Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of November 24, 2020

Aries: When I initially sat down to read my many charts and make some notes, I had mistakenly written Firecast instead of Forecast. However, when it comes to this week, you do need a firecast more than a forecast. Of course, Lunar Aries is a special time for you, and that cocoons you for the better part of this week. Plus Mars, who is your Ruler has finally gone Direct, so he is in push mode. Fortunately, you are not about to be pushed. Because you are well aware that Mars can be a bully, you are determined not to give in to him and his hasty ways. The Moon represents your Past Lifetime, and that’s why you will feel it the moment that you are tempted to make impulsive decisions and/or actions. If that didn’t work in the Past, you really can’t go back there ever again. You also have one non- negotiable square to you from the Capricorn stellium. The players are the same, so you have lessons heading your way from Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. They have however changed places in their lineup. Pluto the Cosmic Roto Rooter is located at 23 degrees, Jupiter is at 24 degrees and Saturn, the Boss of us all, is at 27 degrees of Capricorn. You can feel it palpably when the Aries Moon transits up and over them. Cute little Pluto understands that folks will always find ways to push your buttons. That’s why you won’t allow that to occur. You own your power so you don’t have to prove it. After all, this is your time for power naps and cuddling with the cat, so there’s no way that you will waste your time on go nowhere discussions. Jupiter is also considered a generational Planet. People who are born with 18 months of you will have the same Signature for their Jupiter. His is an expansive energy, one of excessive ambition, and over the top actions. That’s another area that will demand your attention. Then there’s good old Saturn, who is pretty much the polar opposite of Jupiter. His is a choice of addition by subtraction. He understands that less truly is more and when he and Jupiter journey together, he shows you how to make your resources go farther. Plus as a divine combination, he will bring you freebies, and who doesn’t love that? In truth, you won’t overreact, because your boundaries are well set, and you have already schooled others as the acceptable behaviors and unacceptable ones. Yes your energy will arrive in fits and starts, but you won’t be having any fits. You will have powernaps, kitty cuddles and maybe, just maybe ice cream for breakfast. Why not?

Taurus: You too are feeling the influences of the Planets in Earth. The Medicine Wheel teaches us that we are each multi-faceted individuals. These various selves each have needs and lessons. They are in no particular order, your Mental, your Physical, your Emotional, your Spiritual and your Volitional selves. While they are all equally busy, at present it is your Volitional Self that is working the hardest. Your Volitional Self has a lot of raw energy because it connects you to what you are willing to do, and what makes you do it. This is the Self that creates boundaries, doable goals, and a crystal clear comprehension of what you will never do again. It’s that territory that you never have to explore again. The fact that the Capricorn stellium trines you adds to the emphasis on

empowerment and personal responsibility. There may have been a time when you simply did things just to get them done, whether they were your lessons or not. Then Uranus entered your Sun Sign and generally shook things up. His is a game of chaos, the creative kind, and while you are not easily moved, he has ways of changing the situation that you find yourself in. That offers you ways to change yourself as well as, your perspective. This is an acceptance that life is an ever changing dance, rather like Musical Chairs, and you are not about to be a loser. Your old systems and attitudes will surrender to new concepts and you become your very own agent of change. In true Earth energy fashion, you are simplifying everything. That in turn makes it ever so easy to hand responsibilities off to others and find new forms of endeavor or yourself. This new improved You doesn’t feel the need to cling to outmoded ideas and behaviors. There was a time when you would say that you were, “Fine,” even when you were far from it. Now you are much more than “Fine,” and that is genuine, not just a form of performance art. With Venus and Mercury opposing you from their nest in Scorpio, you need to take copious notes. Your brilliant ideas will arrive out of the blue, and there are so many of them, that you do need to make notes for future reference. What a lovely future it is!

