Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of January 5, 2021

Aries: As we have previously discusses Uranus at 5 degrees of Taurus Retrograde,

has backed up his garbage truck to conjunct Mars at 25 degrees of Aries. That means that your Ruler is not all that happy, but you are learning to be. Certainly your life is a shape shifting journey, and you now have accepted the fact that you need to observe all rules and regulations, keep your hands inside the ride and click on your seat belt. It’s a safety 1st cycle, and everything else will choose it’s own time. Pushing the river will only get you wet. Who needs that? To add to that astrological frittata, you also have a powerful stellium squaring you. The Sun is at 15 degrees of Capricorn, Pluto, the Cosmic Roto Rooter is at 24 degrees, Mercury at 25 degrees, and Saturn and Jupiter at 2 and 3 degrees of Aquarius. ( That’s due to the 10 degree orb of influence. ) That’s a heckuva line up. A square as you know, always brings a certain level of challenge, and a side order of chaos courtesy of Aquarius. Plus adding a little more wackiness is the fact that the Saturn in Aquarius is ever so happy, because he used to Rule Aquarius. That is sure to shake things up for you. I figure that it all goes well with the New Year. This Year reduces to a 5, and that’s the number of creative chaos. For now there is no reason to try and initiate anything due to the fact that you can only be a responder. Life will take you to new and exciting places, so yours is to accept and surrender. It is difficult to keep everything in order when you are dodging runaway garbage trucks. Even the Libra Moon is working well for you, since it helps you to anticipate which way to jump. All you need to do is watch for that careening garbage truck, and find a dumpster behind

which to hide. You can watch the garbage trucks of life blaze by, and do so from a safe distance. Remember it is about safety 1st, and everything else will unfold in orderly form.

It’s all good.

Taurus: Uranus has dedicated himself to shaking the rug that’s underneath your feet.

As he back into Mars, your motivation is changing rapidly. Back before this wacky transit, you genuinely were a 1st responder. It’s as though crises had your number and

the folks who were impacted by it knew to call you ASAP. That was fun for a while, since you really do love helping others. Now that you have had this year of insight, it has become apparent that some folks have never changed their ways. That of course begets more colourful crises, and more calls to you. Now unless their issues are life threatening, you can let it all dump into your Voice Mail. That’s the real power of transformation, the essence of Uranus changing your responses and behaviors.

You may rest assured that his work is far from done with you. he plans a long term stay in your Sun Sign, and the longer that he transits Taurus the more your issues will become non-issues. You are thinking differently, processing experiences differently, and letting go of the need to be everything for everybody. Even raccoon Mommies, who are every good parents, will eventually give their kids a kick out of the family home. Back when we lived on the Squirrel Farm, it quickly became a wildlife sanctuary. I then discovered that just about everybody ate dry cat food. The skunks loved it, the opossums did as well, and the cutest guests were the racoon families. We had one gang that chose to climb out of the trees and down the trellis to get to the back deck. The sweetest racoons where also the most intelligent. So the baby of one of the families was reticent to climb down the trellis, since he had been riding down on his Mums back. She had quite enough of him. She did her best to shake him off and finally she kicked him in the general direction of the trellis. With in incredulous look on his cute face, he made his way down the trellis and ran to the food dish. After that it was his idea, and he usually got to the dish 1st. You completely comprehend the wisdom of kicking your baby birds out of the nest. They will fly, and actually take good care of themselves. You know when your job is done, and that leaves you time for more fun things.

Gemini: As the Open End of the Air Trine, you are in a mighty good place. The odd but useful combination of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will help you in knowing which opportunity is the best ( that’s Jupiter,) and when is the best time ( which is the métier of Saturn.) There won’t be a lot of time to make your decisions, so your intuition will often come into play. Your Psychic Gizzard never lies, so you only need to listen. The appearance of Lunar Libra is also quite beneficial. She’s here as the handle to the Bundle Bucket which is this week’s chart. That means that you will be rethinking some

of the relationships in your life. If you should find that you are the one who is making all of the efforts, there’s a place that you don’t need to go. Players and users will find other folks who are willing to get used up. Plus they will forget all about in you as soon as you have been replaced. There’s a might meaty lesson in that. If you can be that easily deleted, you never had a relationship to begin with. It’s like the garbage took itself to the curb. WE had a married couple like that in MotherPeace Drum. They did have quite a drive but hey, we had members who drove from out of state, so it was not all

that exceptional. Out of the blue the wifey contacted me to say that the drive was too much for them. I had seen them reverse before, since the hubby wanted a Drum Camp.

