Your Celestial Forecast for the Week of September 21, 2021

Aries: It really is great to ease into your Lunar High, especially when you have an opposition from Mars and Mercury in Libra. That combination seems to inspire a lot of information, but you will soften it due to the Libra energy. Libra individuals are very thoughtful about their interpersonal communications. You will get any opportunities to develop these amazing communication skills since Mercury will be in Libra until 11/5.

You know what that means, he will be doing his Retrograde dance very soon. By this Thursday we will all be in his shadow, and yet with ample time to think twice and then

speak once. That’s not asking so much. The test for you now, is to pay close attention

to the words and phrases that many you gridlock. This week’s prime example is that

when others say to you, “Don’t take this personally,” dayam skippy you will. But that

will only be for a moment, because you are smart like that. Instead of fretting about

what they mean, consider what it says about the other person, “personally.” It’s

clear that the Virgo cycle is coming to an end, but with the ever familiar 10 degree orb, the Virgo lessons will be with us for a few weeks. That makes sense when you consider

that the nastiest and most critical individuals are redirecting their own dissatisfaction.

Misery may want company, but that doesn’t need to be you. Your health is all-important, and that’s why your Lunar High arrives for you to reinforce it. This is where you surround yourself with people of like consciousness, and enjoy the quietude of the early evening hours. Once you establish this comfort zone, it will be a permeable membrane that cocoons you all week long. How lovely, n’est pas?

Taurus: Your tastebuds are changing. Foods and even pastimes that used to be delicious are now not so much. Maybe you have eaten them or done them too much, or perhaps, you are bored with them. That has everything to do with the presence of wacky Uranus in your Sun Sign, and now he ( and you) are being opposed by Venus, as she transits Scorpio. Most oppositions are vexing, but not when they include the

ever gracious Venus. She brings pleasure and beauty to any transit. Now let’s talk

about Scorpio. It is a red hot sign, that always calls for some type or personal transformation. The stellar combination of Venus and Uranus will find you changing

your ways. The Pluto undertone, as reinforced by Pluto trining you from his long term stay in Capricorn, has you taking an inventory of what is healthy for you and what is

not. We have all had our bittersweet experiences, such as falling in love with a person,

place or thing that is toxic for us. It may have taken a while to accept that reality, but

once it was established, there was no need to go back. The Scorpio energy will recycle

these Karmic lessons, just to be certain that you have done your essential homework.

When you can see those lessons coming, and feel zero need to respond the lesson is complete. It’s that silent moment when you can smile to yourself, knowing that this is some major improvement on your part. Uranus won’t just change and rearrange you for the fun of it, he does it completely to make you a better person. I remember a quote that went, “ Who is the who he once was? Nobody.)Life is about spiritual growth and

development, and you are well on your path for the next decade. No need to rush, just enjoy the changes that enhanc

Gemini: You have a lot in common with Pisces. You are both often misunderstood,

and often are in world that’s all your own. It’s a nice place, where everything is fluffy, and folks peacefully coexist. You also both need a large amount of quiet time. It’s

the only way to quiet the voices in your heads, and to feel the hush of a perfect life.

That explains why the recent Full Moon in Pisces was such a great time for you. Granted, in order for it to be the Full Moon in Pisces, the Sun has to be in Virgo. Now there’s another Sign to whom you can easily relate. You are both Ruled by Mercury, who is trining you from his lovely place in Libra. Put these aspects in a blender and you get a full serving of Spirit communication. Powerful Spirit messages can find you through your dreams, your meditations, your Medicine Walks, and in general any time that you surrender to the beauty that is life. Every time that I go to South Dakota, I come back a better person. of course, that’s not the only sacred space that sings to me, but I know about my past lifetimes in the Black Hills, so it is a special home to me. Every one of my sacred spaces helps me to transform and develop myself. Fortunately I have some of them close to home, and yet they take me far away. This cycle finds you aware of the worlds within the worlds, and the amazing voices that speak to you, to the very depth of your soul. As a genuine bonus, these journeys also give me an assist in understanding the issues of the mundane world. It serves as a reflection of my other lives and other loves. So welcome to the lovely dance between the worlds, and to soaking up all of the beauty that touches you.

Cancer: I discovered a very cool word this week. it is gruntled, the polar opposite of disgruntled, which probably could be ungruntled, or non-gruntled. In any case it’s about a perpetual state of happiness and contentment. That is your state of being this week.

