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Colour Sheet - Chromotherapy Keys

Red is the colour of your life’s blood. It is the colour of vitality, initiative, incentive andcourage. Red is a perfect Monday colour, since it can give you a lift when you feel that your personal energy is low. Restaurants are often decorated in Reds so that you will enter, eat quickly and empty those tables for then next customers. Too much Red can lead to nervousness, accidents, and redirected anger. A little goes a long way !

Orange is the colour of comfort zones. It makes you nest and nosh. It creates an energy of emotional security. It offers a sense of “ home sweet home.” Orange is the colour of a Moon Lodge, the cycle in which you need to take care ofyourself and tune out the mundane world. Too much Orange can make you become a great big couch potato with major thunder thighs. Not to mention that an abundance of Orange can make your company so comfortable that they never want to go home. Yellow is the colour of truth. It helps you make serious decisions.

Yellow helps you identify the toxins in your life, and as you define them, you rid yourself of them. This isa cheery colour and that can help you find options that you may have previuosly overlooked. Too much Yellow can indicate that you know the truth, but you may hesitate to make healthy choices. ( Proof positive that once upon a time we could allsee auras....) Green is the colour of unconditional love. We are so loved that most of nature is Green.According to Edgar Cayce, love is Green when it sits in your heart and Pink when you send it to another person. Green is often used in hospitals and businesses to create an overall sense of well being. Green has no negative. It’s just that good. Love has no darkness. Blue is the colour of communication.

Blue gives you the ability to put your thoughts and feelings into words. Journaling, creative writing and any form of verbal expression will thrive on Blue. Blue takes you from identifying the truth to finding the best way to express it to others. That darker blues ( Banker’s blue) are often used to create a “trust me” effect in an environment. Too much Blue has a cold effect and can find you swallowing your words. Purple is the colour that reminds you that you were born perfect. Purple gives you theability to focus your intuition. It empowers you to believe in your perception and won’t let you be self critical.

Purple accepts that our angels are here with us and that once we accept Divine direction, we are always on the right path, hence the ability to accept intuitive messages. Too much Purple can make you too idealistic or visionary to see what is happening right in front of you. White is the colour of the Divine. This is the colour that connects you to your Higher Self. When you surround yourself in White Light, you are enrobed in the Love and Light of God. You are a child of God in whom He/She is well pleased.

White is the colour that will always bring you home. White has no negative. Black, which is really not a colour but, the absence of colour is about the need we all have to “grow up.” It reminds us that when we do the job correctly we don’t have to doit again. Too much black can be a stifling energy.

Black is the colour of discipline and boundaries, always a good thing, unless you forget to have fun on occasion. Peach is the colour that calls in your Guardian Angels, Purple declares that they are here. Silver is the Moon and emotional guidance. Gold declares a healthy ego. Brownis the grounded feeling you get when you walk barefoot on a beautiful day. Beige is barely on the Earth plane ( kinda hovering.) Grey says you are a grown up, so if you feel like you are getting dumped on, put the grey clothes away......far away.

“Colour can heal you. Wear it, drink it, eat it, buy coloured light bulbs and bathe yourself in it. Allow colour and music to touch you on all levels, and you will know what a blessing it is to be alive !” L. Newman

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