I was glad to organize one with help from my friend and brother Jim 2 Snakes. At the

last minute she called to cancel on me. Fine that. Well now they couldn’t make it to our monthly sacred circle, because it wasn’t worth the drive. The very next day they drove past my house to attend another circle. Now there are some prime users. These are the kind of folks who invited me to Dinner and stuck me with the bill. Them I can do without. The realization was that just because I was their friend, that didn’t necessarily make them my friends. Sometimes, like now for instance you need to thin the herd, once you have those wise decisions in motion, the posers will exit. That is more than a blessing, n’est-ce pas?

Cancer: You are not in the mood for peopling at present. This staycation cycle has been both healing and insightful for you. It certainly made the holidays simple, and you can caress the idea of a simple life. You probably took down the decorations for New Years Eve. That’s what I did, although I left out the good china and the fancy crystal serving dishes. I pulled out the champagne flutes, and left out the cheese platter. The whole party was cleaned up and gone by Midnight. The New Year was cleaned and clear. We were more than ready to start a New Year with fresh perspectives. It does feel good to leave 2020 to history, it’s lessons will continue to roll out, but we have made the best of it, and that won’t change us that much. The part of the Bug that I still find mind boggling, is the huge numbers of folks who seem to not really care for anyone else. It doesn’t take a lot of genius to put on a mask and offer others a safe distance. Even though most stores have Xs painted on the floor to keep folks apart. However at Krogers, which is a lesson in patience, many of the folks in line will stand right behind each other. They may as well be phlegming on each other, and licking the door knobs on the way out. Or there’s y neighbor, the Douche, he has had major parties every weekend since the Bug officially arrived. ( Yes it was here for a while before it was declared.) Of course because he is douchey, he has guests of every age and not one person wears a mask. That makes him ground zero for the Bug, in all of it’s subsequent phases. How can people actually not care about others? We are all one in the sacred circle. We can not heal from the Bug until we heal from selfishness. That’s the real lesson here. We must think of others just as well as we think of ourselves. Life demands it.

Leo: The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn as they transit Aquarius, indicates to you how you will be transforming yourself for the next few years. There’s no hurry to it, baby steps are your friends. Your incentive can flip on you faster than a beached whale. There was a beach in California complete with a heck of a whale. The brilliant minds on the job decided to blow that whale up. They didn’t want to bury it and the sea gulls wouldn’t touch it. That probably had to do with the fact that it was rotten and bloating in the hot sun shine. They did some quick math and brought in some dynamite and set to blowing up Moby whale. Of course they moved the crowd back and then “Blam.” It was only after the explosion that those well intended folks discovered that their mode of explosion was faulty. Initially, the blast area was too small, so the folks who backed up didn’t back up enough. Giant Whale bits fell on folks and cars that were parked in the parking lot. Stinky whale blubber bits ( moldy and messy at that,) were just everywhere. In the end, they had to bring in a back hoe and bury that moldy whale once they gathered up the gooey bits. You are setting the bar at medium, not too high, or not too low, as fits your energy level. If anything or anyone becomes too much of a chore, you just can’t go there. Some folks or situations are basically a black hole, one of those endless messes that can only suck the joy out of your days. Why would you give up your freedom for such useless stuff? Your life is your own, and you will know what changes to make and when to make them. Sure the Venus Mats hot and cold dance is influencing you as well, so when your energy level isn’t you can stay in your happy place. It’s your mind set that makes all of the difference. These are the best of times, not the worst of times. Unless your car was squashed by moldy Whale bits. Can you imagine calling AAA about that? Just total the car, it will always smell like moldy whale blubber…..ew…

Virgo: As the Open End of one amazing Earth trine, you haven’t taken much time off for the holidays. You would rather have your work up to date, or maybe even done ahead of your deadlines than to spend time in a busy party. There is a sense of enforced gaiety about it all. It’s like getting all dressed up and attending a gala full of folks with whom you wouldn’t usually spend time, much less a whole evening. With the Sun Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius conjunct them courtesy of a 10 degree orb, it is fortunate that you have mental short hand for your projects. Your Boss and his Boss will ask a few questions, and you will offer brief but meaningful answers. Truthfully, they will only half listen to your responses, they just want you to listen to them. You can quickly assure them that you’ve, “Got this.” They will then leave you alone, which is what you want. You always do your best when nobody is in your face or in your way. You can simply hang up a,” Do Not Disturb,” Sign and stay busy. You have no desire for input, nor do you want any help. Your work rhythm is a steady constant one, a lot like the heartsong that we play to keep every MotherPeace Drum circle rolling along. I am blessed that we have such a great group of professional drummers in every sacred circle. I will begin with that calm but powerful heartbeat, and in just a few minutes the group has that established. That’s when I can ease into a shadow rhythm, one that truly compliments it, but exists on it’s own. In time some of the folks in the circle would find a ghost rhythm for themselves. Then when the rhythm has come full circle, and when return to the heart song and let it roll out to the aethers.It’s that very sense of rhythm that keeps you busy even when the world seems to be spinning out of control. In a cycle where we all seem to be somewhere in the midst of chaos and consciousness, you can stay focused upon what is important. That’s what makes you so centered, even when those about you are just a wee bit crazy pants.

