Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of October 20, 2020

Aries: Even Mars needs a little time out now and again. Granted, he has been going Retrograde for a while, and he has every intention of hanging around at Chez Aries

until next year. While it may feel as though his lessons have accelerated, in truth

they are simply variations on the same theme. Now that Mercury is also in the mix, you are to be reminded that thinking a lot and speaking just a little is the prudent way to proceed. Even better yet you can do what most politicians do, you can talk and answer questions without actually saying anything. Certainly you won’t make any empty promises, ( like most politicians,)but you will find gentle ways to let others know that you are there for them. That’s reassurance that most of them need anyway. You

can’t miss that hint of familiarity when a life lesson recycles and returns to you. That

offers you to opportunity to see it for what it is. This is just a rerun, and that explains

why you will feel no need to respond to it. Then on pretty little wings it will fly off into

the aethers only to find a more worthy recipient. The standard of a great warrior, like

Mars for instance, is that he knows when to fight, and when to remain uninvolved.

That also means that for the time being you are done fighting battles for other people.

While it may seem helpful, in truth, it obviates the chance for others to stand on their

own 2 feet. You may give the other person a brief pep talk, but your interaction ends right there. The very fact that you show that much faith in someone else is a massive Karmic battery. Plus as a genuine bonus, it doesn’t drain your personal energy to doit. This is truly the Year of the Earth Sign, yes I am saying that again. That explains why folks who generally march into situations are taking a pause for good cause. Common sense demands that your every choice be based upon intelligence, as well as, logic. Okay, your logic may be a bit foggy until Mercury straightens up and flies right, but

that is also a very valid reason to take a step back and make certain that you know why you are doing certain things. It’s like a Momma bird kicking her baby birds out of the nest. They need to fly on their own

own 2 feet. You may give the other person a brief pep talk, but your interaction ends right there. The very fact that you show that much faith in someone else is a massive Karmic battery. Plus as a genuine bonus, it doesn’t drain your personal energy to doit. This is truly the Year of the Earth Sign, yes I am saying that again. That explains why folks who generally march into situations are taking a pause for good cause. Common sense demands that your every choice be based upon intelligence, as well as, logic.Okay, your logic may be a bit foggy until Mercury straightens up and flies right, but

Taurus: You are very much in a cycle that demands that you go it alone. It’s not that

you are becoming antisocial, you simply don’t want company at present. Others and their opinions hold no interest for you because you have things to think about in the

quietude. Of course, you can always find solitary pursuits in which you can immerse

yourself. That means that you can close the door, make busy noises and be alone in your self-study. The Capricorn stellium has you taking a very in-depth personal inventory. Initially, you will look at where you are in the here and now. Then you will take a brief but insightful journey through your past. While your overall goals have no doubt changed, your skill set has remained as powerful as ever. Heck, it’s probably even more well-honed due to your extensive life experienced. Now you can dig a little deeper

to discover which of your many talents are not being well expressed. That’s exactly where you can bloom and grow. You will keep your plans minimal and open to the necessary adjustments that will need to be made. But, your new improved goals, ( for which you can thank Uranus Retrograde in your Sun Sign,) will be every bit as exciting as possible. He has been busy rearranging you on a molecular level, much like music does. His is a steady rhythm, a constant heart song that keeps you moving at a very comfortable pace. Should you meet any resistance from the people who people your

life, they may need to get accustomed to missing you. None of us is a stopped clock on the wall, except for the sad women in the Maul who have the same hair and makeup that they had I High School. In fact, now is a good time to take some selfies. In less than a year you will be a whole new person. Bravo!