You so enjoyed the fluffy comfort zone that was the Full Moon in Pisces. It activated

your Inner Child and began a time of creativity that will take you right into the New Year.

It’s the perfect time to pack away all of the Summer decorations and drag out the Harvest ones. The best accent colour for you right now is orange, like the robes of a Buddhist monk, or the leaves at the height of Autumn. This is the colour of home and being comfortable. That works ideally for you because you are in a very important nesting cycle. It doesn’t have to cost all that much. You can change whole room with touches of a feature colour on something small like throw pillows. Plus, you know as well as I do, that you have some half-done artsy projects, so you and your contented Inner Child can have great fun. Of course, you need to stay away from Michaels, and any other artsy craftsy places, because this is a time to finish things. Projects that you begin now will end up in the same hall closet as your old ones. if anything, this would be the

perfect time to create a workspace for your projects. That means that they won’t spill out to other areas of the house. You can be a hot mess while you are working on your creations, but at the same time you need your home to be in order. It’s where you go to heal yourself and tune out the supposedly real world. Sure, you can make some notes about your next goals, but not until you run out of resources that are on hand. You will be making gifts for the holidays this year, so this creative arc is a perfect beginning for

just that. This is one of those great times where you will work every bit as hard as you play, and the time flies by.

Leo: With Lunar Aries trining you this week becomes a cycle of breaking free. At time

like these, you need to walk alone and apart. Indeed, you still have your social skills intact, but for the rest of this week, you need solitude. The recent Full Moon in Pisces and here escort Neptune in Pisces have you in a very speculative frame of mind. Granted, there is also the presence of Uranus in Taurus still opposing you, so it’s easy for you to see the person whom you used to be, as compared to the person who

you are now becoming. It’s true that of all of the 12 Signs, you are the one who is hardest on yourself. ( Just when you thought it was Virgo, eh?) Initially this begins as a study

in forgiveness. The real goal is to get to that point where you can genuinely forgive yourself. In every case, you can now see the important life lesson that was presented. If it’s about trust, look to yourself. There is nothing that you could have done that would inspire another person to betray or abandon you. In fact it was always in the script. While it may have damaged you at the start, it did serve to make you a stronger person. Everyone whom you meet is your spiritual teacher. If they reject

you, what they are saying is that they have nothing else to teach you. Sure, the last lesson is a scorcher, but it does stick and stay, doesn’t it? The act of forgiveness is about giving something up for something even better. You get to give up old resentments and pain for a sense of release and inner peace. Now that is a perfect

trade my dear. Situations and conditions around you, have no real power over you, once you process this lesson. Lesser people will allow their damage to become their

destiny. That can never be you, since you are not a victim.

Virgo: Having just celebrated the Full Moon in Pisces, you too are on an “end o year,”

push. Nobody takes a better personal inventory than a Virgo does. With the Sun ending her dance in your Sign, it just makes sense to look back on the year and fill in the

necessary blanks. No doubt your lists have changed a lot since the beginning of the

year. That’s courtesy of the ever so slow moving transit of Uranus in Taurus. He’s making what seems like a never ending transit to you ( okay it’s only a decade.) Due to the fact that he is all about personal transformation, you are very much mid-morph. Every day you get to be a slightly different but ever so much better version of yourself. Having just experienced your Lunar High, you have a clear understanding of what you genuinely deserve as a person. You bring your best to everything that you do, so it isn’t asking too much for others to make a sincere effort. Nobody can be at the top of their game each and every day, even though you expect yourself to be. In the important hours, it’s really about effort and intent. You can tolerate a person who is a hot mess, provided that he/she is making an earnest effort. Your Lunar High and mandatory Moon Lodge, showed you in graphic detail just what adjustments need to be made.

That was the theory phase of your reinvention, and now you will put it all into practice.

This very last gasp of the Virgo Sun will kick all of that into action, and from here on it’s

pretty much common sense and auto pilot, ( what a grand combination.)