Libra: This week unfolds during your Lunar High, a lovely time for nesting and healing.

Plus, when you look at the chart that represents this week, you can’t miss the fact that it is a typical Bundle Bucket. The lovely Libra Moon is the handle to the configuration, which means it becomes a point of expression for all of the other planets that are mooshed together. When you think about it, there is no Sign that can’t use the energy of Venus based Libra. The presently heavy handed Capricorn stellium needs to create some fair boundaries, and this square is perfect for just that. Knowing what you don’t need to do, is every bit as important as what needs to be done. Okay so you have the opposition from Uranus and Mars, so that leaves the obvious door that is everything Cancer. It’sa lot like finding the seat with your back to the door. You can see everyone who is entering and/or leaving, and keep an eye on the whole room, while you take your time on a delicious meal. You can even take your time as you enjoy a delicious dessert and leave just as the room gets too busy and loud. The wonderful thing abut well established comfort zones is that they tend to follow you wherever you go. Without this sense of being centered and comfortable you really can’t make great decisions. As more of a blessing than a bonus, you have the trine between your own sweet self and both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, this is a life changing cycle for you. That gives you 2 to 3 years of slow steady progress, where you can make daily adjustments as you grow and years in which to develop yourself. You are willing to put in the work (Saturn,) and the wisdom to know when the time is right, ( Jupiter.) This may call for a delicate balance but that is what you do best. Consider that Saturn will happily have you waiting for the bus every day. It becomes a point of personal discipline, and Saturn will smile upon you. Then one day as you are waiting for the bus, a limo pulls up and the driver hops out and hands you an espresso, as you glide off to work. This Lunar High sets a tone for all of 2021. You will find rhythm, balance, and harmony everywhere. Now that is the good life.

Scorpio: You are part of the carom game that is/am/are the brand and shiny new aspects this week. It may not be all that obvious, but it is quite influential. The 1st

aspect in your face is that of the opposition of Uranus in Taurus. Now that in turn is being squared by Saturn and Jupiter as they take their time in Aquarius. That powerful combination is here to help you change how you perceive life situations. Instead of looking at life from the same old perspective, you will examine things from many various angles. As you shift your perspectives, you can feel yourself accessing different parts of your awareness. Your consciousness is more like a kaleidoscope than a one dimensional vision. It may even feel as though you have no limits when you have this kind of cycle. It may seem as though you are many people, but in truth there are a lot of you in there. Within just a few days your Lunar High will arrive, and you will be more than content to muse in the quietude. Remember that this transit is a very Karmic one, so the lessons that you process during Lunar Scorpio are from more than just one lifetime. That can more than help you to understand why you keep repeating some life lesson ad nauseum. Once you discover that they ae variations on the same theme, you can keep cutting back to the basics. These will be the constants that will simply continue to recycle until they are well and truly processed. By the time that a large variety of life lessons have been examined, you can line them up by importance and duration. That’s how you will peel the mental onion and get to the heart of the truth. It’s that truth once examined and explored that will bring you both peace and freedom. That makes it every so easy to get to the heart of your awareness. How nice that you can get to this level of awareness and move into a lightness of being.

Sagittarius: With Uranus in Taurus backing up into Mars in Aries, you are comfortable with the vision of life as an ever changing dance. It’s not like you can control anything other then how you react to life experiences. In real special circumstances you won’t even consider reacting to some silly things. Yeah I said silly, because so many things that seemed so all important before are non-issues. The situations have remained pretty much the same, so it must be you who has made adjustments. You are now wise enough to comprehend that you need to be a responder, not an initiator. With lovely Venus continuing to transit your Sun Sign, you will instantaneously know where you can be of the most help to others. That is both honorable and personally fulfilling. Plus the Capricorn stellium is squaring Mars in Aries, who is trining you. With Planets transiting From 15 degrees of Capricorn to the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at 2 and 3 degrees, you are closely examining areas of personal responsibilities. Obviously whatever your lessons and questions might be, the answers must all be simple. The earth energy demands that of you. If you have ever watched the Housewives of Wherever, it is mind boggling that in their lives of money and privilege, they are all quite miserable. In a seemingly care free life, they find ways to create drama and discontent. You don’t have the time or that energy for that foolishness. How sad for them that they will choose to waste their lives on non-issues. As I was channel surfing I saw a woman who was determined to have a huge wedding, bug or no bug. She had no consideration for anyone else, that’s something we have sadly seen this year. Her baby daddy/boyfriend

was more stuck on the date. Hopefully they will stay cornered with their concerns and just not get married. Of course with Venus in Sag and Mars trine her in Aries. Your energy level is not. That’s why you won’t make any new plans for a good month. In fact that will make it a good month.