Gemini: As your Ruler Mercury does his spiral dance from Scorpio back into Libra, and then back to Scorpio, you have genuinely become an information station. The Libra part of this configuration is certain to bring you some heavy duty life lessons. Granted, the Scorpio lessons will linger, but the real work is done during his time in Libra. It’s funny but not in a haha way, that so many people are looking forward to seeing 2020 come to an end. Actually, this is a year where we are all supposed to set our standards and do the basic work that is needed for future successes. 2020 reduces to a 4, the digit is represented by a square, a building block upon which to build your future goals and dreams. It may bring some rather difficult lessons, but those lessons lessen once you embrace them. This is the structure that you need before 2021 rolls in and gives you lessons about freedom, creativity, and the big one, that having great sex doesn’t mean that you are in love. ( That’s why people who have lots of 5s in their name or birth date usually get married too young and for all of the wrong reasons.) The more than you can simplify your life before the New Year, the more that you can creatively enjoy next year.

This year works a lot like the time you spent in college. Think back, you were living on Ramen noodles, and fluffy dreams. As you counted down the days until graduation, you began to appreciate that graduation demands matriculation. That’s why you applied yourself and paid all of those dues. It’s not a bad trade really, a little work now for a lot of personal freedom later. After all, you may have grand dreams and visions, but you are not about to focus upon them until after Retro Irk. Plus, the Grammar Nazi in you will have loads of fun in this cycle of foul ups, bleeps and blunders. You will shudder when folks say things like, “eckscape, eckspecially, library and supposebly, and you will be in good company. In the interim there are many good things that you can do. You can dig through your piles of paperwork, and get rid of the duplicates, and maybe the Owner’s Manual for the Beta Max. You can dump extraneous files, and make room for better ones. Or heck, you could call you Mum and she how she is doing. Unless you run out of cat food or coffee, you will feel no need to go anywhere. You are comfortable in your sacred space and you couldn’t ask for more.

Cancer: As you know I am an avid gardener. When we moved here to Quirky house the yard was a mess full of 3 years of party garbage. It took me a few years, but thanks to my friends and the clearance racks at Lowes and Home Depot, we got a beautification award from the snooty Home Owners Association. They have trucks full of people, I have myself and the cat, so it felt really good to be acknowledged. There is a pop up Garden Center near us, itsa parking lot kinda thing. When they opened a few years ago, I became a preferred customer. However, every year their prices got higher. Since I used to manage a Plant Store, and recognized their delivery trucks, I had to admit that their popularity had them price gouging. I’d still go there occasionally, but only for the sales.

At the end of the season they do mark plants down to what they used to be, so I plan accordingly. It’s rather exciting in a chaotic way, as they tear down the giant racks while folks are shopping. This year I found a lovely plant with purple flowers ( I have a genuine purple addiction.) This unique plant has almond shaped dark green leaves with jagged edges. It is about 2 feet tall, and has sturdy stalks, and of course throaty purple blooms with a 5 petaled flower. The sticker on the pot said, ”green plant,” the staff there was done with being polite so when I asked many of them what it was they said, “It’s reduced.” That was not the help I was looking for, so I took her home and we got to get to know each other. Not knowing her light needs I started her out in full sunlight. That wasn’t working for her, so is at her in a little blue wagon on the patio. She thrived. Well we are at that time of year where I get to empty the greenhouse and sort out the 40 some container plants to see who can winter over in the house. Initially I wasn’t sure about how much to water her. Obviously the patio at 80 degrees is not the same as her sitting on the kitchen island at a balmy 65. Of course, I over watered her at 1st and she let me know it. That’s when I had a moment of genius, I let her dry out, and then I sat her in a bowl of water so that she could drink what she needed. She is amazing, and I love walking into the kitchen to see her as radiant as she is. You are doing the same with the people who people your life. You will offer them sustenance and emotional support, but you will do so cautiously. You don’t want to drown them with too much attention, nor do you wish to ignore them. You will guide them with some gentle mental weed and feed, and see how much light they need. Then you will let them germinate in the truth. You can’t learn for other people, nor are you meant to hurt along with them ( which only makes it worse.) Now that’s a real beautification award both for you and others.

