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Numerology Worksheet

Numerology, God Geometrizes Vowels In Name (Inner Self )---------------------

FULL BIRTH NAME-------------------------------------------------------------------Consonants In Name-(Outer Self)---------------------------------------------------

Full Name (Path of Destiny)----------------------------------------------------------

BIRTH DATE---------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal YearCycle------------------------------------------------------------------

Birth Path Number ------------------------------------------------------------------

Name & Birthday= Power Number--------------------------------------------------

1 = A J S

2= B K T

3= C L U

4= DMV

5 = E N W

6= F O X

7= G P Y

8= H Q Z

9= I R

Keywords for Numbers

1. new starts, action, originality, ambition

2. harmony, cooperation, balance, passivity

3. humour, entertainment, self expression

4. practicality, work, order, building, security

5. change, freedom, travel, spontaneity, sensuality

6. family, health, service, home issues

7. self analysis, spirituality, mysticism, sanctuary

8. money, power, success, business acumen, responsibility

9. giving to others, endings, mentor, humanitarian service

10. limelight, inspiration, religion

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