Please order your Reports via PayPal ( $ 7.50 S&H @ Report ) Please add your birth data (Name, Date, Time, City, State and County) to the Contact form on this site.







The Personalized Forecast Report

Based upon transits to your unique Natal Chart. These individualized Reports indicate the best times for money, career growth, travel, health cycles, relationships and personal goals. Please include Full Birth Data: Name, Date, Time, City, State and County of Birth. Fees are $200.00 for one year. Don’t want the text ? A Colour Coded Transit Report is only $80 for 1 year. Each private Session includes a 6 month colour coded transit chart. Buy thru Paypal only.

Personalized Forecast Report 1 Year 200.00

(Plus 7.50 shipping and handing) Buy thru Paypal only.



Colour Coded Transit Report 1 year 80.00

(Plus 7.50 shipping and handing) Buy thru Paypal only.


Session Time

Session time is available with Rev Newman 7 days a week via Tarot & Astrology based phone sessions (60 minutes). $125 for the first session includes up to 10 Natal Charts. Color coded 1 year activity report included with session. Development Workshops, Drumming Classes and Native American studies are also available.


Session Time 60 minutes 125.00.