Gemini: You may appear to be right here, but in truth this week will find you beaming

up often. It seems to have a will of its own, so you must add some wiggle room in your agenda. Sure, you will make it to your mandatory meetings and smile and respond occasionally, but that’s the least of you. The best of your is doing some dedicated people watching and really enjoying the show. Granted, the many Scorpio lessons that unfolded on the other side of Retro Irk have recycled and relationships are still changing. Power is changing hands and folks are doing as best they can how to create healthy foundations and boundaries with each other. You re far too busy to offer advice or even to have an opinion. Instead, you are using this cycle in which to learn more about yourself. That’s what Scorpio energy encourages, since a life that is unexplored is a life poorly lived. You think like a Scorpio, since you are part empath and part Sherlock Holmes. One might not think that emotions and experiences can be held on a completely cerebral level, but until something lives in your mind, it pretty much doesn’t exist. It would be preferable if it all made sense, but that may take a while, and

in the interim, you are perfectly content to simply listen and learn. Then you will pass

the bagels and smile as the Boss makes small talk. You may even want to record your necessary business meetings, because you never know when you may beam up to your happy place. Even if it is more quizzical than happy, you will be glad to go there, since this is about you processing life lessons and moving on. It’s the moving on part that genuinely matters. That’s what makes it imperative that you maintain the distance between you and others. It is both respectful and wise, and so are you super sleuth. Ah the mysteries of the mind, so amazing, eh?

Cancer: There is a wonderful card in the tarot Deck, consider the Waite Rider deck. It has been often adapted but the central symbols remain the same. It is called the Fool and it represents every human being of faith. This card depicts a young man who is just about to step off of a cliff. He is smiling and smelling a rose as a dog barks at his heels. While he seems impervious to the obvious danger, he does know what’s going on. Sure, the incline is deadly, but he has been there before. His attitude is one of joyous adventure, and admirable attitude for certain. Courtesy of the presence of the very Capricorn stellium, you understand the highs and lows of everyday life. You also understand that some folks have to hit bottom before they ask for help from anyone. It is the power of faith that empowers you to bounce back. Without it you would be one sad little road pizza. Now that Venus and Mercury are trine to you, it’s ever so easy for you to see others who are walking that same tricky path. You also comprehend that there is precious little that you can do for them. Of course, you can be supportive,

but in no way can you make their decisions. The quality of one’s life is always choice centered, and when you dare to make decisions for others, that obviates any opportunity for them to learn. When you hit rock bottom, it is only natural for you to look up. With faith in your spirit, you know that you will see a helpful hand reaching out to you. With the errant friends who refuse to seek that safe path, you can light a candle and say a prayer, knowing that your work here is done. With Lunar Aries and now Direct Mars in Aries, there’s only so much you can do to slow others down from the lessons that await them. You could tie their shoe laces together and they would insist on waddling over to the edge of the cliff. The Number for the Fool is Zero, that’s everything and nothing, the Alpha and Omega, the connection with whatever you call your God. That was established well before you were born, and is a timeless thing. That’s why all of the stress aspects that you receive will not be able to slow you down, nor your personal spiritual growth. The yippy little dog, who barks and bites and isn’t much good for anything else could be Mars. He is all bluster and hot air. That’s why you can pretty much ignore him. You are guided by faith and not by fear. That’s why you will succeed, regardless of the path you choose.

Leo: This week’s aspects find you looking at life in order of importance. The things or goals which you used to be so committed to are now just, “Meh,” as my cat would say. There was a time when I could speak fluent cat, complete with a deep and abiding understanding of what they wanted to eat. Locally we have a pet store that has flavours of cat food that you couldn’t imagine. I have tried all of them, not personally mindja, but courtesy of the fur babies. Some weeks I get lucky, and during others, they look at me as if I were trying to poison them and say, “You’re not our Mother. She knows what we like.” I have tried warming it, stirring it, and making yummy sounds, which is tricky when I gag while opening the can. Nada…bupkus, that’s what I get. Then I cave in and offer them tuna fish. Yesterday they hated me until I cooked up some orange roughy, then I had the tuna for lunch. There was a time when I prided Myself on being a good Cat Mum. Their Cattitudes put a pin prick in my pride. Emotionally I was flying around the Kitchen, but they ignored me, or mocked me, which is even worse. Yesterday, I pulled a bowl of mashed potatoes out or the freezer. It was a bowl that I had reused from a long ago KFC meal. My Bum cat was so happy, because he is their most loyal customer. When I informed him that it was just some potatoes, he demanded a bucket of chicken. I promised him that on my next payday, the bucket will be is. With a modicum of luck I may get a biscuit, but I won’t count on it. It’s funny when you consider that once he has his snoot in the bucket, I bone the chicken for him. With birds and bunnies he doesn’t wait for that. It’s okay even though he hogs the bed and rakes me with his claws, I love him still. On occasion I do get it right with my cat food purchases, but I am no longer addicted to it. That’s just it, you have changed your addictions to preferences, and life is soooo much better for you. Nice going Sugar!