Leo: As a rule you are pretty much bullet proof, but that is honestly not the case this

week. As the officially Open End of the Fire trine, you have Lunar Sagittarius on one side of you and Retrograde Mars in Aries on the other. That makes this week a cycle where other people will unknowingly get on your last good nerve. This is every much a Karmic configuration, so your 1st response is the old one, the one that didn’t work in the Past. That means that it won’t work for you now, so when in doubt, just walk away. I know that you prefer to look untouched, but when pointed words are aimed your way, They get you right in the heart. That’s when you have to consider the source. As a Karmic Astrologer, I love to cover the 7 most deadly aspects 1st when I read a Client’s Natal Chart. Sometimes it’s obvious that he/she has an Aries Moon, or Mars and the Moon in aspect to each other. However, even if you don’t have any of that natally, you will on occasion have it by transit, just like you do now. Moon Mars babies don’t like to fight, because that is how they died in a Past Lifetime. They may have marched off to war, or got in a fight with someone who did them in, but in any case, the anger thing is toxic for them. I can understand that, after all, why do we need to argue, when we can talk things out like real human beings? The Sag Moon is a big talker on every level, so

simple conversations can be helpful. Of course, there is a big difference between rage and justified indignation. If you harm someone, or do evil things because you think you have that right, I will get in your face. By the time that I take out my earrings and hand somebody my car keys, it’s on like white on rice. Just dial 9-1, and wait to see if you need to finish the call. That’s where you are doing your best to remain in your Zen zone. There really isn’t much in life that worth fighting over, and you will avoid it at all costs. Folks who use their words like poison darts are miserable at best. I say we leave then to their misery. Those words have no power over you unless you let them soak in. Sure, you may want to write a nasty note and hurl invectives when you are alone, and then

you can burn it, or shred it. I like burning it myself, there’s something cathartic about watching it all go up in smoke, knowing that I haven’t amassed any sticky Karma. Feel free to vent, or kick box, whatever works for you, and walk away from the crazy.

Virgo: As I got to this point of writing my Weekly Astrological Predictions, I was feeling mighty good about my progress. Taking a ream of charts, and turning them into 11 tight pages of copy is sometimes a daunting task. It generally takes me about 2 days, from running all of the hard aspects, and applying them to all 12 Signs. Itsa discipline and people seem to like them so I persevere. At that moment I was celebrating the fact that I was almost ½ way done. It was time for a Red Bull, maybe a double Espresso, or both. Anyhoo, when I came back with my multiple beverages, the computer had taken over

her destiny, and mine as well. Okay, for a while now she had been telling me that it was time for an update. Fortunately, it had an option for later, so I had been hitting the later function for weeks. Well, she didn’t agree with that, so after informing me that it had been so many weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds since her last update she the screen said, “See you in a bit.” As I sat here, thinking about how many other applications that this shift would make in her system, I realized that there was absolutely, positively nothing I could do about it. Since I am incapable of doing

nothing, ( Time on my hands is usually the time when I get in trouble.) I found my cell phone in order to call a friend or just play some solitaire. Well, jeebus, the phone made it’s ding ding sound as it fired up, and Then it informed me that it needed to update it’s hamster brain as well. Talk about being schooled by technology. I must admit that between my Taurus Planets and my Virgo Nadir, I may be a bit of a control freak. The more I told these handy machines that they were Not the Boss of me, the slower

they worked. I had no choice but to sit here and watch the hair grow back on my legs.

Time stood still. That’s when I grabbed the Pledge and waxed the already waxed furniture. Then I took Windex to the 8 foot glass table in the great room. I was getting ready to wash and wax the car when the computer came back and smiled at me. She’s cute like that. The only problem was that, when I was dancing in front of the espresso machine, the computer hadn’t saved my work. There ya go, sometimes you just have to Surrender Dorothy. It’s hard to find flying monkeys as this time of year, and even then they charge Halloween rates ( as ungodly as the Geek Squad.) Maybe it’s for the best that these machines have minds of their own. Without the computer I’d be back to 1 ½ hours of math every time I run a chart. It’s fine, I can always clean the clean house,

Itsa Virgo thing.