Libra: Yes folks can be that rude. I prefer to believe that they are too thick headed

to see their own behavior. With both Mars and Mercury in Libra, you can handle

the idjits and maintain your composure. It’s so cool to be you, because you can communicate with just everyone, and never talk down to people. Granted, whatever

you say can be taken more than one way, but that is primarily for the purpose of

entertaining yourself. When we left Para X Radio for a variety of reasons, they got

increasingly abusive when we needed help. Then again, they were never really of much help to anyone. It ended up in a loop of crap politics and lies and I for one am grateful

that it is over. The last person to whom I spoke was continuing to spin lies about the situation. It was sad and obvious, so I thanked her for all of her help, and added, “May you be rewarded for your thoughtfulness.” Everyone knew what I was talking about, but she and the other dysfunctional folks who passed for management (okay mismanagement.) It’s not their fault that I trusted the wrong folks, that’s all on me. And in the wake of that event, I have lost a few supposed friends. You can’t lose a real friend, so while that is bittersweet, it’s good to have that awareness. They do owe us all, and the world an apology, but that is not likely to occur. While it is sad and gutless to do evil in the name of spirituality, that will find them soon enough. I certainly can’t make my happiness dependent upon their enlightenment, or lack of same, In truth, the folks left behind do belong together. The Mars Mercury combination will have you schooling folks on a regular basis. In the end, the dolts will weed themselves out, and that’s always good. And you will do so with such eloquence and class that you will get and easy A!

Scorpio: This is one of those cycles where your tastes are changing radically. Now

that Venus is in Scorpio, that puts her ( and you of course,) in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Venus is dedicated to love, self-love and making everything beautiful. Whereas Uranus is all about change and personal transformation. It’s that funky time where you can get frostbite while gazing into your overstocked refrigerator, because nothing looks good to you. Of course, you bought every item in there, so it must have appealed to you just a few days ago. Now, you’ll find yourself eating a bag of cheesy poofs, while

you keep foraging for something yummy. By the time that you settle on something, you’ll be so full of cheesy poofs that you can pass until you get hungry again. The same

will occur when you stand in front of your perfectly stored wardrobe. Somehow among

all of those pretty things, nothing seems to jump out at you. Eventually, you will line up some separates, only to put together an outfit that works well. This is Uranus showing you how to use your resources in better ways. Of course, this will trickle down to every area of your life, along with your desire to make everything shiny and new. Granted, this is not an ideal time to shop, since what you want today, may become boring to you by tomorrow. If anything, you could pick up some accent pieces on the cheap, and when you are weary of them; you can donate them to charity. Since yo can’t do that with your personal relationships, why not look for enjoyable things that you can do together? With the right mindset this is like falling in love all over again. The external changes in your life are nothing compared to the changes that are happening within you. This is where you get to really know yourself, so that in time, you can introduce the new you to your friends and associates. This is your chrysalis phase, and once you get your wings, life will be soooo amazing.

Sagittarius: This week’s Aries Moon could wind you up, if you don’t apply some kind

of stress reduction often, as in daily. When you bring Fire ( Lunar Aries,) to a Fire baby,

(that’s you,) the cumulative effect can be a tad much. On a food day you have to fight the tendency to be antsy and this brief few days will amplify that. One of the things that can keep you centered, is that others will be looking to you for guidance. It’s always rewarding for you to be of help to others, and it’s beneficial that you put your mind to new projects and ideas. This is more than thinking out of the box, it’s you applying reason to your intuition. The Moon represents past lifetimes and this week as you are counseling others, there’s no doubt that you have a large supply of experiences and memories that will come in handy for you. When it feels as though you have walked that path before ( but you have no recall of it,) that’s a very Karmic vision. Granted, now that you know that you will spend a lot of this week in the spotlight, you will do the dress for

success thing. This has a physiological influence upon you, because when you look better you actually feel better. Back in the day Michael Douglas was making 2 films at the

same time. They were Romancing the Stone, and A Chorus Line. When he was asked

what kept him going, he replied, “ The Makeup Lady.” Every day he would show up slightly rested and truly haggard, until they touched up his face. He would look in the mirror and see that the dark circles were no longer under his eyes, and immediately feel refreshed. You could use a little freshening up as well, in fact, you deserve it. Venus is heading you way in about a month, so why not start being nice to yourself, before she turns up and demands it. ( Yes she will burn your baggy sweatpants, just smile and say thanks.) By focusing on other people’s needs, you can better understand

your own. How’s that for a twofer?

