Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of November 17, 2020

Aries: Some weeks you get to ease into action, but that is not the state this week. Of course, the fact that your Ruler Mars has just gone Direct in Aries is quite helpful to you. After what seemed like his endless Retrograde dance, you are more than ready to be a body in motion. By this point any motion will do for you. Just getting into the car and heading out can be really refreshing for you. That feeling of the landscape gliding by, as the wind blows through your hair is simply wonderful. You may not be completely clear on what your destination should be, but you know that you are making great time.

Individuals have genuinely different ways of merging with heavy traffic. Some people

will speed up just enough to slip in between the moving cars, and ease into the space that is available. Others may get to the end of the entrance ramp and for some unknown reason, they will hit the brakes. They may keep driving fun, but only if they have comprehensive insurance coverage. My favourites are the folks who understand this is a bit like synchronized swimming. They will see their opening, click on their turn signals, just for the heck of it, and perfectly blend with the rest of traffic. That is your mode this week. The fact that you are being squared by an amazing Capricorn stellium of the Moon, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn gives you a sense of order and authority. You also have the insider information that most of the traffic is moving just about 5MPH above the speed limit. Obviously, the Police can’t pull everyone over, so you will find your spot and maintain safe driving. You will find that you prefer the middle lane, not the slow one on the right or the fast one where folks seem to live just to pas each other. This is how you will blend your enthusiasm along with moderation. That just makes sense, and the Capricorn stellium demands common sense in all things. Who knew you could have so much fun and still observe the rules and regulations ( well mostly anyway,)? This is a perfect cycle during which you will be a responder, not an initiator. Just fill up the gas tank on your car and see where life will take you. Bonne Voyage mon ami!

Taurus: With 5 Planets out of 10 transiting in Earth Signs, this week unfolds for you like an old time MapQuest. Remember maps? Granted, they haven’t been use much since Lewis and Clark too off, but they are still a great form of information. Initially, you will look at all of the places that you need to and all of the tasks that you need to complete. Almost magickally, you will see how one goal naturally leads to the next. Even as you are finishing up one project, your mind will turn to the next. By the time that you and your thoughts have arrived at the next appointed task, it’s pretty much a drag and drop situation. Of course, Taurus is still quite Retrograde in your Sun Sign, but also offers you a powerful hook up. With Mercury at 8 degrees of Scorpio, and the Sun at 26 degrees, and Venus conjunct them, this is a time of what appears to be quick fixes. In truth, you have been considering these moves all Summer, sadly Mars was not about to listen to you. After a while you realized that you could outlast him, and now you get to do things your way. He may be a feisty little dude, but he has the attention span of a 2 year old. You on the other hand have reserves of stubbornness, and he will simply step aside for a break and a double espresso. With the indomitable Capricorn stellium helping you along, you can stick to DeCaf, and non-cruel shoes. Sure, from now on we will all be doing that gnarly countdown to the new Year. Some folks are ready to put up the decorations and kiss off 2020. That would be unfortunate, since we all still have a lot to learn. Hopefully, we have all made our lives much simpler, as this Year of the Earth Signs demands. Granted, the Xmas trees and bits have been staring at you from the shelves for months already. That’s why it is called Xmas, since it is only about X numbers of dollars taken by greedy companies. An even better idea is for you to only dig our half of your usual bits with which to deck the halls. You can also add some nice colourful items that will still be there once the year had ended. Check out the colours that call you in, they will be peaches and pinks and gentle tones for your healing. ( Feel free to check out my Chromotherapy blog at your holiday menu can use some simplification. It’s time to be gentle with yourself and enjoy how much you can now accomplish. It feels so great, n’est-ce pas?