Virgo: Now that the countdown to the Holidaze is official, you are getting combat ready.

Not as in combat ready, but ready for the battling relatives, and the logistics that are necessary. Granted, it couldn’t all happen at a worse time, since Uranus has you juggling a lot of plates on broomsticks. They are fine china plates, and you won’t lose any of them. Honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way. ( Although it would be nice if greedy stores didn’t have their Xmas merchandise up next to the Back to School supplies.) Most likely your feast will be held by Skype or Facetime, but you will find time for everyone. It’s just another juggle and you are quite adept at that. Initially, you will be wise enough to only set up a portion of your decorations. If you do spend any money it will be on pretty items that will still be there long after 2021 arrives. Our buffet looks like a catalogue set up. Because our holidays have been on hold since the Bug landed, I have bits for the kids that represent nearly a year of missed gatherings. The cornucopia sits next to personalized Easter baskets, and the red, white, and blue napkins. After the Bug we will make up for lost feasts, however not until it’s safe for my kids to be here. I will still make a grand feast for Turkey Day, fortunately my daughter loves left overs. Life may have changed, but the important things have remained. You will reach out to your beloveds, and stop spinning the bone china, so you can eat off of it. So there you have it all. You will enjoy fine food, great conversations and the big one, minimal mess. Others may find it quite amusing that you are cleaning your perpetually cleaned house, but it gives you a sense of normalcy. Not much has changed in your world, and the responsibilities and things that have left your life and not even missed. You may not have folks yelling at the football game, and no drunken uncle passed out in a food coma, but the holiday goes on, in a new fashion. Because my daughter is a culinary genius, the day after Mr. Turkey, we will have turkey breast with Hollandaise sauce and asparagus. So yummy.

Libra: Even though lovey Venus, your Ruler is just a few degrees out of conjunction with you, her presence is very much upon you. Most of us who live in the frozen wastes of the North will give up on how we look when we head outdoors. That is never the case with you, since you can even wear a puffer jacket and not look like a snow person. Plus, you are wise to the ways of Chromotherapy, so your will never settle into wearing muddy or gray colours. There’s always a touch of pastels to your wardrobe, and that is a constant reminder of gentler seasons. While it may seem trivial, it is essential to your overall well-being. It’s all about hope, which is a most precious commodity. That’s why you will take a spatula and spread it all around you, and never have to say a word. From peaches which call in your Angels, to pinks which represent unconditional love, (as well as pure green,) to shades of purple which are much like heather which help you to understand your intuitive gifts, you will create healing zones that influence others and cocoon you. Even your holiday decorations will share these powerful energies. You will also find many decorative ideas that feature basic colours that are

banded with silver, gold and copper. Copper speaks to your inquisitive Self. That is the Self that understands that for every question answered, or any mystery untwisted,

you will find even more to explore. Silver is representative of Divine intervention, it’s

those helpful moments that you didn’t know that you needed until they occurred.

Gold is the colour of a healthy ego, rather like a cross between a child and his/her Christmas list, and a runner who has just finished running a marathon, while dreaming

of cheese burgers. Gold understands that as long as you give your best to life, it will certainly reciprocate. By the middle of next month, Saturn will enter Aquarius, and by using these colours as reinforcement, it won’t be that much of a challenge. If anything

you will choose challenges for yourself, and thrive while addressing them. As the square turns into a trine from Saturn, you will see life as a lovely dance. How lovely!

Scorpio: With gorgeous Venus at 12 degrees of Scorpio and Mercury at 20 degrees,

you will spend a lot of time speed dialing and networking. It’s always good to know a guy who knows a guy and for the next month, you will be connecting folks with needs to gifted folks who can fulfill those needs. Then you can fade to black knowing that your job here is done. In truth, this is a cycle of closure for you, a time where you will get the back story to complete what you already knew. This information is for you alone, so you will feel no need to share it with others. Nor would that be appropriate. If folks want to share personal information with you, which is likely, you will also keep that to yourself.