Capricorn: Okay let’s look at your troops. At 15 degrees of Capricorn you have the Sun, at 24degrees you will see Pluto, Mercury at 25 degrees of the same. Conjunct all of that you will see Saturn at 2 degrees of Aquarius and Jupiter at 3 degrees of the same. That means that you have a perfect line up to make valid changes. These changes and adjustments will be subtle initially, then as they work their way through you will continue to adjust them. For your part all that you need to do is to rewrite your lists and see how many creative ways, you can blend some of your goals. When 2 become 1, you will know that you are on the right path. Because you have worked this out for so long, most of your goals will just unfold when the time is right. For the last 2 ½ years and change you have even tweaking these projects, and you understand that the forms that they will take are all rather exciting. You are so not addicted to every aspect of everything, so as long as they take you where you want to go, the steps along the way are unimportant. Granted the Aquarius energy will bring you many moments of pure genius and you will lean into that as well. It is so wonderful that you can share your successes with others. It was never just about you, so unless the good that you do is also good for others it rings hollow for you. It’s true that you have just finished 3 years of challenging lessons, and there’s no need to go back there ever again. Sure, those lessons will recycle in 14 or 28 years, but by then, you won’t need them. Just as 2020 tested the practicality of your concepts, 2021 will offer you spontaneous ways to fulfill your dreams. What a great time for you!

Aquarius: With Jupiter and Saturn just beginning their transits of Aquarius, you can feel your life shift, like the turning of the pages of a book. Just as the old book hits the last page and slams shut, the new one flutters open and the words call you in. After all, you are a perennial student anyway. Granted, this is a cycle where you will make life changing connections with beloved teachers. The really magickal essence of this cycle is that while you are having one great time with your lessons, there are also subtle lessons unfolding with your teachers and their teachers. It’s not surprising actually that having done your due diligence and paid such close attention your previous lessons, that it smooths the way for new ones. It works as though you have a mental short had that y can share with your spiritual teachers. It’s a form of Gibbs rules with more esoteric meanings. We have attempted to make such rules for Tigger, the insane Bengal cat. Rule 1 is, “ Don’t bite me I love you.” Rule 2 is, “ Don’t bite Lady Elizabeth, she loves you.” (That doesn’t work either.) Rule 3 is more of a question, “ How can you bury your cat food, but not your potty?” Tigger does have her nice moments, but they are usually when she’s tired or hungry. After that all bets are off. While it would be lovely if we could help her to amend her behaviors, but chances are slim that she will change her ways. I was told that she was a nice little tabby cat, but she turned out to be a Bengal. I can keep on sharing our Gibbs Rules and she will stare blankly at me. Eventually she may school me, time will tell. The real lessons will unfold in orderly form, and hopefully I will enjoy them. Even the ones that bite me will serve a purpose. Just like Tigger, the crazy Bengal…so crazy.

Pisces: You will enjoy a secondary Lunar High by the end of the week. That’s why you are already pulling away from some folks. These will be the individuals who are just too much work. They may have no idea what you are talking about, but once you have taken a stand there’s no going back. Some people tend to think that you don’t fight fair. The truth is that you prefer not to fight. Once you have been pushed to that place, you don’t fight. By then the fight is long over, and you are simply carving permanent boundaries. Initially it all begins with the Libra Moon finding you grinding your teeth.

This is the prep phase of what needs to occur. It’s like having a popcorn husk stuck in your teeth. Yikes, that then intensifies to where you must do something. By later on in the week the Scorpio Moon has you ready for action of sorts. You will go from percolating to downright seething. You’ll think about everything that this entails. First you will have to address the issues that are nibbling on you. You are no good at being angry, it gives you a headache, so you’ll go right pas that. That will take you directly into righteous indignation, and that is powerful. Then when you would have your knock down drag out argument, you will hit the brakes. How lovely that you can school folks, sans any ugly conversations and walk away. You will be headache free, stress free and in essence free. Now there’s a way to be a New You in the New Year. Bravo !

A la semaine prochaine

Bonne Anne 2021 Mon Ami!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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