Gemini: With all of the Earth Planets marching over the horizon, it’s good that you are there for breathing spaces. You are the person who sings the funny songs that keeps everyone moving on the right foot. It may seem trivial, but it is integral for the overall picture of things. In essence, you have become Ms Erna, I will explain. Back when they were little, I had both of my daughters enrolled in ballet classes. Their teacher was an old school ballerina, the kind who bled through her toe shoes to prove her dedication. She taught hundreds of kids every year, and managed to remembered every student’s name. How she did that is a mystery. The Mums were always addressed by the students names. That means that I was Miss Lisa’s Momma and then Miss Courtenay’s Momma. She taught them some arrangements that might have looked too adult for them, since they were both complicated and perfection oriented. They rose to the level of her expectations every time. ( And by the way, there were no Dance Mom moments, since Miss Erna would never have accepted that.) Every Spring out little darlings would line up in their perfect tutus and dance regalia, and perform in the yearly dance recital. She knew every moment, every movement and every hand and foot placement for each dance. She would stand just off stage behind the curtain, and keep the girls in line. Granted, she couldn’t show them much other them her dedication to them, but just knowing that she was there was all that they needed. They thrived under her tutelage Years later, when she finally took her retirement, we stayed in touch. I know that whenever they have to make any sort of presentation, they remember her silent strength cocooning them. That’s where you are this week, as you help others stay centered with a quick quip and a warm smile. All you need to do is to show up, the rest of it is You being You. Easy peasy.

Cancer: Of course, this week is one of those times when all you need to do is to show up, that’s courtesy of the non-negotiable Capricorn stellium complete with your Lunar Low. It’s even better if you can work from home, since you really don’t want to go anywhere. Sure, if you need cat food or coffee, or any of the necessities of life you may sally forth. However, that’s after you check to see how soon Amazon can deliver it to you. My Debit card was just hacked again, I have lost count of how many times that has happened. It’s at least 3 times in the last 6 months, but at least the Bank caught it.

The funny thing is, this was a charge for a travel group. As if I go anywhere. You can follow the hamster wheel of my life from here to the gas station, to the grocery store, to the drug store and back home. I hardly need a tour guide for that. When the Bank recommended that I call the company, I did so, but I was not really expecting to get any help. I wasn’t disappointed. They wanted my account number, but I didn’t have an account with them soooo. The woman hemmed and hawed and pretty much said nothing.

I sipped my now cold coffee and said, “Thanks much.” Then I called the bank again and that was pretty much that. Somewhere in the next 3 to 15 days, my new card will be here, and in the interim I get to guess which of my bills are hooked to the dead card. I was just thinking that it’s amazing how we give up certain freedoms to gain others. I do so love not having to deal with paying my bills. It’s nice to know that my creditors can just grab their payments on the due dates and I don’t have to be involved. It works mighty well until some crafty scammer hacks my account and helps him/herself. As you know

when you have a major opposition, as the one that you are now experiencing, you can use the secret exit doors which are found in the Signs that square said aspect. Your choices in this case are Aries, where Mars has just gone Direct, and Libra, where Venus reigns supreme. I chose the Libra Door, and thanked everyone involved, including the company who tried to scam me. It wasn’t worth getting upset, this is not my 1st time being hacked. Then I approached the Aries door and did just enough to have this

nasty business all taken care of. That is your exact path this week, as you will do precisely what you need to do and not one more thing. It’s not worth allowing yourself to get used up, so you won’t even chance it. The fact that you can function so well has a lot to do with you wearing your jammies and bunny slippers…just sayin..

Leo: This week finds you truly crafty. You may not use it all of the time but you do have a gift of words. Okay, you may not be a smarty pants, except maybe a little bit, but you will help others find a path back to finding their truths. With Mercury at 8 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun at 26, the many unresolved Scorpio lessons will continue to roll on by. What you will discover as you pour coffee and listen carefully to others, is that most folks have the tendency to make personal situations over complicated. That’s why you will listen well, and not make any definitive statements until you hear most of the story. Of course, once the person begins to repeat him/herself, you have the gist of what is actually going on. You will actually wait until the very end of the conversation, and then you will make a very simple statement. All of the fog and misunderstanding will melt away, and you will make your summation with a short witty phrase. The essence of what you will say is, “What’s the most important to you?” That’s where you need to smile and walk away, leaving the inquisitive individual to his/her thoughts. You are not going to make any definitive decisions for others, instead you will lead them to a clear place. Once a mind is blessed with clarity, only genuine healing can take place. Granted, there will be lessons in all of this for you, and that necessitates some solitary time for you as well. Back in the day, when we had the Executive Offices and I did session work 7 days a week, I would find myself wondering if I was doing the same session time after time. That really couldn’t be since every Natal Chart is unique, so other then a few outer Planet aspects, everyone had a different agenda. Then each person also had a myriad variety of how he/she would address those lessons. So, it became apparent that the