Libra: Even though your Birthday Cupcakes have disappeared, you still have many reasons for celebration. Lovely Venus, who is your benevolent Ruler is presently transiting the 3rd deaconate of Virgo, and that can only mean that she is heading your way. With the well-known 10 degree orb, she is already on your porch and her Gucci luggage is being brought to her by the limo driver. ( You didn’t think that she would take an Uber didja?) Before she comes inside you will have a small amount of time in which to pretty up the house. After all, the Goddess of all things beautiful deserves a lovely sacred space,(and so do you.) She will walk around your yard and address the flowers that are still blooming in your flowerbeds. She will charm the squirrels out of the trees and generally commune with Nature. By the time that you have everything in order and have lit a few candles, you can go out and share in her Medicine Walk. She will show you beauty in places that you had somehow missed. It is her duty to amplify your and your environment to a whole new level of beauty. Everything that she touches and everything that she inspires is gracious, the purest essence of grace. In fact, think Grace Kelly, she was a princess before she was a princess. That’s the kind of poetry in motion that cocoons you now. Of course, you will add lovely and tasteful touches to your home as well as, your work environment. I have a very Libra friend who is now working at home. The 1st thing that she sis was to make a separate space for work, and then she placed a wonderfully hand painted screen in front of that spot. When she is at work, she can tune out the world, and when her work day is done she isn’t staring at her piles of work. It’s keep your life in order in such an exquisite fashion that makes a Venus transit so excellent. It is positively delightful to be one with all of the beauty of the world. In fact, it makes you pity the folks who never take the time to bring such charming touches into their lives. This gorgeous transit is in its nascent stages, and you will enjoy it for the next 5 to 6 weeks. Actually it will remain with you long after Venus has moved on, because she is your Ruler. Her presence will change things, as well as you, and that magnificence will never truly be gone. Just like Grace Kelly, forever young and gorgeous.

Scorpio: Human beings are not one dimensional creatures, indeed they are more like kaleidoscopes. When the light hits them from various angles, you will see them making different patterns, and that is courtesy of Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio making a hardy trine to Neptune, also Retrograde in Pisces. This is a cycle that is enlightening and possibly a tad disheartening. Back in my touring days, I was gone every month to one metaphysical conference or another. A friend ( supposedly a friend,) invited me to just such an event in Zoar, Ohio. The city itself was a bit of a twilight zone. It was filled with charming little country houses complete with large porches and picket fences. It seemed lovely, but there were no people. With the exception of an Amish restaurant and a gas station there were no signs of life. On the outskirts of the town sat a large hotel where the conference was being held. That was a frenzy of activity, so the comparison was mind numbing. My faux friend had wanted me to attend since he was close to the organizers, and he felt it would be a new community for me. It was average, and not quite as bad as the one here in Michigan, so I determined to keep my mind open to new experiences. Boy did I have them. As the weekend unfold, my never really was a friend friend exhibited some nauseating behavior. I took him to dinner with a few folks whom I knew, where he was rude and nasty and stuck me with the bill. He spent most of his time “wenching,” in his words, which was basically taking advantage of needy women. He offered to take me to a drumming circle and then left me when I didn’t move fast enough to make him happy and was altogether horrid. That Saturday night, they had a Masked Ball. The idea was great but the follow through was nonexistent. That had become the theme of the conference. It turned out that this group was more into drugs, CosPLay and slap and tickle parties then they were in actual metaphysics. ( There’s a valid lesson in that as well.) They had held a mask making workshop that afternoon, but they hadn’t allowed enough time for the masks to dry, so many folks had masks that looked like mooshey messes. Fortunately, I had taken a mask with me, so off I went with a friend who had made the journey with me. At that point Doc, my faux friend met up with us in the hallway. I really had no words for him. Dog that he is, he acted as if nothing had happened. That pretty much settled it for me. He smiles and pointed to my face and asked, “is that you mask?” I looked him in the eyes and said, “Why yes it is.” Then it touched his face and said, “And obviously that is yours.” We never spoke again. I went back to my shabby room and packed up and left that night. This is a cycle where you will see many masks slip off of faces of folks whom you thought you knew. It’s all good, even though it kinda sucks for a while. After all, it’s best to know what’s behind the mask.