Capricorn: With both Mars at 4 degrees and Mercury at 24 degrees of Libra, this cycle will find you doing more listening than talking. Your sense is that some folks are saying one thing to your face, and something different behind your back. You are most likely correct in that assumption. You have always prided yourself on your ability to be approachable and available to others, so there’s genuinely no reason for this. Initially,

you can just sit back and listen attentively. There will be pauses in the conversation

that tell you an entire story. Often, when others lies, it’s because they feel somehow unable to tell the truth. Sadly, no meaningful communications can happen when people hold back their truth. In time, and with practice, they may even begin to believe those lies. By that point, there’s really nothing that you can do. You will, however, ask questions that have nothing to do with the situation on hand. The response is not as important to you as the overall reaction. With Pluto being Retrograde in Capricorn, the quest for the truth is all important to you. That’s why you will put a little distance between yourself and others while you sort this out. As People Watchers go, you are quite an expert. You can look at a room full of people and know what they are talking about, and who gets along with whom. Don’t overthink this, because your intuition is razor sharp. If you sense that something is off, it is, and you don’t deserve to live with that sense of being unsettled. The Sun in the last degrees of Virgo has you cleaning house on every possible level. Just because something has been supposedly set in place, doesn’t mean that it can’t get better. Now is the time to drop in on people and just ask, “How’s it going?” If there is a pause before the response, you have your answer.

This is trust and believe time, since you will trust your first instinct, and believe what

your Psychic Gizzard is telling you. Easy Peasy.

Aquarius: Time is often an illusion. Memories can pop up from ages ago and find

you amazed at what you see. There are many experiences from your past that have

a much more powerful influence upon you than you had thought that they had.

Some of these experiences will be played out by the people in your life. While you

will know consciously that it’s not your lesson, you will recall walking that path.

Part of you wants to stop them in their tracks and warn them, but the greater part

of you will know better. If they do come to you for advice, you will give it freely, but

they will never know that you are speaking from personal experience. Some of these experiences will be shadows of previous ones, and you will examine them carefully. The last thing that you want to do is to get stuck in a repeat pattern. You are far too smart for that. As you find yourself traveling from here to there and back again. please consider journaling your thoughts and emotions. They are very different you know. Although how you are thinking can influence what you are feeling, so you need to maintain a positive outlook. By staying in a positive mind set, you actually create happy synapse processes, and rewire yourself for happiness and success. Yes, Saturn will be with you for years, but he doesn’t mean to be a perpetual downer. He just wants you to look at the realities of your life, and see how best to address them.

It’s really fortunate that you also have Jupiter in your Sign as well, he will always draw you to whatever is good and enjoyable. All in all, they are a pretty good combination of roommates.

Pisces: Due to the fact that you spent the previous weekend cocooned in the light of

your Lunar High, you are basically ready for anything this week. With your sensitivity

you understand the need for this time of healing and respite. It’s the ideal time to reboot your system with the aide of music and creativity. In fact, any and all forms of catharsis

are called for during this magickal time. The Full Moon had a profound effect upon you, and now during the disseminating phase, you can act upon the realizations that it brought to you. With the last moments of the Sun transiting Virgo, you are looking at issues of your self-image. To most folks you are an ephemeral creature, one who belongs in a world of mist and moonlight. For the most part that is true, but you also know how to function in the supposedly real world. Now that Neptune is in long term parking in your Sun Sign, two things have happened. Of course, your overall sensitivity level is up there with bat radar. That translates into you be so intuitive that you can act before things occur. My friend always tell me that I call them just ten minutes before they need me. That’s because I don’t second guess my first impressions, nor do you. At the

same time, you are discovering ways to live in this hypersensitive state, but loosing yourself in music, films, books and all of the glories of nature. Every walk becomes a Medicine Walk when you are this close to the messages that surround you. Most of this does not translate easily into words, but you will find ways to express yourself. Any acts of creativity can work, and once they are completed, you will have an image of your deepest feelings frozen in time. Time itself is different for you now, and you can get a

lot done in a fraction of the time that it used to take. That leaves you a lot of flex time

in which to be your real self. I drum every day, sometimes for hours, and sometime for minutes, but to me there is no distinction. Drum is quite magickal, because once you ride the rhythms, the drum will tell you when you are done. It’s that visceral type of awareness that keeps you going in these amazing days. Of course, you will beam back in when it is necessary, but part of you will always be in that place of music and miracles.

A le semaine prochaine…

Merci Bien Mes Amis

La Madame de la Baggage d’Astral

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