only constant was Me. I was hearing about these issues ad nauseum, because I really needed to process them. You could call it a twofer. With this next month full of Scorpio lessons and awarenesses, the central issues will revolve around love, abandonment, trust, acceptance and forgiveness ( not necessarily in that order.) Now is the time to see that the folks who mucked you over the best, have taken on some mighty ugly Karma, so that you could learn a lesson. Given time and reflection, you will even thank them, just as you will thank the folks who refeed you some mighty meat life lessons. It doesn’t hurt that you will end your conversations with something funny. It’s that spoon full of sugar that makes the Gummy Vitamins go down ( and no they don’t tase like gummies.)

Virgo: As the Open End of the Earth trine of the Capricorn stellium, which is made of Lunar Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Capricorn and of course Saturn, which is trining Retrograde Uranus in Taurus, and of course you, this is an ideal time for you. You will even have a sense of autonomy in effectively performing your job. That’ due to the fact that everyone trusts you so much that they are happy to stay out of your way. That is in truth high praise. Of course, you always do more than whatever is expected of you, so letting you get to it just makes sense. You are the Poster Child for common sense, so that explains why you will do so well during this Year of the Earth Sign. In fact, you can lead the way without ever telling others what to do. That’s because you will lead by example, and since there’s no slacking on your watch, everyone’s performance is improved. While you have never been truly fond of change, now that Uranus is in his extended stay in Taurus, you are getting much better at making small and yet simple adjustments wherever necessary. These won’t be radical changes, just simple ones that will guarantee major advancements. It’s a though you have created a mental short hand for yourself, and that translates into you making those changes, while maintaining your standing as a body in motion. The most acknowledgement that you will get from your Boss is a nod and a smile, and that’s much more than enough for you. It’s just that unspoken appreciation that genuinely touches you, and needs no more forms of expression. You are streamlining your systems and that will save everyone time, energy and of course money. Now there’s a trifecta that everyone can love. All around you power will be changing hands, and your job will stay exactly the same. Of course, it helps that you understand every job along the way, and that will help when you assume some new responsibilities. Your job title is vague, and you are good with it. You are a heat seeking missile for efficiency, and that’s a tad too long for a business card. So there you are somewhere between being a corporate fixer and a Renta Yenta, and you couldn’t be happier.

Libra: Really successful people know how to delegate authority. That’s why you see so few control freaks who are successful. Their need to cling to every detail obviates their opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience. Plus it makes the doody heads to work with. This is one of those weeks where you have everything clearly defined and prioritized. That’s what makes it ever so easy for you to say, “That’s not my job.” The Capricorn stellium is reinforcing your beliefs every day, and the more that they are tested the more powerful they become. If this is a case of you dealing with slackers, You will just back away. There’s no point in making excuses for them, they have been doing that for ages. The amazing Scorpio cycle will sort them out one at a time. Okay, that could mean some new faces around the office, but you didn’t create any of that mess. Nor did you look to prolong it. All you need to do is to step aside and let your management team see what is what. It is a strange form of Coyote Medicine in that some people will work mighty hard, not to work. That actually makes your brain hurt, eh?

Maybe they were the kids who got a trophy just for showing up, hence their sense of entitlement. You would be embarrassed to get any kind of acclaim for something that you actually didn’t accomplish on your own. That is just how you are wired. That doesn’t take a major leap to you becoming aware that some folks have quit making any kind of effort. That’s explains why your phone calls need to start with: “Please let me speak to your Supervisor.” My daughter has had to call Amazon Logistics so often that she knows the Boss on a 1st name basis. For their own questionable reasons, they refuse to leave our deliveries on the patio bench. Yes it is listed on our paperwork, and there are huge signs on the house, but it’s still tricky finding our deliveries. (Some 50 plus since the beginning of the year.) The best and most unforgettable was when they shipped me an opaque and very empty envelope. Considering that it had to go through billing, packaging, quality control and shipping, and nobody ever noticed, is a head scratcher. All you want is for others to make an effort, and when they don’t you will see to it that they get schooled. That’s only fair, and you will adamantly refuse to settle for less.