There are some truths that will go to the grave with you, and that explains why others so freely share their intimate experiences with you. With the seemingly endless opposition to you from Uranus, not only are you getting volumes of information, you are presently processing it differently. His is a multi-dimensional perspective, and that opens your eyes in a wonderful way. You have always understood what motivates others, and now you can dig more deeply into that. Of course, if you can use your enlightenments to help others you will do so, but only a very subtle ways. You have always comprehended that life is a choice centered journey, so if you an direct folks onto a better path you surely will. However, the final choice is ultimately up to them. This is how you can be supportive and equally non-invasive. The in depth knowledge will of course help you as well. We are all together in this dance called life, that’s one of the most important lessons of the Bug. Together we can heal, and help each other head in that direction. The teachings of the Medicine Wheel remind us that in the sacred circle, nobody is in front of you, nobody is behind you and no one goes before you. This is a cycle of awakened consciousness, not a foot race. Everyone is exactly where they need to be for this moment in time. The sacred hoop is healing, and humankind is as well. Amen.

Sagittarius: Well look at that, the Sun is at 3 degrees of Sagittarius, which means that you are in touch with your Solar Return. The actual date is determined by when the transiting Sun hits the same degree that it was when you were born. That may fall on the day before or the day after the one that’s on your Birth Certificate. It is that wonderful cycle that is both and ending and a beginning. You have always been exceedingly adept at reinventing yourself, and this year proves to be no exception to that. Since this aspect tracks the placement of your Sun in the Chart, where you spend your Birthday is equally important as how you celebrate it. I have a friend whose Birthday arrives near Thanksgiving. He pretty much celebrates from the 1st moments of Solar Sagittarius until well into the New Year. How very Sag of him. Because I have run his charts, I do know his actual birthdate, but he is such a darlin that I celebrate along with him, until I can’t even look at a cupcake or a balloon bouquet. The fact that most of this week is cocooned by Mars and the Moon in Aries making one fine trine to you, it’s an easy time for you to make common sense decisions. Now there’s something that’s both new and different for you. Any tasks that you undertake will include appreciable goals. As I have said before and will likely say again, “Mars Retrograde was not for nothing.” He spent his extended stay doing a Moon walk, so that you and I could appreciate the magick of taking your time. When you rush into anything ( as he prefers,) 2 this can happen. For 1, you will probably miss an important detail, that always catches up with you. It’s a lot like tap dancing with toilet paper on your shoe. Nobody will forget your performance, but that’s really not how you prefer to be remembered. The 2nd deadly repercussion is that you won’t really process the lesson. That means that is has to get bigger an uglier in order to truly get your attention. Big uglies are never pleasant, especially in a cycle where you should be celebrating your life. Now save me a cupcake, a chocolate one with a flower on it. It’s party time Sugar!

Capricorn: Saturn may be starting to pack up his bags but he is far from gone. In fact even when he enters Aquarius his energy will influence you because he is leaving Pluto and Jupiter back a Chez Capricorn. It will take him quite some time to get to 11 degrees of Aquarius, so yeah he is pretty much a constant for you. Plus he is your benevolent Ruler, so there’s that. It’s not quite clear of he walks in your shadow or you walk in is, but either way, you act just like him. As he gets ready to enter Aquarius, it probably feels fir him as though he is going to a great family hangout. Back before Uranus came upon us, or we came upon him, Saturn was the original Ruler of Aquarius. Sure, he’s an old school kind of leader/teacher, and it is his dedication to offer freedom through assuming personal responsibility. Kinda like this Bug, we are all more aware of our freedoms, since they have been curtailed. Things that used to be daily events are now a massive joy. Recently I had my bank account hacked yet again. The funny part is that I was supposedly purchasing something from a Travel Agency. I have had my fun with travel, and while I was touring with MotherPeace Drum, but schlepping 50lb drums and dragging them back after drumming for hours no longer appeals to me. As I ws speaking to the bank, reassuring them that I had no plans to make any long distance travels it occurred to me. You can pretty much track my life from the Pet Store to UPS, to the grocery store and back. That means that the most excitement that I get in every week is that trek down the driveway in order to drag the trash bins back in. For that I don’t need a tour guide. Granted, we will all use this next Saturn transit to polish up our skills. It’s always nice to be able to fix something yourself and not to have to wait or help. Plus a lot of people will take their CV and add enough credits to actually have a degree. This will be a perennial student cycle, and oh my what we will learn. As for Saturn transiting Aquarius, unprofessional Astrologers ( like the folks who take a 6 week course and print up their business cards,) will get outed. That will be quite enjoyable, who doesn’t love free entertainment?

