. It works because it is based upon what people actually need. That is your prime directive for this next week. Whatever you know is faulty, or leaking or in need of fixins, you will gently guide folks in that direction. Then like the smarty pants that you are, you will fade to black. These acts are unobtrusive, non-invasive and honestly noble. That’s why you want no attention drawn to your good work. Sure, you will fill the 1st Aid Kit and the Karmic cookie jar before next week. Then all you need to do is to marinate in your sacred space, and build up your batteries for the upcoming fun. Blessed be.

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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