Sagittarius: This is a week where you will lean into the concept of social distancing. Indeed it is your Lunar High and others want to do nice things for you. The nicest thing that they can do is just to stay out of your face. That has to do with the trine from Mars who is Retrograde in Aries. (Plus a little assist from Retro Irk in Scorpio.) This is a very insightful cycle for you, and there’s not a lot of time or room for you to share it all. In time, long after you have taken this all important self-study, you may share, but not for now. In effect, you may simply take this awareness so much to heart that you will find yourself automatically acting and reacting in new ways. Any Mars Moon aspects will trigger behaviors and memories from your Past lifetimes. That’s why you can feel the intensity of the Karmic lessons that find you now. There’s a sense that you have moved far enough away from the original experience that you can see it for what it is. That also gives you the knowledge of the new behaviors that will keep you in balance. As a true Fire baby, you Never want to seem vulnerable, but that’s exactly what you are this week. That explains why you feel the need to guard your feelings as well as, your soft pink underbelly. Once you get past this time of self-discovery, you bubbly and happy self

will return and with one important improvement. It will be altogether genuine. You were always meant to love your life and to share that enthusiasm with others. This is just a necessary tune up. It’s time for you to check the gauges and the fluids and maybe even rotate your tires. As for the many folks who want to be close to you, you can send an email or message that says you are busy on a project. That’s not a fib because the project in question is that of your Wellness. Until it get the necessary maintenance, you will get lousy mileage and your journeys will be sad ones. It’s as though you have one foot on the gas pedal and the other one on the brakes, you can make a lot of noise but in truth you aren’t going anywhere. Or should I say going nowhere fast? This is an inner journey, one which takes you to the very heart of your truth. When you get back you can Skype everybody, and be really happy about those connections.

Capricorn: Your Lunar High arrives on Wednesday at 2:44 AM and you are more than ready for it. Some of the greatest minds such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison had a personal discipline that included down time. Even the fastest computers need to cool off their mother boards from time to time. The same can be said of you. That explains why you will line up the whole week by Monday morning, and delegate the important bits to your most trusted coworkers. Then you can work from home for the rest of the week. Okay, your work will probably include raking and bagging leaves and getting everything Summer packed away for next year. Of course, you cell phone will be on at all times, and if there is a crisis, you can talk them through. Then you will get right back to the moving meditation that always includes your presence in Nature. As an Earth Sign, you can feel the excitement of the seasons changing. Little furry critters are scurrying about, and even the birds are paying close attention to the feeders. I have a Zen Garden in our back yard, and every day, unless it’s freezing in take a barefoot walk in the sand path that winds through the middle of it. It creates and energy that is both grounding and freeing at the same time. There is a grace that finds you when you work in concert with the elements. It’s about respecting Mother Earth and recognizing the need for all of her seasons, both the balmy ones and the harsh ones. To the outer world it will look like you are hard at work, packing up the clutter from the previous season and preparing for the one that has just begun. In truth, you are planning for the upcoming months. This great connection to Mother Earth keeps your grounded, but not planted. You understand well that with Uranus Retrograde In Taurus, even well planned projects are bound to shape shift. It seems as though they take the form that they were meant to. Regardless of how they change, you will end up at your desired goal. As long as you have a perfect blend of down time and flex time, all will be well.