Aquarius: This is one of those amazing weeks where your philosophies and beliefs will hold you up, or maybe together. Certainly, yours is a well woven tapestry of beliefs, and works primarily for only you. It is very true that nobody can actually teach you anything, instead they can awaken you to things that you know to be true, The language may be a tad different from your thoughts, but the song remains the same. To instruct means to draw from, so a great instructor will draw from his/her life experiences, and find a common resonance with you. That resonance will ring within you, and you can take it as confirmation that what you knew was correct. The great aspect to this is that it will happen at odd times with complete strangers. It is as though a higher Source has placed your angels right on your path. You will find yourself thinking about a mystery, and the next thing ya know, the answer finds you. IT may be part of a conversation that you walked by, or a quote on TV or radio, but you will know that it is meant for you. The truth is like that. Because when it speaks to you, there is a sense that it was meant only for you. Years ago I got to meet Ram Dass when he offered an Intensive at a local Church. In the auditorium there were about 1,200 people, but he spoke only to me.

He spoke directly to my soul and I immediately forgot that anyone else was there. He spoke about sitting with his Mum at the end of her life and gave me amazing information.

Just a few months later, I was doing just that with my beloved Dad and after 7 years of that, I took my Ministry into hospice work. There were so many great teachers along the way, especially my Dad. Each one of them brought me a truth that I could own as my own. Back in the day, I had a friend who lived on the other side of town. Since nobody ever noticed my comings and goings, I had lots of time for idle conversation with this friend. She would stop by and visit for a while and then I would walk her home. Then she would walk me home, and on and on until we were too tired to make another trip.

Her family was so different from mine that it really was an education. At the end of his presentation, Baba Ram Dass, thanked me/us for our time. As he put on his jacket, and prepared to leave he said, “Remember that we are always walking each other home.”

There is no doubt that he was graciously welcomed home, and the words that he left behind will heal us all for generations.

Pisces: This week will be particularly kind to you especially if you celebrated your Moon Lodge, and Lunar High during the previous weekend. Certainly, this time of self-isolation has been rather pleasant for you, since you require a lot of solitude. Many others with your mind set will probably never go back to the office space. Employers are also appreciating that saving the money and not wasting space is a wise way to proceed. With the work market rapidly changing, it has become obvious to many companies that there are some individuals who can be trusted to get their work done, and some folks

who really don’t want to be what they consider overworked. Working at home is ideal for you, since you are more of a night bird than a early bird. I have always said that I don’t want to be up at 5AM, unless I am driving home from a drumming gig. (Plus doing just that to be on CBS Radio for morning drive reinforced that for me. It’s just wrong to be up before the birds and squirrels have rolled out of bed.) You are in a perfect mood for People Watching. The various ways in which people have dealt with the Bug are pretty much mind boggling. For the most part this cycle has brought out the best in humankind.

Of course, there are some fearful greedy souls who may never leave their toilet paper forts, so I say we leave them there. Others have begun their own businesses, and taken their unique skills to create great new jobs for themselves. Every area of the business world can use a little fixing up, and especially when they are found to have under serviced areas. Money has become a secondary decision maker, as powerful individuals seek their heart songs and find their joy. It takes a lot more than mere money to make you feel fulfilled, and that is a noble quest. No person, place or thing makes your life a happy place. That conditional, hence it’s useless. Your real power arrives when you know that you are doing something with your whole heart and soul. That is more than precious, and you will not settle for less. You can find inspiration anywhere. Once again, words from Ram Dass, “ My guru is in my imagination. Anytime, anywhere, genius will find me.”

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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