Scorpio: Quite a bit of this month will feel like an old joke to which you already know the punch line. Back when Mercury made his initial journey into Scorpio, last month, you already knew what needed to have your attention or to get an adjustment. Then he backed up into Libra, and it didn’t seem all that important. You got busy on other issues knowing that life lessons always circle back, and now they have. Fortunately for you, there was ample time to muse upon certain situations and line up some wise options for how to address them. For others, it may seem as though all of this touchy business came out of nowhere, but you had it marinating in the back of your mind for weeks. Granted, you will present it all as an exercise in effective communication, but the primary idea is that others will listen and learn. Regardless of how eloquently you express yourself, there is still a very good chance that others may not get a clear clue. The clinical term for this is, “visual spatial differential,” which literally translates into, people tend to see what they want to see. You can do your level best to show them the truth, but if they prefer to live in denial, it’s best for you to let it go. Not everyone is ready for the truth, and while that befuddles you, it is what it is. You can remain supportive and distant, and make no further emotional involvement in others enlightenment. The beautiful thing about the truth is that given time, it always presents itself. It may be verped up during a family dinner, or as an aside when other issues hit the fan. The sense of timing may be less than perfect for you, but in divine order it is ideal. Those who are genuine truth seekers will find you, and they can say everything that is necessary with just a look.

Once you have heard enough of the various back stories, you can put them in a blender and figure out all of the rest. As Venus prepares to enter your Sun Sign, you can truly give thanks for the deep and spiritual relationships that you enjoy. If that makes it feel as though this is an extended Birthday, you’ve got that right!

Sagittarius: Have you ever watched what cats do right before they get busy? Of

course, they have to stretch 1st, something that you should consider. Then they will focus upon their goal. ( Although our Bengal loves to stare at the ceiling as though there’s something there. She does that to make us look up.) Considering wind shear, objects in the way, and the possibility of other cats, they will rev up their butts. It’s rather like the toys of yesteryear where you had to rev up the wheels to make them run. Once the butts have been adequately revved and the rest of the list is in order,

the cat will take off like a large furry bird. All of these are good items to add to you lists of accomplishments. Now that Mars has gone Direct into Aries, you have no lack of momentum, so the butt revving is a sure thing. The real area of concern is that of you having a singular focus. It’s always enjoyable to make good time, but it is also very helpful to have an idea of where you plan to go. With Mars in the 2nd deaconate of Aries, you do have ample time to choose your goals wisely. Hopefully you were wise enough to use the previous weekend for a Moon Lodge, since your next Lunar High is a month away. By taking care of yourself, and keeping a low profile, you can be rested and refreshed for what is likely to be a very busy week. The best way to proceed is to itemize the mandatory responsibilities, they are non-negotiable, and well enforced by the veddy Capricorn stellium. Then leave a few hours of flex time in every day’s agenda. Due to the fact that your old tried and true methods may not work, you will need a little bit of wiggle room for yourself. ( It’s like butt revving, but much more gentle by nature.) Above all else, you must promise yourself that you won’t be forced into making any decisions or actions. Just because Mars is so antsy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be as well. That takes you back to the initial item on the list. You need to always stretch 1st, that avoids pratfalls, speed bumps and sports injuries…Yeah be careful out there.

Capricorn: Now that all of your personal projects are up and humming along, you

don’t need to babysit them anymore. You have well trained co-workers for that, and there’s no way that you will waste your time. Others might just take some time off and basically phone it in. You are not most people. Your Lunar High could be a time of rest and relaxation for you, but you do that differently than most folks. You will use this time to get started on your next pet projects. As you watch your present goals nearing completion, you will be gearing up the next great concepts. Plus you have the presence of both Jupiter and Saturn conjunct ( at 23 and 27 degrees of Capricorn respectively.)