You have patiently awaited your Luna High for a whole month, ( well a Lunar Month anyway,) and that’s why you have planned ahead. It’s time to embrace the simple glories of life, and let everything else unfold in divine order. Enjoy your Moon Lodge, maybe with some nice hot spiced cider.

Aquarius: The present transit of Mercury is dedicated to making you go deeply within.

It is an interesting configuration that finds the cute little zippy guy dancing backwards from Scorpio, into Libra, and then back into Scorpio yet again. When you factor in the standard 10 degree orb, you can see how these energies converge. Just before the Blue Moon on Halloween he will enter Libra, and he will stay there and go Direct on 11/3, just in time for the Election. He will then reenter Scorpio on 11/11 and transit there until 12/2. It is true that these energies tend to be quite opposite. Scorpio is a fascinating Sign, since it works in the areas of secrets and mysteries. It’s that well-hidden truth that needs to be exposed. It has the power to create toxic situations and bring them to a head. It’s kinda like Dr Pimple Popper ( which I could never watch, I even turn off the commercials.) In order to heal there is a bit of pain, and then you can drain off the toxins. Libra is all about maintaining a delicate balance in all things, especially in relationships. When you put those disparate energies in a blender you find yourself

in a cycle of identifying toxic relationships. Unless and until they are identified and

addressed, they will return with the same life lessons dressed up as different people.

I have a dear friend who has married into the same life lesson 5 times now. During a recent breather in her love life she can to the realization that the only constant in

her marriages was Her. Hm. The men were all variations on the same insecure and

controlling theme. Hopefully she will stay single long enough to heal her poor soul and to get to know herself better. You will see these games played out by the people who

people your life, and you can use that as a mystical mirror. What you see initially may not

be all that pretty, but you will square your shoulders and take a closer look. There’s a lot of healing work that can be done in 2 quick months, and you will take care of every

aspect of your life. Sure, you will need a lot of solitary time, but that works for your

hermit self. It’s time for tea, cookies and lots of quietude.

Pisces: The transit of Retrograde Irk will trine you not once but twice. That’s why you can see the next week and change as an introductory course, knowing that the

life experiences will return in November, and last for the whole month. That explains

why you are already practicing Psychic Self Defense. I truly don’t believe that others mean to zap you with their negative energy. It’s more like they are sad black holes of

energy, and if you allow it, they will suck all of the joy out of your life. I ws raised by just such a person. Briefly, I did my best to make her happy, but I soon realized that happy was not a thing that she wanted to be. Her preference was to be constantly bitter and angry. It was the kind of anger that always accelerated, and never seemed to end. For my part, my vey existence irked her because I am generally happy and smiling. It must have been hell for her, poor thing. As a child, I could see that hers was a very sick way to approach life, and it actually worked in my favour. I made a vow that I would always keep an awareness of the difference between blind rage and righteous indignation.

I don’t get angry often, but when I do, the whole room goes silent. I make my point or points and exit having not encouraged further conversation. I happens about once every 2 t0 3 years, and even then I need to walk apart and do some Rescue Remedy drops. My 1st solid foods were guilt and negativity, and it made my soul aware of how far folks can go from any semblance of happiness. As a choice it sucks, as a floor show it is fascinating in a rather pukey way. It’s true that before birth we choose our parents, our siblings and the Ex who wrote bad checks and ran off with the babysitter. It makes us better versions of ourselves. As the holidaze begin to roll in ( although the Xmas tress have been up at Walgreen’s since September,) you will find yourself dreading the

obligatory visits to some of your friends and family. You have my permission not to go.

You can send flowers, cookies, or gifties, whatever you would normally have done. But,

you don’t need to punish yourself for the name of courtesy. When people are awful they are teaching us what not to be. Lesson learned, we can freely move on. Sometimes you are better off sharing a can of tuna with the cat. You can do the Netflix and chill thing. Consider watching A Christmas Story, it really is a classic. Just sayin…

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis!

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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