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The Essence of Numbers

One is the seedling breaking through the Earth, reaching up to the warmthof the Sun, that it has only seen in a dream. It’s energy reminds us, that no matterhow many times we fall, it is our choice to stand up and begin again. This is the numberof true leadership, assertiveness and powerful determination. Because this is also anumber of limitless energy, it offers ambition, courage, decisiveness, empowerment and initiative. One never takes “No” for an answer.

Two is the Willow tree bending in every new wind. Two is a number that alwaysdemands beauty, harmony and inner peace. This is a supportive number that lives tohelp others achieve their goals. It flows with sensitivity and the need for cooperation and spirituality. Two is the peacemaker of the world, tactful, patient and self–effacing.This gentle, genteel digit speaks to the delicacy of the human spirit and the need foraesthetics to feed the soul.

Three knows that you can say more with a good “knock knock” joke thanyou can with a 20 minute windy sermon. This is an edutaining Number that informsand delights at the same time. This charming, expressive, joyful digit treats everyoneas invited guests to a special party. Three demands some kind of creative expression,as well as spontaneity, and flights of fancy. This easy going , fun loving number alwaysknows what to say and when to say it.

Four is the number of the Master Builder/Artisan. This is the numberof good foundations, great improvements and an integral understanding ofof values. This Number is traditional, conservative, and disciplined and findscomfort in routine. Think of all the words in the Boy Scout oath and you havethe true meaning of four. Four knows that you can accomplish anything if you just keep working at it. Nothing beats perseverance.

Five is the middle digit, so it offers the chance to look back on the past and make the changes necessary to get to the goal. Change is what it loves and change is what it offers. This number calls for independent thinking, freedom, and the ability to channel nervous energy. Relationships, jobs, goals and one’s perspectives can shape shift on a dime. The only limit is that of your vision.This is a free flight, flirty , sexy kind of number, so go with the flow. Five says,“Don’t shuffle when you can dance. Life is a wondrous journey !”

Six wants to nest and fluff your pillows. This is the number of family,security and comfort zones. Six needs soft blankets and a big cookie jar.This loyal, generous digit will draw you into community service or make youthe Kool Aid Mom on the block. Six can’t be happy unless it feels it is being useful to others. This is the number of teachers, healers and therapists.Six will help you find a larger sense of purpose.

Seven is the number that reminds us that if we can not be trulyhappy being alone, we are not fit company for others. Solitude is necessaryfor real self discovery. This digit demands reflection as you examine all thingsmystical. This philosophical number knows well how all the other worlds effect the mundane one. Seven is the number of sacred space and spiritual increase.This is the number of angels and visions and prayer.

Eight is the number of money, power and success, commensurate to your ability to relieve stresses. Think of the 800 numbers that plug you into all that information. Eight breathes in business acumen and common sense. As a number of leadership, this digit demands responsibility, accountability andorderly systems. Eight puts out fires, makes great judgment calls and inspires you to use all of your untapped potential.

Nine is a disseminating number, it disperses the energy of the whole cycle.This number needs to teach others what it has learned from its’ vast experience.Nine is the number of the Wisdom Keeper, strong in its’ faith and always aware that beginnings and endings are one and the same. It matures us, and repays us for good deeds long forgotten. It tells the story of completion, integration,compassion and true understanding. It connects us to the drama and passion that are necessary for any success and self discovery. Nine is “let go and let God.”

Any digits that add up to a final eleven are called master numbers. TheyAll have more than wordly aspirations. Read them as Master Numbers first and then reduce them to their last digits. As frail humans we can aspire to those lofty goals and will indeed get there some of them time. We can however, manifest ourtrue Spirirtuality through the base numbers in the mundane world.

Eleven demands that you use and develop the Spiritual side of your life. It is anotherworldly tuning fork that transmits your depth through music, poetry, drama, religion, metaphysics, and psychology. Remember that Master Numbers are always testing you, requesting that you always do your best or fulfill someimportant mission. On those days of laundry and housework, you will function as a Two and bring balance and harmony to your environment.

Twenty- Two is a masterful competent, visionary who will accomplish real world goals with a very spiritual sense of purpose. It is this inspired point of view that elevates your projects above the mundane level. You will seek chances to renovate, recreate and expand upon present systems. While you will have the lofty goals of a Master Number, most of the time your gifts will express themselves through the Four to which you can reduce a Twenty Two,and rebuild things from the ground up. Getting back to basics is a good thing !

Okay now grab your Numerology Worksheet and let’s walk through it. Using the Number Graph, turn your Name into Numbers. The Vowels areyour Inner Self. Very much like the lines on your left hand, they indicate youruntapped potential, personal feelings and motivation. The Consonants represent your Outer Self, the self that you introduce to the public. When you add them together you see how to naturally blend your needs and abilities to easilyaccomplish your goals and persue your dreams ! The total of the Numbers of your Birthday are your Path of Destiny Number. It’s the combination of your Personnae/Self and the Life Lessons that you have chosen, working in perfect harmony. Also, please, consider the meaning of the first letter of your given name, since this operates just like your Rising Sign in Astrology and is the easiest way for others to relate to you.

The Birth Path Number indicates how you will embrace Life lessons, are as you step into this life. Who and what you are, is spoken by your Birth Path Number. What you do best and how you do it, is also there. Your easiest abilities to apply in this lifetime are indicated by your Birth Path Number.

To find it simply reduce all of the numbers of your Birthdateto the lowest digit 1 through 9. This is the speed indicator and directionfor this Lifetime. The essence of the journey is here. For instance, Lisa born on October 20, 19701+0+2+0+1+9+7+0 = 20 2+0= 2So her Birth Path Number is a Two and she works as an Executive Assistant….perfect ! Juggling and balancing come naturally to her.

Personal years begin and end on your Birthday. Simply add the numbers of your Month and Day to the last year in which you celebrated a birthday…

This person had her last Birthday in 2007, so we add her Birthday and Month to 2007.

1+0+2+0+2+0+0+7 =12 1+2 =3 So her Personal Year is a Three !She is also an Artist on a learning curve, exceptional work will happenfor her this year. Fun and creative expression are expressed by Three !

Want More ????

For the Personal Month simply add the Personal Year to the number of the month in question….

If her Personal Year is a Three and June is the Sixth Month of the Year

3 + 6 = 9 So she will be in a Number Nine Month in June, just when she is changing jobs and looking for a new home. She will be nesting in her brand new place in July, which will then be a One, the number of fresh new starts.

Now Add Your Name Number and Your Birth Path Number and you find yourPower Number. This is the battery that keeps you running. It’s the power that you draw from, without realizing that you have it.

Repetitive Numbers are trying to get your attention. They indicate Karmic lessonsthat will keep hanging and repeat, repeat, repeating until you perfect them.Theycan be assets or stumbling blocks depending on your choices.

Missing Numbers may be Life Lessons that you have already perfected. Although you will often find them presented by the Numbers of the people who peopleyour life. Or they may represent themselves in nicknames that you are given, and will show you how that person sees you and what lessons you share.

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