That is one amazing combination since you will find divine freebies. You may find resources that are left over from completed jobs, or unique skills in others can that help you get your new projects going. Your real wealth is that you can stay focused on your present projects while working on the next ones in line. That’s why your quiet time is such a productive cycle for you, no moment ever goes to waste. Saturn is about to finish his 2 ½ year visit in your Sign, and traveling along with your Ruler has made for one fine journey. Of course, everything that you have or will yet accomplish is well organized, and created to build one step at a time. Also you have years of momentum built up, and that explains why you only need to check up on your established business occasionally. Truthfully, you already know exactly what is going on, but it is polite to let your co-workers tell you what they have been up to. The fact that you trust the should be praise enough for them, but hey, it makes them feel good when you check up on them. The conjunct of Lunar Capricorn and Pluto will also effectively help you to avoid any pitfalls from the Past. In fact, you will give thanks for them, since it taught you in crystal clear form where you can’t even go again. In the Past, you may have employed a family member because you felt sorry for him/her. Look how that unfolded. Now you till write that person a great letter of recommendation, and stay out of it. As Saturn prepares to pack his luggage and head for Aquarius, you can’t miss the fact that he is smiling upon your ways. With a 10 degree orb he will keep an eye on your fir quite a while, and he is your bestest buddy. That should warm the cockles of your heart, I have no idea what cockles are, but keeping them warm seems like a wise thing, doncha think?

Aquarius: Yes indeed Saturn is heading for your Guest Room, your Family Room and

he will probably hog the loo as well. He prefers to take his time with everything, so you can expect that you agenda will be changing. You can rest assured that these ate not trivial changes, nor are they changes for the sake of change. These will be substantive changes, all of which are dedicated to make your life simpler and more efficient. Granted, Saturn may send you back to school, so that you can tie all of your credit together and turn them into a degree of some sort. I have a dear friend who managed to get her Doctorate and never chose a major. Okay, she had many of them, but they changed on a yearly basis. One day, she was called into the office and told that she really had to Graduate. They wouldn’t take any more of her money, and it was time for her to decide what she wanted to be when/if she ever grew up. Looking at her CV they saw that she had Aced Languages, Mythology, Art, Art History, and the History of Elvis. The Dean smiled and looked at her and said,” Congratulations, You are a Humanities Grad.” Last seen she was dusting powdered sugar on donuts and thinking about taking some more classes. You too are a perennial student, and during this nascent cycle, you will find creative to access all of your talents and studies and make the most of them. Concurrently, you will take better care of your health, your wealth and your goals. If that sounds like serious business I have made my point. In fact, now is the time to take a lot of photos for future reference. Within the next 2 ½ to 3 years, you will have completely reinvented yourself. Those old photos can show you how far you have advanced. It is said that genuine change requires space and opportunity. In this precedence setting year, you have been given both. It’s hard to believe that any good could come out of the Bug, but for those who are spiritually inclined, this has been a paradigm shift time. You my dear get to lead the way, and you will teach by example. Kudos Kiddo!

Pisces: As the Scorpio lessons roll in, you will not be surprised by them very much.

The even better news is that you won’t be involved in it very much. Unless you created the issue, or incubated it, there’s no need for you to get in the mix. Okay, you have no doubt felt it in movement, but since it was peripheral to your life, you let it roll by like so many dried leaves. I have a neighbor who has been actively involved in battle with leaves and his trusty leaf blower every weekend for over a month now. While I commend his dedication, it seems a bit much when the trees are not done doing their yearly dump jobs. Every weekend he bags them, and tags them and drags them to the curb for Monday pickup. By the time that the garbage trucks have picked them up, both his front and back yards are covered with more leaves. Hm. Courtesy of my genius Engineer Casandra, who was with us when we were simulcast on CBS and Para X, I learned to blow many of the leaves over my flowerbeds to keep them safe during Winter. The rest I take into the front yard and my lawn service takes them away for me. All in all it takes 4 days, and I can work on it at my leisure. Time is a commodity that is a precious as money, more so actually. You have the same mind set. Your time is far too precious for you to waste any of it. That’s why you will stick to taking care of your own business and offer others the same courtesy. You can be aware of what others are going through and send loving prayers in their direction. That keeps everyone equally empowered, and nobody gets used up, unless they volunteer for it. In this exciting cycle where it seems that we are in a race between catastrophe and consciousness, you know the answer. In fact you live it.

Nothing in this world or the next is a powerful as consciousness. It’s the timeless part of each of us that is always connected to the Divine. Your ancestor knew it, and they whisper it to you in your DNA. Our world is changing and it is doing so for the better. Now is truly the time to let go and let God. Divine Light will always balance all….Amen.

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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